Amazon Fire Phone

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Amazon is officially now in the smartphone game with their announcement of the Amazon Fire Phone. It will be available next month as an exclusive from AT&T and if you know you want one you can pre-order the Fire Phone now from Amazon's website. For those who are a little more on the fence, in true Android Central style we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a a 64GB Amazon Fire Phone for FREE.

To enter for your chance to win, all you need to do is login to Android Central and leave a comment to this article for your chance to win. If you're not yet a member of Android Central, you can register here in just a few seconds. Since this one is an AT&T exclusive you'll need to be in America to win (sorry - we always do our best to make all contests open worldwide), and will run right up until we post our official review. At that point we'll close things down and Lloyd will pick a lucky winner at random. It's as simple as that.

Enter NOW, and Good luck!!! And for everything you need to know about Amazon's first smartphone, be sure to visit our super duper Amazon Fire Phone topic page!

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itsmekalyan says:

i like the dynamic screen technology

kimminer12 says:

I would really enjoy experiencing Amazon's first smartphone. Their eco-system is top notch. Thanks

coldheater says:

I want in on this phone

nwwolf1 says:

I think it's an awesome idea. And I feel like Amazon took there tim to truly understand what innovation meant. I'd love to get one from Android Central!!!!

Need a new work phone

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Chanlion says:

Not exactly sure yet but the specs are right there, they shouldn't be over kill but a full integration of Amazon services could make an amazing phone.

icyrock1 says:

I agree. Though, making it an AT&T exclusive was a mistake, IMO.

Argabos says:

Do they have an unlocked one that can be taken to T mobile??

mgoldx says:

I agree with exclusive to AT&T not being the best idea...

unlableable says:

Beggars can't be choosers, they say.

KASTL65674 says:

This would be a very cool phone

BaMaDuDe87 says:

I think its priced too high, wayyy too high, but free might work.

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Sambo41 says:

This looks pretty cool! I'm already with AT&T so I need to win it!

jrsharp70 says:

I'm a prime subscriber, I'd love to try it

terobaje says:

The more competition the better. I like the specs and the lower price. 3D, I don't care so much for it.

4wildcatz says:

Amazon rocks!

I like the feature set and I think the 3D affect could be pretty sweet. Also glad to hear it has a great camera.

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jli_guy says:

I've got the HTC M8. It too has 3d effect. It's pretty cool...adds dimension and life to photos, but kinda cheesy at the same time

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conway125 says:

Need a reason to leave Verizon and try out a new phone.

clownstrike says:

Would love to check out the Phire Phone!

Bling bling

My Galaxy Note 3 did this.

gabbott says:

Another player in the smartphone market means more competition. I'm for that.

HoodedHat says:

I mean, getting away from touchwiz would be nice...

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Erckul says:

a phone hooked into the amazon ecosystem is an interesting idea.

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Aikuchi says:

I think I need to see more of it before I can make a opinion.

I'm excited to check out the Dynamic technology feature utilizing all the cameras!

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thejesse says:

I'll try just about anything once.

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squintyboy says:

awesome features

yorello23 says:

I Wouldve Love To See Them Compete Alitttle More With The Google Nexus Pricing, But Iam Excited To See Something New And A Company Determine To Get Into A Market They Know They Can Shake Up.

MUFColin says:

looks pretty good--we'll have to see how well it will sell though

seanlongoria says:

Honestly? Not a huge fan, but if you're going to give me one...

I like it. I've always been a fan of Amazon. And it had pretty good specs.I also like the dynamic screen technology

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dgcorn says:

I would love to win this phone!

jonathan3579 says:

Their UI/3D technology is begging me to explore it!

jring920 says:

I think this will actually be a really good product and I like the dynamic perspective feature!

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makkhay says:

Looks good. I liked the 3d technology.

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cliffy223 says:

I have to admit that I am excited for this phone along with what it will do to the competition

cdezz7 says:

Pick me!

More competition in this market never hurts, hopefully it does well

miller7796 says:

It's interesting, definitely one of the more innovative phones to come out lately.

conway125 says:

I think the phone is ok but over priced and only on att but would like to try it out and impress me.

t-marco says:

i think it shouldn't be exclusively sold by AT&T .. i think Amazon needs to sell the phone like google does .. unlocked and available to everyone

RamosDevil says:

Would love to win! I love new tech ;) Good luck to everybody.

randall2580 says:

Do you get the free 12 months of Prime too?

ajfink says:

Well, the screen does sound neat.

unike313 says:

Like the storage :-)

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htowngator says:

I have Prime so of course I'd love to try it. I need a new phone anyway :)

I'm not sure how it'll do, it seems interesting but it looks like its sole purpose of existing is to get people to buy more stuff from Amazon. It doesn't help that it'll be carrier exclusive also. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how people react to the Fire Phone when it comes out.

Eh. It seems gimmicky, but maybe it's a nice gimmick. It probably won't gain much traction being an AT&T exclusive and not having access to the Play Store, but we'll see.

jstef16 says:

I wanna play with fire

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ru3 says:


Look like a really sweet phone..

TonyBeckham says:

Nothing really spectacular that drives me to buy one but I'd like to take one for a spin.

mcolesjr says:

64 GB Amazon phone? I'll bite.

Jim Vaughan1 says:

I want one.

Prinny Mask says:

Looks good, excited to see what people think after using it.

I really like the whole "firefly" thing. That's pretty snazzy! I'll admit, when I first read that Amazon was going to make a phone, I was skeptical at what it would be like. However, I dig it! I'd love to actually own one. :)

Wobblin30 says:

It was only a matter of time, I'll take one!

john watson2 says:

lets do this

cron912 says:

The dynamic technology sounds cool, and I'm already a prime member!

TMartin says:

Free photo storage rocks!

skim325 says:

definitely interested in the dynamic screen. Would be interesting to check out.

I don't understand why a phone needs the 3d effect. io7 has the parallax effect and it made customers dizzy. i do like the 5 cameras though

dadathepanda says:

Ok, I'll bite. Let's see what's all the fuss about

The panda has spoken

Yafe says:

I'm ready for a Fire sale ;)

GuidZilla says:

Good excuse to see how AT&T service is doing in my area.

Sinabu says:

Would love to check one out. The dynamic screen tech seems really cool

Looks amazing and innovation in some ways!

algarblandom says:

i want it!

Wow Amazon has build a smart phone... damn...

rigss says:

all the prime action has me interested .. except for that price.

deguy50 says:

could always use another phone!already have prime lol

bdizzel1982 says:

I would love to check out the 3D effects, plus I haven't gotten a new phone in almost a year so I'm due for something new to play with :)

Jude M says:

I think Amazon brought a decent device to the table of never ending technology. Would love to test one out!

Kevin1498 says:

I'm in would love to win one.

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vtpmt81 says:

The features on this phone are awesome - the price isn't. Still would love to have one.

cxsx says:

i hope they add google apps to their appstore soon.

triangle8 says:

I think the dynamic perspective is the most interesting feature, but I think they've really upped the ante with unlimited photo storage. Hopefully, that gets picked up by Google.

DirkBelig says:

Provided it works. I have Amazon Cloud Drive set to auto-upload my photos when on wifi, but when I was about to wipe and return my Nexus 5, I checked to make sure my photos were there and was shocked to see a great many weren't. Good thing I verified the backup before losing irreplaceable photos.

Posted by sheer force of will from my Nexus 5!

DirkBelig says:

This really makes me wish OnePlus would get their freaking act together. Woo hoo. 2500 invites in a contest. Quite the "storm." Pffft.

Posted by sheer force of will from my Nexus 5!

HelenaR3 says:

Looks nice and I need a new phone xD

Crap. Wouldn't use it even if I got it for free.

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robkrone says:

Best of luck trying to make headway in the phone market. Looks cool, though.

chm985 says:

Cool phone, always love new tech toys

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KiLuMaNaTi says:

I wouldn't mind one of these to complement my kindle fire hd.

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zen kun says:

i love the specs and the form factor, 4.7" are perfect the perfect size :D plus the Camera its amazing

chrisfurman says:

Looks pretty cool. Wouldn't mind a new phone. :-)

Macbryant822 says:

This will help with my prime membership. But I really wish it was unlocked

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I love my Kindle Fire HDX. I'm loving amazon coming into the game. I hope to see Google play services coming in there soon. So yeah I want this phone :O

I think that if this had come out even two months ago it would have been bigger new than it is now. The people who were looking for new phones have already purchased their S5s, M8s, or whatever other phone.

kevo295 says:

Why oh why must it be an AT&T exclusive?!

ajgrahl says:

Very interesting phone. Would be a nice upgrade.

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rebretz000 says:

I'd take the Amazon phone. Considering most of the movies or TV shows I watch I stream from Amazon Prime or Netflix.

maggr91 says:

I want one... It's the first phone to sell on the USA that comes with LTE Band 7... The only band that I can use in Costa Rica :(

Macbryant822 says:

I think it looks interesting!

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JoeShmoe says:

I would finally have a good reason to switch away from Sprint

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luke31 says:

I LOVE the firefly feature. It just feels futuristic, and I'm pretty certain that it'll be a feature that will trickle down to other manufacturers and OS's.

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lazygregg says:

phone as some nice features like the dedicated camera button!

dhardison says:


ericandjan says:

It's always interesting to see what new designs bring to the party!

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5ive12 says:

The price is way too high comparing to all their other devices. Interesting take with content managing service with firefly. Perspective camera is a nice gimmick. If only this device was using at least Snapdragon 801, 1080p display and needs to be available for T-Mobile 4G would I be interesting to throe my money at Amazon. But k wouldn't mind having it free from androidcentral! Thanks, AC!

It's scary and amazing that the phone will be able to recognize so many different things around us.

Marcellus1 says:

Nice phone. Lots of cool features. I'd like to try gaming with the dynamic screen.

Too late to buy for Father's day, let's see what happens if I actually win or not

Posted via Galaxy Note Tre

ryan moreno says:

I'd be willing to try it.

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BB_Bmore says:

I think it's very interesting and the price point is just fantastic. Love to check this phone out.

John Hancock

thehustleman says:

That Dynamic Perspective is...Fire!!!

jimpryde says:

I like the screen and the integration with Amazon Prime services, which I will still keep.

Sounds like great specs, and I already have the Prime subscription!

TimJ100281 says:


archie53 says:

Nice looking device, a little disappointed in the pricing and at&t exclusive.

ozzie1p says:


moelsen says:


i really like the concept!

helio9965 says:

The multiple cameras are very intuitive!

TechiOne says:

no, I do not want this..:)

imneveral0ne says:

I wanna see what this screen is all about!

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rhcreed says:

Does it include google play store?
Looks good!

dra says:

Can't wait for this phone

brex says:

sign me up, would love to watch prime instant video on mobile, but dont want an iphone.

wrnhokie says:

Looks like solid hardware but it would be interesting to see how it survives sans Play Store. Great looking device though.

R_Leslie says:

The on board storage and the free cloud storage looks great. It also seems to have a good camera.

aitt says:

Two things that will make this great. Polarized screen and 3D gesture. I like the concept.

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alphabets says:

I love the size and the cloud integration! Specs are pretty great as well!

Oh Man, I hope I win, I HAVE AT&T :D.
Love the design front and back. Some of the features sound really interesting, specifically dynamic perspective. On paper the camera sounds awesome. I just picked up a fire TV and I must say I like it a lot. Would be fun to see two the two interact.
Good luck everyone!

charlesvw9 says:

added storage and awesome features...

ZipKicker says:

Amazon knows what they're doing

tygers1083 says:

This phone sounds like Amazon really thought things out and that their 'delay' in entering the market might just pay off for them.

I would love to have this phone!!

saphire329 says:

Looks like a cool phone

georgeone415 says:

I'm a prime subscriber and i like the dynamic screen

afus1979 says:

Love this phone! Im looking forward to this!

vicw926a4 says:

Some really interesting new features here. I'm not sure I could survive being completely within the Amazon infrastructure, but it would be fun to try this out.

joshuarayer says:

I love the default 32GB storage for $200. Definitely think that is a "suck it" to Apple.

Jason Green5 says:

Yes Please!

Nice phone!!

rsvr60 says:

I think the competition is good for everyone

Slk24kgj says:

Free prime for a year for sure. Not only is Prime a great service but it has to offset the higher than expected locked in AT&T pricing this phone has.

dartie says:

You gotta be in it to win it.

I want to be locked into Amazon's ecosystem!

sesar707 says:

In my perspective i think amazon made a great move on bringing out a smartphone as they can pursue there app store to more customers and make money. The design of the phone is not that great like the competittors but i can see the phone turn heads around. There os looks very interesting and those icons look awsome

It is at an almost high price but if the 3d and camera and phone quality and fiction is working incredibly great so yeah I hope to win. But I know the lg g3 is out but if I get one of these free I'll be just almost as happy.

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Darren T1 says:

I think it is a great idea!

NachoEvans says:

Meh, better than I thought it would be. I missed the whole 3D phase and would at least like to see what it looks like.

been keyboard phone most my life... would love to switch to a candybar phone that isnt an ios device

Sassyone says:

It looks awesome... I would love to win one.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm disappointed with the AT&T exclusivity. The price is also pretty high unlocked.

Longshot2012 says:

Seems pretty cool, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a gimmicky device.

Satya Ganta says:

Awesome phone and other phones to ashes by Amazon Fire phone...:-)

mwaller says:

Could be fun to play with!

Can't wait to try "Firefly"! Amazing phone for for the price!

smooth4lyfe says:

It looks interesting! I wish the specs were a bit better but its definitely not a bad phone

gohangel says:

I think that the phone sounds nice and some oems in America better watch out

Posted via Android Central App

jaybee425 says:

Seems interesting... Will have to watch to see how it is accepted.

panosdotk says:

Really like this phone

kaiser10123 says:

would love to get thid with my fire hdx 8.9 and fire tv but never could pay for it at that price

gillsfankev says:

I like the idea. Price too high for me to try it out. So gonna chance my arm here.

Posted via Android Central App

Awesome phone to win, full price is to much money especially what you can get the one plus one for.

Jarred101 says:

Wooo lets do this!

Polyacci says:

The specs are not over the top. It's just right. 13mp camera sounds good too

Posted via Android Central App

Trex75 says:

the phone seems to be very intriguing and would love the get my hands on it for the amazon experience . Great giveaway

gofmarat says:

it's nice

matholamew says:

With the Nexus line of devices, is it really worth $649 off contract? We shall see.

Don't get me wrong, I would still like to win one.

bacalao says:

Just started amazon prime membership, would be great to run on this phone if I win!

zoblue says:

The dynamic perspective feature is interesting but the always-on cameras are a bit unnerving. The fact that it's only available on AT&T is disappointing. Can't beat the price though compared to what I paid for my Nexus 5. I'm curious to see how it integrates with Google (GMail, Calendar, Hangouts, Music, etc).

PhiCurve says:

Honestly, I have a busted iPhone and this would be the phone I'd love to own while getting back into the Android camp. Pick me pick me!

R2_D2_SW says:

Cool phone. like the dynamic screen and firefly.

Juan Gort says:

Hope that amazon , release this phone for the rest of the carriers , no just at&t , that way they can expand and really know what is going to be the impact , ,,,

Juan Gort says:

This is another way to know how wonderful tecnology is , great job amazon ,,,,,, hope to keep innovating ....thanks

awesummi says:

Love to try it

I work for AT&T as a retail sales consultant. It would be amazing to show people how the phone works from someone that uses it on a day to day basis. I especially would like to hear the sound quality and use the camera button and see the response time on it. I love taking pictures so this would be beneficial to me

Posted via Android Central App

npaduch says:

It'd be interesting to check out the dynamic perspective stuff.

arbearce says:

This phone looks great!

The phone seems great. Something really different. Very interested :)

Posted from my BLU Life Pure XL :)

rc213 says:

Looks interesting, Will be looking forward to deeper looks at the software and hardware.

codylew says:

I agree but if it is anything like the kindle fires it is going to be worth getting!

srfox says:

Hi! I wquld love to add this phone to my Android Family. I am an Amazon Prime member so this would just fit right in.

chaint says:

A lot of interesting, unique features...all within the Amazon eco-system I already use. I would love to try this phone out.

ishmoo21 says:

Disappointed by the price

eszklar says:

Can I install CyanogenMod on it???

slywalk says:

I was considering buying one, since silly me thought 199$ was the unlocked price, but now that I know that it isnt, I cant afford it. I've been looking for an excuse to get a FireOS device.It seems like the iOS of android :P. I'm looking forward to experimenting with it,dynamic screen tech looks good...But I can't be sure how practical it is unti I get my hands on it :)

dmbrown81 says:

I'm actually enjoying watching companies dive into the cell phone market. You never know what's going to breakthrough. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.

haison says:

it's very interesting. . . . in a good way.

Very cool

Andvarix says:

Good specs at a good price, definitely a good entrant for Amazon.

Posted via Android Central App

lekmedm says:

Innovative. I'd love to try it out. :o)

Erick Newman says:

It's a really good option for someone that has already bought into amazons ecosystem.

Posted via Android Central App

Jon_Doh says:

Will it have a purple haze and yellow spots all the screen like the Kindle Fire HDX? Will it reboot itself spontaneously like the HDX and suffer from screen response issues? Inquiring minds want to know.

Orbiting234 says:

Would give it a whirl

303paromero says:

Amazon has always been at the forefront of providing a unique and revolutionary shopping experience. Now with the addition of a top of the line device the Fire smartphone, Amazon will continue to be leaders in revolutionizing the way we shop and now with the way we interact with others. This smartphone will be the new benchmark for all the rest to reach.
Thank you Amazon.

MashaDanki says:

Would love to try this phone out!

I've loved my Amazon Kindle and I would love to have a chance at owning an Amazon phone!

kilo720 says:

I really like the screen tech n camera the design is meh but gotta see how it compare to Nexus 5

bryon furr says:

My dad would love this phone

Posted via Android Central App

Hosehead says:

This is wild.

Zefal151 says:

I am really liking this phone.... about time it comes out thats for sure... but hate that its ATT exclusive... way to kill the phone before it starts

zaharid98 says:

The Dynamic Screen Technology is not that impressive, but I like some of the perks that come with the phone.

icedog55124 says:

Sweet Deal

decko5 says:


sethadam1 says:

I'm absolutely intrigued. Hardware camera button, amazing new sensors, the revolutionary UI. I'd love to own this phone!

net62957 says:

I like the free app of the day.

Posted via Nexus 5 with SwiftKey

mrcrusha829 says:

Very interesting!

shayner101 says:

This phone is very intriguing and I need a new phone.

It's a cool phone with interesting tech, and I'd love to have one to see whether Amazon's ecosystem is worth not having the google play store.

yogirl#AC says:

I really like the phone and some of the features it has. I am always a little weary of first gen items but I would love to give it a spin.

theprawn says:

The quick access camera looks very cool. I think I'll stick with my One M8, but this looks like a great device for my son who loves gaming on his Fire tablet.

mstrblueskys says:

I'd enjoy winning this! :) Thanks AC!

radmoose says:

Looks like a great device with great features. I would be more interested if it wasn't an AT&T exclusive. If I win one, great. If not, I have to wait until either it isn't just AT&T or a newer device comes out that isn't locked to AT&T.

I'm a big fan of their Kindle. If like to see what they can offer in a cell phone.

blindguy says:

Looks cool! I love trying out new gadgets.

jslackhouse says:

Unlimited Photo Storage

pklissas says:

I want some super duper!

live2skico says:

reserving judgement until I can play with one

jrephoto_op says:

Love the competition Amazon has started. Now lets see what happens.

I'd love to have this phone to compare with my other phones. Thanks for the contest. Kinda looks like a re-purposed Nexus 4...

ehiggins says:

I love Amazon. Hate contracts

Posted via Android Central App

vizer19 says:


getorres says:

Firefly looks good, great combination of googles/shazam into 1 app is great.

bayemifr says:

It looks cool

Posted via Android Central App

I'm excited to see how this phone is useful as a daily phone, not just the Prime and media implications of the device. What would a Scrabble game look like with Amazon's design guidelines?

QuadForce says:

Pick me [pick, me, '',']

Adair Junior says:

"Since this one is an AT&T exclusive you'll need to be in America to win"


mike770 says:

As a prime subscriber I would love to give it a shot. I feel that the AT&T exclusivity is a mistake though.

bnpdp says:

It looks cool. Definetly worth a shot when its free.

ihtc says:

I'd love to try out the Amazon phone. Send one my way. If not that's OK too, keep up the great site and content :)!

Posted via Android Central App

Caleb Pelton says:

I'm a prime subscriber. This phone would be an awesome addition to that. Also, the screen looks pretty sharp.

Posted via Android Central App

mlm5em says:

This would be a secondary phone to the N5. 1 word: GAPPS

dcastillo says:

5 cameras on a phone! Selfie galore

Posted via Android Central App

antoniojr02 says:

I Want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

aubinhick990 says:

Hmm, I like the 3D aspect of it, but dislike that they didn't do anything to disrupt the industry! (i.e. Carrier deal, full price, etc)

Mark Shih says:

The only good price for this phone is free.

stevetrooper says:

Like the 3D feature...

Dehaha1 says:

In all actuality, it looks like an awesome phone, and one that'd I'd love to have! The 3D effect could also be pretty cool, and I'd love to have another 3D device like my 3DS, even if they're not really the same. I'm not sure I'd be able to pull enough money to buy this phone outright, and I don't like using contracts, so come on lucky day!
Posted via Android Central App

danconklin2 says:

I definitely like the bigger size
But maybe just because my eyes are getting older!

skrewee13 says:

At least the bloatware will be useful...

rexant1 says:

Why not, might as well add to my already large Amazon tech collection lol and free? Doesn't get much better than that.
Posted via Android Central App

old.geek says:

This could get very interesting...

Posted via Android Central App

I sure would like this phone for me I love the specs and I love amazon!!!!!

bigga43 says:

i like the screen. going to be a fun phone

Tommy says:

I would love to win one and give it a try, not so sure i would fork over the money and sign a new contract to purchase one though.

griftercm says:

Oops, missed the US only part.

nexus15 says:


Posted via Android Central App

benzcag says:

Cool but too pricey. I was expecting similar pricing to their tablet.

tylerpond05 says:

I'm interested in the unlimited storage option. way better than what people are asking from the likes of apple and such, which is to match the device storage-per device. I'd also be interested in using the Firefly tech to end all of my splurge purchases at places like Target and WalMart.

this is an awesome phone best i've seen so far. wish i had one

JCTWeb says:

All those cameras and the dynamic screen looks really cool

dustinfrank says:

thank you!

medmansri says:

Looks interesting, would love to try it.

johnboy33 says:

Yes please!

My wife loves Amazon. I need a raise.

Posted with my MotoX

brytonic says:

This looks like a great initial entry into the phone market. I would love to use one!

quailallstar says:

Love Amazon. I'll take one.
°Sony XPERIA Z2 white
°LG Optimus G Pro white
°LG Optimus L70 black

jimbo says:

This will be fun.

BizzyGeek says:

I'll give it to my 2 year old.

long2know says:

It looks like a great device!

jbrewer99 says:

sounds like a decent phone. if nothing else it should spur more competition between the different ecosystems now that we have amazon, android, and ios as heavy hitters. Something needed to come out now that blackberry is on its way out. And count me in on the free phone, I'd love to test it out. :)

mrbanks says:

I don't like the phone, but I need a new phone. Being honest

Posted via Android Central App

rmn_cats says:

Has a better camera than my Moto X. Would love to see one in "real life"; winning one would cover that!

"Firefly" could have a major effect on box store purchases. Hmm should I wait 2 days to get this item x dollars cheaper? AT&T kills it for me though.

Julio Jover says:


angryGTS says:

Has some good specs and a few neat little gimmicks, should be interesting.

Anlturner says:

I love it. The 3D effect is off the chain. Would love to have this phone. Would love to be the first one around here to show it off. Firefly looks amazing. Very nice Amazon!!

shanson2 says:

Looking forward to an unlocked version

Posted via Android Central App

redwagon says:

Hardware buttons for search and camera. Why oh why have companies been taking them away.

areakode says:

I'm very interested to see some of these new features!

grydlok says:

It will go fine with my wife's Kindle Fire HDX

Posted via Android Central App

Skichel says:

Looks a good deal

codeman6100 says:

Be nice if it wasn't an AT&T exclusive

RiverDog says:

I think it sounds like a pretty cool phone. With some of the advanced features it has I can see why Amazon took their time on it. I'd love to take it for a spin!

Johnny Z says:

I like the new stuff and things.

Posted via Android Central App

ProfMike says:

Hopefully someone will rip the Amazon Prime Video player out of this one and FINALLY make it usable elsewhere. Just sayin'

Very cool phone

SkinsFan1987 says:

This would be a cool phone to check out.

qunique says:

Please pick me

haven't owned an android phone yet :(

Posted via Android Central App

adamcwingert says:

this phone is wicked awesome. I love the Kindle Fire HDX and I'm sure I'll love this. I wish it was cheaper

bsinc1962 says:

Despite what the haters say I think Amazon did a nice job on this.

minhaferzz says:

Want this!

jmbburg26 says:

I haven't got to check it out u eery cause I'm at work. Looks go so far though.

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rob32687 says:

Great phone and even better they include amazon prime!!!!

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zavandiver says:

Just made the switch to Android with the Moto X and I'm really liking it. This phone looks interesting, but I always wonder about Amazon and its lock-you-in philosophy (kind of like Apple). Still, it would be fun to play with the Fire.

tsmvengy says:

I gotta get this one!

Neotravy says:

Love my Fire TV and Kindle HD. I want to see how this would integrate with them!

jtio says:

Don't understand Amazon goes after the lower end of the market with the tablet and puck and the higher end of the market with the phone?

sadkuh79 says:

i would love this phone!

bitwiser says:

interesting phone...curious to really see what the 4 front cameras can be used for and how it performs in real world tests. Also, how easy to tear down and fix a broken screen.

ih8aol says:

Come on baby light my fire

mercurio12 says:

I will give to the my sister´s wife whoe live in boston, im living in venezuela.

My phone is buggin', and I want a new one!

I deserve to win the new phone from Amazon because yesterday I broke my Nexus 5 and now I'm no social life, my friends called me "Android Boy" and now without an Android I'm just a boy :/ ... Maybe now I can be a "FireOS Boy" !

slang391 says:

I like firefly, but it might make me go broke

JT232010 says:

Looks very interesting would love to try that cool dynamic screen out with all the infrared cameras!

skoeck says:

I think this could be a really great phone. I hope it is good enough to make me want to replace my Samsung the next time my contract is up.

RorixRebel says:

This phone is just amazin, as an android hardcore lover i must admit it's a pretty nice piece of metal.

vor says:

Much bigger deal than the FB phone that failed. AT&T exclusive is quite lame however.

Did they mention if it will play Prime videos or not?

ryanmtech says:

im very impressed with their entrance into the phone market. i think they did a great job designing this phone and i cant wait to see it in action. id loveee to win.

Uninamer says:

I think itll be a neat phone to own and my HTC One M7 is getting old. I'm excited!

Ok, so honestly I do not like that they went with AT&T. That to me was a terrible idea because there is so much promise with their technology. Having said that I think I would be the perfect candidate because I would go into this with the idea that I am not the biggest fan of the carrier but if the phone is great and it is good enough to convert me from Verizon to ATT then that would be a testament to how good the phone is. Would make for an interesting story.

Sing141 says:

Sorry marcopwhittier, your post has been disqualified because you mentioned Verizon. And you aleady told your story which was supposed to be in 25 words or less.
(Sig) The Amazon Fire Crew

movielover76 says:

I'd love to get one. Very interesting.

yewensf says:

Would be great to win.

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