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You might have heard of this thing called the iPhone 5 that's "coming soon.".  It's going to crush Android, just like the iPhone 4 was supposed to, or the iPhone on Verizon.  At least that's what the fruit flavored portions of the Internet keep telling me.  They even have a study to back it up -- earlier this month industry analyst Gene Munster surveyed a whopping 216 people in Minneapolis and found that 42 percent of Android users were planning to buy an iPhone. 

Now, Mr. Munster doesn't say where he polled all these people, it could have been at an Apple store or a Hot Topic right next to the Starbucks at the mall (same difference?).  Rather than guess at what these results mean we decided to run a poll of our own, at a place where we know there are lots and lots of Android users -- right here at Android Central.  The question is simple -- what OS will be on the next phone you buy.  Not a tablet.  Not an mp3 player.  Not a set top box.  Just your phone.  I'm betting our results will be a bit different than Mr. Munster's. 

Original survey and analysis: Business Insider



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What operating system will your next phone use?


I currently have 2 iPhone 4's with AT&T but me and my wife are definitely getting Android phones. so maybe i should have voted twice :-)

It's a poll of what current Android users are planning to go with for their next phone. So what better place to reach Android users than Android Central?'s supposed to be polling "android users" but i'm willing to bet the people who regularly visit this website are *really* into android...and thus not as likely to give it up as fast as your everyday phone user. i know lots of people who have android phones. not many of them know of android central, only my nerdy friends...questionable. i'd take the average of these results and the results mentioned in the article perhaps.

I go visit my students at Microsoft HQ in Moscow every Wed. Currently, they run WP6.5 on HTC phones. Will try to get a little more info.

You'll accept people dropping from Android to a featurephone, but not webOS? Where's the love?

Granted I am highly likely to be switching from webOS to Android in the near future, but that's not the point..

The point is to survey current Android users and see how it compares to the Gene Munster poll...which showed that 42 percent of current Android users would switch to iPhone. If you had read the story rather than just looked at the poll you would have understood this point.

I was thinking it was either:
(a) Tongue in cheek (they did it so now we will do it for fun); and/or
(b) Look at what kind of results you get when you ask a question like this on a biased site.
Polls are fun! :)

Wow, and I thought us Apple folk were bad. What absolutely absurd nonsense lol. You guys are out-fanboying the original crazy fanboys. Let's break this down (using actual logic) for a minute.

I don't think anyone expected the iPhone4 to "crush" Android. I don't recall any of the Apple crew or commercials ever saying that at any point. However, the iPhone 4 is the highest selling phone in America. In second place, we have the iPhone 3GS.

Furthermore, his study could very well have been accurate. I know probably around 20 people who own Android phones. Nearly half of them have no idea what Android is, and another 7 or 8 couldn't care less what OS is on their phone. They bought it because it fit their needs at a reasonable price. I do have a couple buddies who are diehard Android fans, but they're vastly outnumbered by those who are either indifferent or entirely ignorant of what OS their phone uses. Given the chance, I'm sure a lot of them probably WOULD switch to the iPhone, just because its a more recognizable product. Not everyone has the technical knowledge of us geek folk, they just want the big name product.

The fact that you wrote an article just because you were butthurt by some completely random, meaningless study is hilarious. I'm an Apple guy, but I realize that Android is a great system as well. I don't really understand this whole "us vs. them" mentality that fanboys on both sides seem to have. Why can't there be both? Android wouldn't exist as it is today without iOS, and iOS wouldn't exist as it is today without Android.

Even for a blog, the content in this article is pretty damn embarrassing.

totally agree with you on this one. almost no one i know who has an android phone really gives a crap what os it's running, and in their eyes anyone who knows is basically a nerd. android central is going to be heavily a sociology major this struck me immediately as a stupid place to do a survey because its targeting the android FANS, not android USERS.


Yeah actually that's a good point. It'd be like posting the reverse version of this poll at MacRumors. It would make a lot more sense to ask the everyday Android users and not just the diehard fans. I still get the point of the poll, but obviously the data isn't going to be remotely accurate. Funny enough, I was a sociology major too (and now I'm an IT Manager, go figure).

I don't really get the whole "nerd" thing with Android users though. I think wanting to be able to customize your device and install custom ROMs and whatnot is great. Then again, maybe I'm just a nerd too haha.

I don't get how they come to those statistics, there are 36 Android users and on the question of what will be the next OS 36 people say Android so there was some lost and some won (granted iPhone won more)
But 36 is not indicative of anything here already more than 1000 Android users responded and the result is overwhelming pro Android!

Lol@iphone 5.
Yeah im sure it'll be exceptional hardware with an exceptional OS but honestly, the open source aspect of android makes it unbeatable. Iphone=toy, android=WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE :)

Open source and customizability are not the same thing. In fact, Android recently got last place out of 13 "open source" operating systems in terms of openness, with a total of 23%. The openness myth was debunked a long time ago, so I'm not sure why people still seem to believe in it. In terms of customizations though, Android obviously still kicks the iPhone's ass. This is what people should be focused on, not that the code is supposedly open source (which it barely is to begin with).

Edit: Lol @ repeatedly being given 1 star for posting facts. Silliness. Was merely pointing out that people are focusing on the wrong thing.

I feel like everyone is missing the point of this poll. If you want to survey people who are CURRENTLY using Android, where's a good place that lots of them congregate? Well, an Android-centric forum sounds like a good start. Maybe? Going into an Apple store to poll Android users doesn't seem like the most effective route. This wasn't a mud-slinging poll on a biased web community. It was, "We have a poll for Android users. Where can we find a lot of them? Oh I know, Android Central!"

Edit: Plus we already have a bigger sample size then the original poll did, and have an entirely different result.

You're completely right, of course. The issue I had wasn't with the poll, but with the article itself. It was poorly written and came off more so as a fanboy frothing at the mouth over some completely meaningless "statistic" they didn't like.

Oh, no they absolutely do, and it's every bit as ridiculous and obnoxious when Apple-centric blogs do it as well. That doesn't really give an excuse. Two acts of utter fanboyism don't make a ... right? Lol. You get the idea.

I'm seriously considering an iPhone, provided the new one comes out as a 4g phone. While I love the ability to customize my Droid X, simple things like the camera should not have a 5+ second delay. The iPhone just works. Also, why does my streaming music shut off when my display goes dark? Doesn't happen on the iPhone. Just sayin'.

Doesn't happen on the DX either. Not sure what you did to your phone.
But mine streams for hours just fine with the display off.

Just a thought. Maybe it's user error?

What I mean is, when I hit the camera button on the iPhone, boom! The camera opens. Then I hit the shutter button, and it snaps the photo. Quickly. My DX takes a minimum of 5 seconds just to load the camera. Then it is slow to snap the photo too.

Jerry needs to setup a poll outside his residence porch and randomly catch people driving or walking by to question. This will truly lead to un-biased results. Plus, he'll get to be outdoors having a beer at the same time :P

The phone market*

Android is still losing (for now, anyway) in the overall market share battle. It's just a matter of time before they overtake iOS of course, but the iPod touch and iPad gave it a huge advantage there.

HP webOS!

Seriously, I'm not sure. I have an Epic right now and I'm due for an upgrade. Only way there will be a question for me is if the iPhone 5 comes to Sprint. There is no way in heck I'm leaving Sprint.

If Sprint does get an iPhone, I'll just have to evaluate the iPhone 5 against the Epic Touch. The Epic will get an edge because I already have a bunch of Android apps, and because of SwiftKey. Not sure I'd be able to suffer iOS text entry.

At the end of the day, I'll most likely wind up with the GSII, but I'd give the iPhone 5 a fair shake.

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm done with Android. I am still waiting for a well rounded Android device that isn't lacking horribly in any one area, but it just doesn't exist. Maybe the Samsung Galaxy S2, but by the time I'm able to get my hands on one it'll be another year. I have a Thunderbolt, and there are certainly aspects of it I love, but between the reboots, the random inability to pick up a data connection, the battery life, glitches and months and months without Gingerbread, I've had it. Plus Verizon doesn't support its customers in the slightest, which is more of a carrier gripe and not an OS related one, but still...

iOS is smooth and stable but really bland, and I really don't want to give Apple more money for the simple reason that I don't like them as a corporation. I think I'm headed towards Windows Phone...that new Mango update looks sweet.

You should have got an EVO... I have none of the problems that you speak of. Even have great battery life. I know, I know... Sprint sux right? Nope VZW does.

Sounds more like a bad device from bad carrier than a problem with Android. If you really don't like the iPhone your solution isnt to drop android but to do your homework and get a carrier and device that deserve your hard earned money.

You should check out the Nexus S or the upcoming Nexus Prime and switch to Sprint. Both know how to do updates and release phones that are not a total disaster. Plus Sprint respects their customers with fair plans and excellent devices.

Honestly I just don't want to be burned again. I will definitely switch carriers when my contract ends, but I'm just gonna have to keep suffering with Verizon at the moment. I've heard only good things about the Nexus devices, and if I had the option I may consider it. It all depends on if the carrier I'm headed to has it.

The Nexus devices are the exception though, not the rule. Too many Android devices (like mine) release incomplete, lacking simple functionality and are slowed down by manufacturer skins and carrier bloatware. In this age of multi-core processors and LTE, it seems like OEM's are missing the point.

So you Sprint users are happy then? I was considering either Sprint or AT&T, now that T-Mobile is just about finished.

both Sprint and Tmobile are great carriers with excellent devices. Assuming they have service in your area you cant go wrong with either one. Yes their 4g won't compete with Verizon, but otherwise their networks are solid.

Also, no one has approved the att tmobile merger and many politicians and gov agencies have said they do not approve of any mergers between the big 4 carriers, so Tmobile is fine. Bgr just reported last month that some congressman or senator who sits on a committee for approving this sort of thing doesn't like the proposed merger. Even if they do merge you would still have atleast a year from then to use tmobile and att would honor your contract afterwards anyways.

I know this is a sarcastic poll... but where is webOS, Jerry? I follow Android Central because I like to keep up on my android developments, and AC is one key to staying well-informed about ALL of the mobile operating systems. I'm a Nexus S user. But android is not my first OS of choice. webOS on a Palm Pre2 is my daily driver. The title asks "which OS will your next phone use," haha. Note, it does not say "next NEW phone," so next phone could be an old PalmOS device :-). I would like to see parity across the board with regards to OS representation. (And webOS software is still officially supported, for the time being i guess, and many people will be upgrading to inexpensive off-contract Pre2s and Veers while they wait for further webOS developments.) Keep it real.

The reason the stats are like that is because about 75% of android 'owners' i know are teenage girls who get an android phone because they can't get an iphone on their carrier and they want to have a smartphone. I have probably seen over 50 people, all girls, ages 13-17, complaining about their OG Droid, which is possible one of the top 10 smart phones of all time.

Top 10 phones of all time? The OG Droid? Are we talking about the same phone here? My dad had that and it was one of the worst POSes I've ever seen (my friends HTC Hero takes the cake though). Maybe he just had really bad luck or something, but that thing broke so often it was ridiculous.

It's hilarious to see so many iOS users on here. They know their time is coming where they want to switch to Android - but they just don't quite have the you know what's to switch yet as a fanboy. But there is a reason they're checking the other side, folks - The much brighter world of Android!

What am I then? Like... a bifanboyual? lol. I love both. I currently have an iPhone but I really want some sort of Android gadget (possibly a cheap tablet) to play around with. I don't think either side is "brighter" and they're both great for certain people, depending on their specific needs. I happen to manage IT for a company that uses basically all Apple products, so I won't be making a full switch any time soon, but I do see the benefits of both systems and I think the competition between them is great.

Let's face it, Android would be nothing without iOS and iOS would be nothing without Android. If one of them were to suddenly drop off the map (which is why these lawsuits from Apple, Samsung, etc, etc drive me so nuts), the lack of competition would bring a significant slowdown in innovation. It's like the cold war between USA and USSR. The competition is between the two is what brought out some of our biggest accomplishments as a country. Now we have no competition and our country is in shambles.

Anyway, just my two bits as an iOS user. TLDR version: both OSes are fantastic and I don't get why being a fan of either should be mutually exclusive. I'm a fan of Apple, but I'm also a huge fan of Google (finally got our company to stop hosting our own calendars/contacts/mail on our Xserve and switch to Google Apps). Can't we just be technology fanboys without having to pick one?

Well as I am on Sprint, it is (currently) impossible for me to change to an Iphone. Not that I would anyway.

If you do the quick math, the iphone is only available on Verizon and AT&T. Anyone using Sprint, T-Mobile, and the rest cannot switch. In order to reach the Munster conversion rate, I would guestimate that it would take about a 80% conversion at Verizon and AT&T to reach his rate.

Moral of this story: 90% of the general public doesn't even know the difference between phone systems. All they heard was the I-word and they of course said yes - even if they were Sprint and T-Mobile users.

>>>"Now, Mr. Munster doesn't say where he polled all these people, it could have been at an Apple store or...."

A bit of the tea pot calling the kettle black here, ya think?

Actually no it isn't. Can't you people comprehend anything? He was asking ANDROID users what their next phone would be. He polled 216 people and decided to give some dumb response to his "poll." This site is an ANDROID site so it makes sense to ask people who read an ANDROID site what their next phone will be. It's more accurate to ask ANDROID users here what their next phone will be rather than ask who knows who and who knows where what their next phone will be. Reading and comprehension are key.

He does have a point, actually. This isn't a site of typical Android users, it's a site of diehard Android fans... the people LEAST likely to ditch the Android ecosystem. It would be like asking Apple Store employees what their next phone would be, instead of asking general customers.

Also, saying they gave a "dumb" answer to his "poll" is a bit of a stretch. Just because you don't LIKE their answer doesn't make it dumb.

Hey Jerry,

Imagine what a nice surprise it was to see my "Android Army" wallpaper on this site, you never expect this sort of thing, to see your work in a big site, and a personally loved one at that. I've been reading AC for more than 2 years BTW and listening to the podcast for 1, keep the good work coming!

Very nice indeed.
Greetings from Holland.

(A.k.a. Roderick from Epsilon Creations).

My next phone is going to be 4G I have an android I want to try something new I will wait for ics and see if the I phone is 4G or not but I really like the wp7 so smooth its nice. If their is a 4G wp7 I will have a hard choice in my hands.

Ah, you're right.

Following that logic: my car is nicer than a Geo Metro, therefore, I drive a Maserati.

I'm not married to Android. I could easily be swayed to Windows Phone 7, iOS, or even BB OS if all of the conditions below are met:

(1) Flash support in the browser (MUST have for many of the sites I regularly visit)
(2) LTE data on Verizon
(3) Widgets or tiles or whatever that update on the homescreen with data, so I don't have to launch apps to see stuff
(4) Decent battery life (at least 8 hours of heavy usage or 24 hours of light usage and mostly idle time)
(5) A commitment that the device/OS isn't going to be dumped quickly and will actually receive updates (looking at you, here, MS - remember the Kin?).

So far, I can only find what I need with Android and an extended battery. LOL! So, I voted Android - for now. A 4G/LTE WP7 (Mango? the one that supports Flash) device would rock and would probably woo me to it.

I didn't cast a vote because I'm waiting to see if the iPhone comes to Sprint. If it does, I'll probably switch to the iPhone, despite my preference for the openness of Android.

For me, it's not about the OS, but size. I'm OK the the 4" screen of my Nexus S, but if upgrading to qHD means having to get a 4.3" or 4.5" screen, forget it (I went from an OG Evo to the NS for the small size and stock Android). The iPhone's 3.5" screen is the perfect size for me. It's too bad the 3.7" screens of the N1 and OG Dinc were eclipse by today's jumbophones.

You certainly are in the minority. Don't be surprised if iPhone 5 has a bigger screen. Then what will you do?

The "minority" is a supply-side issue. If carriers stop selling smaller Android phones with decent specs (which happened on Sprint and Verizon after the Evo and Droid X), there is no perceived demand. You don't hear iPhone owners talking about switching phones for a larger screen.

If the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen, which I consider unlikely despite the popularity of the rumor among Android pundits, I'll stay put. I'm pretty happy with Android as long as it doesn't come in a brick.

I have always harbored the thought that you have to be of low IQ to fully appreciate Apple products. After all, Apple products think for you and prevent you from being stupid. Now the comments here prove this thought.

Folks, the point of the survey is to SURVEY ANDROID USERS. Yep, that is what Munster did as well. Yep it is a biased sample, by design, because Jerry wanted to SURVEY ANDROID USERS just like Munster did. Granted, the surveyed population is not all Android users so there is some corruption in the sample. Munster found that the low IQ population of the Android user base in MN (yep...) wanted an iPhone. Congrats to Jerry for reaffirming that most AC readers are not in the low IQ population and will not be trading in their Android phones for iPhones.

Except that this sample isn't surveying Android users, it's surveying hardcore Android fans... the type of people who would be visiting AndroidCentral in the first place. It is in no way indicative of an average statistical sample of Android users.

Your assertions that only stupid, low IQ people would want an iPhone is beyond ridiculous, and your "I will defend my product at all costs, even in the face of contrary facts" is equally ridiculous.

If anything your post just proved your own point wrong and made you look like a fool. The fact that you even care that much is a little sad to begin with. They're both fantastic products and both used by a wide variety of people for a wide variety of functions. There's really no need to act all butthurt because of some ridiculous study that was probably just as biased as this one is. These "official studies" come out practically every day from some different, little-known "research firm" and almost always have completely contradictory results.

In short: shut up, you're making your fellow Android fans look bad. sir are hilarious.

You've criticized both Jerry and several people above...yet you make the same "mistakes" they do with your judgment.

You seem to understand the sarcasm of this article but even with your Sociology major, you can't understand this piece is meant to undermine the validity of Mr. Munster's poll. Well...then you make the exact same point this article is trying to make above. Guess you're one of those elitists whom always thinks he's right.

Well sorry to burst your bubble but you don't know WHAT you're talking about. No...I get it. You try to walk the neutral line yet your lack of manners, common sense, and respect for other's opinions is where your Sociology degree fails you.

Your insipid point about iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is pointless. Why? Because the Android operating system is on top. If Apple made 20 iPhones a year, then your point may have some validity. Let me state this plainly...Apple's lack of choices in phones is exactly why they sell more than the plethora of quality Android devices available.

More choices diminish the chance of a monopoly. Very simple. Only Sociology majors and people that buy into "hype" concern themselves with which particular phone is selling the best.

You also said the average Android user has no clue what operating system is on their phone. Why is that a bad thing? Shouldn't an operating system get out of the way and let the user determine what experience they want. That's the genius that is supports the user, it does not restrict them.

Even further that affects developers as well. I see so many more developers creating original ideas in Android forums versus those in iOS. Why? Because you're not allowed to mess with the functionality of physical hardware while using an iOS device.

You can call us fanboys or whatever tickles your fancy. I fully understand that all these phones basically do the same thing. The difference is in the software. Android > iOS

1) I can change the functionality of my physical hardware
2) I can change the rom on my phone without worry
3) I can load my device and organize my files how I want
4) I can use media from any website, video store, or source
5) I can get apps from multiple legal application stores

You notice something here...freedom. That's right. While you're throwing excuses about how Android is less open than operating systems, maybe you should also use common sense. There's a structure there so anybody can use the device but there are no strict limitations for the user. Android is still more open than iOS. So have no point.

At the end of the day, the people on this website choose Android because we're too intelligent to believe Steve Job's crap about caring for his customers. We're too clever to buy a device that's popular despite its limited functionality or minimal annual upgrades. We're too passionate to let any company force us to stop making decisions for ourselves.

So please...spare us your trivial replies. You want to be neutral...that's your right. But don't you dare insult us. Perhaps you should think about why you buy your device and get off your high horse.

When you can do that and be mindful of others' opinions Mr. Sociology, then maybe we'll listen.

In short: you can kiss my Android-lovin' cheeks.

I can't believe you actually think anything you just said was remotely legitimate lol. Let's go through this real quick:

I'm not sure what my sociology major has to do with anything. I only mentioned it because the other guy did. I don't even really care about sociology. I'm an IT Manager, not a sociologist.
My point about the iPhone selling higher wasn't meant to be relevant, just to put it in perspective. There are still far more devices running iOS than Android (for now).
Also, I said repeatedly that I think Android is a fantastic OS, although just like iOS, it has its fair share of problems.
Your point about developers is rather strange, as developers on iOS have a much higher rate of satisfaction with the ecosystem and get paid on average 7 times more.
"Android > iOS" ... for you? Sure. For everyone? No. Again, they're both great systems and the competition between the two is what drives both of them further forward.
I never said it wasn't more open than iOS. However, I did say (repeatedly) that people should stop caring about the "openness" of the system. Androids customizability is its best feature, and that is not the same thing as openness.
Your assertion that everything about Android is genius and everything about iOS is basically terrible doesn't make you sound knowledgeable, it just makes you sound like an ass, as does your assertion that all Android users are "too intelligent to believe Steve Job's (sic) crap about caring for his customers". The minute you ramble on as you have just done, blindly defending your product without any basis in fact or logic, you have already let that company force you to stop making decisions for yourself.

Your entire post was a contradiction of itself. The fact that you told ME to be mindful of others' opinions and not insult people at the end was just the icing on the crazy cake. Did you even read your own post? I've tried to remain pretty objective with my posts on here. You sound every bit like the Apple fanboys you purport to hate.

I wouldn't be posting here if I thought Android was garbage. On the contrary, I've said more than once that I'm really interested in getting an Android device to play around with (aside from the phones I set up here at work).

Anyway, not sure what the point of even replying to this was, as you clearly have no interest in a logical, rational discussion.

I might go back to blackberry when the next phones come out. It is expensive to use an android phone in Jamaica. I plan on moving out there in a few years from now.

I don't really care about all of the phone arguments. Phones come and go and in the Android 'verse there are far too many different types and manufactures to argue collectively "Android" vs the iPhone. That places the focus in completely the wrong direction.

I am a fan of the Google ecosystem. Yep - I said it. It is not the Android operating system that matters as much as the available services. Android is just the interface for the end user experience which is built from a collection of apps and services. I've tried creating and consuming content the Apple way (I still use an iPhone for work) and I prefer it the Google way. If it weren't for the ridiculous dependence on iTunes I might have never tried Google.

Certainly end devices are important. The nice thing about the Android 'verse is that there is a lot of choice. We all drive the same roads but we choose different cars to get where we want to go. If you have a car that breaks down all the time it doesn't mean that all of the roads suck. It means that should fix the car you have or try a different make/model (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc).

I've had a good experience with my client device (original DInc) and I like the way Google delivers services. Assuming nothing changes drastically over the next year, my next phone will be Android.

The point of all this is that you need to stop and think about what you are really advocating for (or against). Is it the device or the platform?

I use Android for a number of reasons, and my reasons have evolved after using an EVO for the past year.

First, I agree with what you are saying about the ecosystem and services. I was not a Google user prior to Android. But now, I use everything Google from Gmail to Google+.

Second, I've started out liking Android, but am truly hooked on it now. I run CM7 on both my EVO and NookColor. I plan to run Android on the TouchPad I ordered as well. Back to the ecosystem, I wind up being able to run my apps on all of these devices and I buy a LOT of apps.

Third, due to app purchases and building up a library, I'll stick with Android for a long while. It's the sort of scenario that keeps me running Win7 as my primary OS.

My wife also uses an EVO and we are both very pleased with it. My only complaint is battery life. If it lasted about 20% longer, I'd have no complaints.

Best post I've seen on here so far. It really IS about the ecosystem. For me, the best use was actually a combination of the Apple and Google ecosystems. I got our company finally switched to Google Apps, but we're essentially an all Mac company. I'd say we have around 9 iPhone users, and 4 or 5 on Android. Some of our Google services function better on the Android handsets, but a lot of the other work-related Apple ecosystem (obviously) functions better on the iOS devices.

The amount of choices is definitely the best part about Android. I hope that someday, Apple will release more than one phone per year, but I guess that's not really their style. However, I'm still perfectly happy with using Google's services on an iOS device. It fits my needs perfectly. Other stuff fits other people's needs perfectly. I don't really get the whole "MY _____ IS BETTER THAN YOURS!" fanboy rabidity.

I'm actually quite impressed with a lot of the comments here. Usually, one would think "Ugh, obviously there are going to be a lot of people bashing Apple", but in all honesty, many people are giving honest opinions on why they dislike iOS. Of course, there are a few here who aren't being so friendly. iOS users are not automatically stupid. Just because one chooses an iPhone over other phones doesn't mean that they don't understand technology. What about the guys over at iPhone Dev Team?

I'm going to get an iPhone next since I had such a bad experience with the Evo (one of the worst phones I've ever owned [still better than the Instinct though...]) and I had a decent experience with my old 3GS. I don't know if it was just THAT phone or something else, but I didn't like it at all after a few months (battery life dropped tremendously and the phone slowed down big time after a few months, even with other ROMs). However, with Apple going its way with iOS and Mac integration (which I think is really idiotic IMO) and having its marketing target technologically inane people instead of business users, you'll probably see me carrying an Android phone soon.