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You know what?  We've come a long way when we're talking about smartphones.  I remember carrying an old BlackBerry pager to check my work e-mail, and back then I would have never imagined having something like an Android phone that was bright, colorful, and filled with fun stuff to keep me occupied.  I love how far we've come, and the nerd in me can't wait to see what's next.  But I see a trend that's a little disturbing, and I'm sure you guys see it too -- people getting so involved in what's happening on the 4-inch screen in their hands they forget about what might be going on around them.  Which leads me to our final Android resolution.

Resolve to put the phone down and talk to people

It sure is fun to play Fruit Ninja, and I can't wait to see what Google+ has to say about the GOP primary in New Hampshire.  And when I hear that sound telling me I have a new DM in Twitter, well, I've got to jump on that, right?  Wrong.  My grouchy neighbor or the retired gentlemen I eat breakfast with at the truck stop would love to talk about politics, and I can think of plenty of fun games I could play with my wife that don't involve slashing watermelons on a touchscreen.  And that tweet that just came in?  It will be there when I'm finished.  Playing Words with Friends isn't nearly as fun as sharing real words with real friends.  Don't be that guy at the party, sitting alone and texting someone miles away when people are right there, ready to be real with you.

We tend to get wrapped up in our own little Android world, when the great big world is busy and filled with something new and different all the time.  Going through life with your nose stuck in your smartphone only makes sure you miss a lot of cool stuff in the real world.  Let's all try a little experiment, if only for an hour or two.  Put your phone in your pocket, get in your car and go to the park and feed some ducks.  Or grab a carload of friends and go tubing.  Or spend a quiet morning fishing and enjoying the sounds and sights of Mother Nature.  Talk to your family a bit more, talk to your friends a bit more.  See if you enjoyed your time in the real world better than you would have enjoyed it had you spent it on Facebook.

I'm betting you will.

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