Are you looking for a change, or are you a brand loyalist?

It's time for another poll, and this week should be a good 'un. Updates — both to KitKat and otherwise — were flying fast and furious all week, and one common theme in the comments of all the news posts was users claiming they were switching brands because they weren't getting their update fast enough. We understand a lot of that is frustration, even if misplaced, but doing things like updating fast make for quite the impression. Maybe a manufacturer did gain a few fans, whether it be HTC and their speedy updates, or Motorola beating the Nexus 4 to "official OTA style" KitKat.

Or maybe some old favorites lost a few future customers. We can't guess — so we ask. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, or you can find it after the break to make things easy. Vote in it. Then jump into the comments and let everyone know what you think. It's your time to be heard!


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This week's sidebar poll: Who is going to make your next phone?


I like Motorola's approach. They'll continue to have my business.

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Motorola have won over lot of people with their Moto X and their faster update..

I bought moto X because of their pure android statergy

Motorola's software strategy, per Punit Soni.

1. Ensure that we build on a foundation of pure Android

2. Build experiences that compliment Android and Google services, not compete with them.

3. Ensure that we can build software that gives value back to the user.

It's not even about the speed of updates for me. As long as they stick to these three items, I think they'll continue to get my money.

Wow... I hadnt seen this before. I was already impressed with the speed of updates (though HTC has been awesome lately too) but this just solidifies that the X is my next.

My thoughts exactly. In fact I think that the Moto X is more Android and Google, than the Nexus 4 and 5. Touchless controls for one, even on the Nexus 5, you have to unlock the pone before you can start using GNow. With Moto X, it is easier than ever to use Google's search. Motorola Connect is another really useful feature that ties in well with Chrome, another one of Google's product. I have always been a Nexus fan. Got the Nexus S, then the Nexus 4. But if given the choice now, I would buy the Moto X over the Nexus 5. Sadly I don't think the Moto X is ever going to come to my country, only the Moto G. But I definitely hope the next flagship from Motorola will be available in more countries.

In short, Motorola.

It's odd. The Nexus 4 (and the previous Nexus devices) is Google showing off Android. The Nexus 5 is Google showing off Google.

Until the Moto X started getting KitKat, I was sure I'd always go Nexus. The next Moto X is going to be really hard to pass up.

Until the Moto X started getting KitKat, I was sure I'd always go Nexus. The next Moto X is going to be really hard to pass up.

They have definitely won me over. I mean stock android and added features makes this a home run. I've always been a Nexus guy but I think moto is doing something special here. I never thought I would say this but moto x over the Nexus 5.....especially now with KitKat.

I hear ya, I have been a hardcore Nexus devotee, but the Moto X and Moto G are both amazingly tempting devices.

I have put Motorola, although they have still got to bring a high end phone to the UK. If they do though I'll be all over it I'm sure.

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Agreed. Just received my Moto X Monday and unless they do something completely left-field, the Moto X-2 (or whatever it'd be called) will *definitely* be my next device. No question.

Google doesn't make phones. How can they be a choice? I can see combining Google and Motorola, but not separate. I'm confused. Is the Google choice saying, "I'm getting a Nexus no matter who makes it?"

Ditto. If it's LG again for the Nexus 6, fine. If it's Motorola (though I doubt this as it'll compete directly with the Moto X), fine. As long as that manufacturer builds a quality product out of the box (taking software out of the equation), I don't care who builds the next Nexus.

Actually Google does, ever heard of Motorola. But I think the poll is referring to Nexus

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Google doesn't literally make the phone, but they are deeply involved in the process from start to finish and have the ultimate say on the finished product. That's why it's Google's phone.

Probably next year's Google Nexus. I'll at least take a good look at it. I'm a cheap SOB and someone who finds the whole being-locked-to-a-carrier thing constitutionally irksome.

Maybe BlackBerry since no one makes phones less than 5 inch in screen size with microsd card slot on Verizon.

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Has a not so good display and seen reviews where they said it stutters on occasion. I can't be having that in my daily driver.

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I'll wait until the next Nexus. My Nexus 4 still has quite a bit of life left (plus T-Mobile doesn't have there LTE network up here yet).

As a MAXX HD user, i just bought the Moto X for my dad. I'm impressed with the phone and if they continue to put out great phones, I'll be returning to motorola next year for myself.

My choice will either be the next Nexus phone or the BlackBerry Z50.

I was all onboard with the Nexus4 but since BlackBerry made some OS changes in the latest leak, I'm back to using my Z10.

I basicly switch between the two.

If HTC's next ONE has Qualcomm 800-805, at least 2G of RAM, 32G of storage, a decent battery and a 5" screen...I'm going back...screen can be as much as 5.5", but I'm not interested in going bigger...

Just out of interest, if it had these specs, outside of the screensize how would you expect it to function and your experience of it to be any different to the HTC One (which already has zero lag and is hot knife through butter smooth)?

Is this just specs for specs sake?

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I think you guys are all wrong....
Google means Google Play Addition. A nexus is what ever Google allows to make it. Be it LG, Samsung, HTC, or whomever. But of course, you guys could be right. ;-)

I voted other. Mostly because I'm not brand loyal and saw no other option to reply in a better way.

You want my money? Make me a phone that I will be proud to use every day. Make it worth my investment or go home.

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but GPE phones are also HTC/Samsung or whatever before they are ever GPE phones.
i think we are right here. matter who makes it. google designs it, someone else manufactures it.

My HTC One has been my best phone to date.

Sense is the most elegant overlay IMO and it's so smooth I haven't even felt the need to root and ROM like I have every other Android I've had. Add to that the the premium build that rivals Apple better than any other Android OEM.......... I'll be sticking with HTC.

Plus I'm impressed with how they're addressing updates now.

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Yeah, HTC has seriously impressed me with the features in Sense, with a UI that I actually almost like better than AOSP Android. Their response to updates has also put them at nearly the top of my next phone wish list.

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Android is the most powerful mobile OS available but it needs a worthy skin. Kudos to HTC for developing Sense to the point it is the most refined OEM experience on Android.

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Coming from my GNexus on Verizon, I am really happy with my Droid Maxx. I will go with Motorola next go-around, but Motorola itself, not a Droid series.

Jolla is my next phone, in the past i have played with IPhone and Windows Phone 7, the present is Andoid and Blackberry, in december i receive a Jolla, and in 2014 i will try to get my hands on a MozillaOS and a Tizen, maybe a WP8 too.

I would have said HTC, but after them announcing the GTC One is going to not be a repeat in terms of build quality I dont think I want to go that route. I love my One, I left the Apple world for it and hope anything unlocked under the "Google" name is top of the line in terms of build quality. If only someone made a phone with the same quality as the iPhone with a 5" screen and pure Android I would be all over it.

When did they announce the build quality would not be the same?

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According to the ever reliable evleaks, its gonna be the same aluminium unibody design.

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Hope so. After getting so many accolades for their build quality I don't know why they would go back to the plastic that Samsung and others use.

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Not a brand loyalist and I don't really care about getting frequent updates, but a large screen and S-Pen are a must, so Samsung (waiting for the Note 4. Note 3 wasn't enough of a screen bump to replace my Note 2).

Whoever makes the best phone has my business. Right now Samsung has it with the Note 3 but I have no brand loyalty. I did have the S3 before this but had an HTC Evo before that. Almost went to LG for the G2 but I liked the Note 3 just a bit more. Got the G2 for my wife who said the Note was too big. Make a good phone and i'll buy it.

Samsung with the Note 3. I was interested in the One Max and the Nexus 5, but the Note 3 will meet my needs better.

I said Google (thinking Nexus) but, to be honest, unless AT&T or T-Mobile beef up their network in the rural areas around my state, I will probably stick with Verizon and who knows if they'll even carry the next Nexus.

I have a feeling what you see now with the Moto X on Verizon is the closest you'll ever see to a Nexus on Verizon unless T-Mobile starts biting big chunks out of their customer base by improving their network coverage.

Agreed. My contract ends next month and I'm grandfathered in unlimited plan, buying a Moto X outright is the only option I'm considering if I am to stay on Verizon. T-Mobile has my eye with the Nexus 5 and some really attractive plans, but of course I'm wary of their coverage.

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I went with other. I am not a brand loyalist, I just want the best phone for the price that meets my needs

Voting for a brand doesn't make you a loyalist. I voted Motorola and the two phones I have had were Samsung. I voted based on what I am hoping to see. If the next Moto flagship is anything like the X, they have my money

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This. I have a note 3 right now but if moto x 2 is anything like I think it will be, moto has my money. I love the note 3. But brand name means nothing. It simply is the best device out at this minute.

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I'm waiting to see if the OPPO N1 comes to the US. If so, the Cyanogenmod version will be next for me. If not, GN3, or I just may hold onto my GS3 a tad longer and see what the flexible screens have to offer.

Google because I like stock android and a fair price / speedy updates and all my Google nexus products have out lasted previous Samsung / HTC / Sony devices apart from my HTC desire which in essence was a nexus one . .

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Google because I like stock android and a fair price / speedy updates and all my Google nexus products have out lasted previous Samsung / HTC / Sony devices apart from my HTC desire which in essence was a nexus one . .

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I have a HTC one right now and I think it is the best phone of 2013 which ever will become the best android phone of 2014 will be the next phone I get since I can upgrade once a year, I don't really care about the brand

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I need a phone with plenty of storage, Nexus has really failed there. Screw the cloud, when I need a document I want access to it right away. Because of cloud storage I was stuck for entire weekend. It will never happen again. 64gb is the minimum storage I will accept, that leaves Nexus out. To me the only device that is made for the working man is the Note 3 with fantastic specs and tons of storage. That S-Pen, That S-Pen, That S-Pen. Samsung has done allot of work on that feature, no other device can touch the features that phone has. I use to be that I wouldn't even consider a phone if it wasn't a Nexus. As these new devices have evolved and new features have been added, I feel the best device in the market is the Note 3. You don't even need a tablet with that device, it just does it all. The S-voice feature has the same feature as does the Moto-X, you can open the Note 3 up from sleep by just giving it a vocal command ala Moto-X. You have to go into the Play Store and update the S-Voice feature and after that it is absolutely unbelievable. I have many top of the line devices and IMO the king of all high end Smart Phones is a very easy pick, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the King of the Hill.

I had to drop my phone just to give you a standing ovation. Well put mate.

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I agree. But I think S5 will be my next device only because of the size, other than that the note3 has to be the best phone out to date.

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All the bashing folks did to Moto just 6months ago and look at the turn around

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!


"Why would they even launch a phone with these outdated specs."

"Oh this phone will miserably fail?"

"Goodbye Moto."

"This is another nail in the coffin for Motorola."

And so on.

Its already been choosen, i`ve ordered a dev edition Moto X, im gonna dual sling the Nexus 5 and that for a couple of weeks, the Kitkat release by Motorola impressed me

It depends on who makes a reasonably priced phone with at least 64 GB storage (preferably 128 GB),a decent camera, doesn't region lock it and updates it when Google releases a new version of Android. Or at least offers these features in the EU as well as the US ( developer and google editions of many phones in the US only!)
I guess that means it will be a Nexus....

To be honest we was lucky to get a 32gb Nexus 5, with the push Google is making using the online services they provide, the way they see it is less on board storage = more you require cloud storage

A Nexus? Really? The only thing a Nexus does that you listed was os updates.

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Has Google ever made a phone? I mean their logo is on Nexus phones, but they have, in the past been made by Samsung/HTC/LG/ASUS, correct?

For my money, I think Motorola's up and coming. I like what I see of the MotoX thus far. The new (LG) Nexus is a good deal but the camera is meh from what I've seen.

Samsung really has made some good hardware, but I don't like their "kitchen sink" approach to throwing every piece of bloatware they can think of onto their phones. I'd actually buy another Samsung if they let me pick and choose from their software (yes on the camera S/W, no to SVoice, for instance).

HTC is good too, but they lost their way for a while. I think if they follow Moto's lead toward making less skin and more battery friendly devices, they'll do well.

Apple has never made a phone either.

The Google Nexus 5 = the Apple iPhone 5S

Both built by another company but branded for Google/Apple. The difference is Google doesn't hide who they contract to manufacture the phones like Apple does. 

I have a Sony currently, but I am really impressed by Moto's showing with the X and the G - I could totally work with a phone like the Moto G, and for the price, it's absolutely amazing. I can get it unlocked and on a really cheap prepaid data plan and have everything I could ever desire.

High-End really isn't needed any more when mid-end is done right, as Moto has proven. Ontop of that, their bootloader unlocking policy isn't a finnicky thing where you never get a straight answer from either Sony nor the Carrier you buy the phone from, so that's a big plus in my book as well.

I love Nexus but I just can't resist Sony's designs. Darn you Sony, if only you made your phone overall better..

i'm one of the few who voted Sony.
I'm loving my Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z.
When it comes to home entertainment, I've always been a Sony loyalist. I'd always given their phones a wide berth as they were always mediocre at best. But since the Xperia Z range came out, they've completely nailed it in my opinion. Great hardware (i honestly don't get the XZ screen complaints. off-angle colours are fine on my phone!), their software overlay is very stock-like, with a few interesting tweaks here and there that i prefer to stock android. Waterproofness is not something i will test, but gives me peace of mind in case of an accident, they continue to support microSD (for now at least), their walkman app is ace, and we've been promised updates to at least 4.4 kitkat in the very near future. Assuming Sony continue this path of hitting it out of the park as they have done this year, i will continue to buy Sony.
oh, and they have finally figured out how to make gorgeous looking phones and tablets!

I voted Motorola, but if Sony brings a Z1 level device to AT&T I would seriously consider that as well.

If Nexus keeps screwing up their updates I'll ditch them. I'm still waiting for the ota update of Kit Kat on my 10 inch Nexus tablet. Where is the update?

The Nexus 7 (2012, 2013) and Nexus 5 prove that the Nexus line isn't just for enthusiasts anymore.

All my previous android phones were manufactured by HTC but decided to get a galaxy note 3 this time around.
The HTC One was the most improved device this year from the user and company's perspective IMO because it had a massive UI and design overhaul. The only drawbacks were the camera and battery which have always been HTC's problem in the past.
I hope the M8 and future HTC phones convince me into getting them because HTC make the best phones in terms of quality and uniqueness.
For now, I'll just stick to the Note cos its been an amazing experience.

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My current primary is not an Android, I'll leave it out for flaming sakes. But I usually just go with the OS/ phone that best suits my needs or better than the other OSes but I usually run an Android as secondary. And as a secondary phone, it doesn't have to be expensive or it should be a very niche phone. Thinking Z Ultra, Galaxy camera, Galaxy Golden, N5.

Imagine a moto x with that new snapdragon 805? Yup...that will take my money.

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Although I like Motorola, I haven't had one since the Startac and if they make a bigger screen I might consider one. Until then, I will stick to the Note series but I will skip the 3 a wait for the four.

From my Note 2 to you

Nobody because I don't want cheap overpriced plastic and I need an SD card slot. I'll keep my RAZR M until Motorola brings back expandable storage.

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If the company's under Google. An SD slot won't see the light of day. They're trying to move everything to their cloud services.

It's not a matter of pushing things to the cloud, it's a matter of SD storage being less stable.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

SD cards fail (not very often, I know, but they do) and most apps are given read/write access for an SD card. I'm not a fan of giving every app I download read/write access to my entire SD card so I like having everything in internal storage.

HTC really won me over with the one and their new dedication to updates has me confident in buying their next flagship. I'd say if Moto blows me away I may go their because I really like what they did with the Moto x so for me it's HTC followed closely by Motorola.

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I have been very happy with the Samsung Captivate and then the Samsung Skyrocket and the Nexus 10. However with the locked boot-loaders on AT&T I probably won't get another Samsung. May go with Nexus 5 or Moto X

Well, I just upgraded from a Galaxy Note to a Note 3, so if I had to choose now it would be a future iteration of the note series, but that purchase won't be for at least 2-3 years so it really depends on what is out at that time. A lot can chance in a few years.

I left htc because of their updates and the unremovable battery/sd card. Picked up the note 2 very satisfied with samsung until their debacle with updating. Idk who to spend my money on now.

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Right now, a Moto or Nexus. I love my S3, but Sammy is too focused on competing with Google and bloating their phones. Stock or near stock next time.

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HTC is they are able to dual-boot Windows Phone on a new flagship HTC android phone, which I hear that Microsoft has allowed OEMs to do that now.

Whoever includes an SD Card slot and removable battery. Those are like definite deal breakers. I don't care if the phone comes with 256GB storage, I still want that option. /S.

On a more serious note, HTC and Motorola have my top preference.

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I never thought I'd say Motorola after the nightmare that was owning an Atrix, but if they release models like the Moto G in that $179-$200 price range every year, I'm going to have a hard time justifying buying anything else.

Sony to be next manufacture of Nexus handsets. HTC, Sammy and LG have had their year(s) is the spotlight so next year will be Sony's time to shine...

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Google, the Nexus 5. If price wouldn't be an issue, it would have been Motorola (Moto X). And you can't get in in Europe (yet) anyway.

I like HTC a lot. They put a lot of quality in their phone. I mean beats audio, metal phone, and at least 32gb

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Im not into brands but have chosen samsung based on the premise that it best suites my needs and likes. The mention of bloat and kitchen sink and various other things doesnt discourage me as i like swiss army knifes. Options is a plus and ok some are forced upon you like non removable apps but you never know when there might be a need and as long as they dont have a dramatic effect on performence & Storage which they havnt had with me personally with owning the S3, S4, Mega and now Note 3.

However if the phone that best served my likes was a htc, motorola or even oppo, zoppo and the likes then i would buy.

Just happens to be Samsung are providing me with the best experiance so why change if it aint broken.

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Tough to say. I've got a year to wait since I bought the Droid DNA shortly after launch and I still love it, despite Verizon's grip on it (which surprisingly isn't actually too bad, especially for a Droid). If I have to stay on Verizon for coverage, I'll probably go with the next Nexus or the Moto X's successor for the sake of updates, etc. although I love custom ROMs anyway, particularly Slim. I've always loved HTC's hardware (back to Palm Treo anyone?), but I'm kinda disappointed how overshadowed the DNA was by the One, and it's hard to say I'll stay with HTC, partly considering their recent decline. A year ago, the Nexus 4 and S3 didn't quite cut it for me, and although I'm really digging the N5, Samsung's offerings still aren't that appealing to me- biggest gripe being AMOLED. They're getting better though, and the Note series really intrigues me- I'm probably like Jerry in that respect. Sony and LG have just never tickled my fancy, so they're probably out, but the G Flex is also very intriguing.

Bottom line: I think we're going through a sort of smartphone evolution, and things are going to be too different by this time next year to even guess. The game is really being stepped up with wearable tech, styli, curved displays, better updates, hardware beginning to rival desktops, and all sorts of hardware innovation that can completely change the way we use our phones. I think it'll be hard to pick a "wrong" phone in a year. It might not be ready by then, but Project Ara/Phonebloks is going to be changing things up too, and not to mention, despite it's "failure," the Ubuntu phone has probably gotten a lot of people thinking. Now we just need someone to crack a better battery tech...

^^^^^Constructive^^^^^ yes smartphones are evolving and tech in general, people will buy to what best suites them be it Sansung, Apple, htc, motorola ect, i dont have brand loyalty and base my puchase again on my likes be it style, storage, performence, features ect ect and Samsung in keeping with the removable battery and expandable storage works for me :-)

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I haven't decided on my next phone yet. I've had phones from all of the major manufacturers and will continue to decide on the merit of the device rather than who made it. I have no brand loyalty.

Htc one has been the most pleasurable experience for me and I have had pretty much most the lstest flagships always go back to the one its fluid and fast looks so good and feels amazing in the hand updates have got better too id ever I flash the most recent custom firmware of android I know its not long until I go back to up to date android stock sense firmware once its been released weather that be sense or google edition vanilla.

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I'll have a hard time leaving Moto after the X; the radios are so much better than those in my Samsung GN, I appreaciate actually getting a $g or wireless signal everywhere I need it.

I hope Moto doesn't make the next Nexus. I doubt features like active notifications, hands-free and the like would be put into the Nexus, since it is supposed to be the most "vanilla" experience possible. I'm plenty happy with Moto just adding useful features to a Nexus-like base.

I very nearly almost bought the Nexus 5 and then I got a chance to trade my Note 2 straight across for a Moto X, and I'll tell ya, it was the best choice I've ever made. I love the feel of stock Android with the dash of complementary features that add to the experience, not compete or detract. I was a loyal Samsung user for the past 3 phones that I had, but the awful build quality and feature-bloat just finally got out of hand for me.

Now, if I could get Touchless Control and other native Moto X features on the Nexus 5, I'd have to change my pants first, and then I would promptly say, "TAKE MY MONEY!!!"

As I've only recently gotten the HTC One, I'd be hard pressed to want to change. I would like the Motorola G, seems like a really good option with the pure Android experience.

ok for those who are complain about storage. YOU WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED! i bet those of you with 32gb phones and another 32gb card or more either have 70% free storage space or a ton of files you literally never access!! there is absolutly no need to have every HD movie and album you ever pirated on your phone!! rant over

I'm in total agreement on that. I was so against getting a phone that didn't have removable storage so I got A Samsung. Abysmal signal problems on all 3 that I tried (s3 to note 2 to s4). Never had a problem on my Droid Bionic so I sucked it up and got the Droid Maxx. I am loving it. I realized that between Dropbox and Google Drive, I still had plenty of storage for everything I could ever need. Motorola has always had strong radios, despite their other issues, and with the beautiful job they did in this latest line up of phones, I'm sticking with Motorola unless someone else blows me away.

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Have currently a GSM Gnex from the playstore. Was looking at a Nexus 5 for my next. Then Google went a different way with the low power processor in the 800. Now that the X is getting 4.4 to along with all the enhancements it has. I'm hard pressed not to go with it. After having Samsung's crappy batteries and radios, the Moto X will be a refreshing change.

I would have had a different answer before the Moto X, and it would have been Google, but now..

Motorola. A nice American company that understands Americans. Not some Korean company in a dick-size competition with the other Korean company.

Plus their engineers for the device, the software, and the overall experience seem to understand what the hell they're doing. Can't say the same for LG or Samsung.

And HTC, really. But they don't know what they're doing all around.

My next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I love the Samsung Galaxy Note line and I'll continue purchasing them.

As others have said, having Google on the list is confusing. They don't make phones.

I chose Motorola...I like where they are headed. If the Moto X had the SD800 a 1080PLcd and a top Camera. I would have gotten that over the N5(A phone I like more and more everyday.)

Oddly I still think LG will make the next Nexus. So choosing LG would have been my 2nd choice.

I would not buy a Samsung or HTC. Not big on their skins and the non contract phones cost too much.

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I like Motorola's software & custom design approach and their fast updates plus being owned by Google gets my thumb up but unfortunately they don't seem to be putting their high end stuff outside US anytime so I'll go with HTC for my next phone because they come in a close second, beautiful design, amazing hardware like the speakers & camera and their software is better than okay, I kinda like blink feed but unfortunately they didn't top it up with useful features like Motorola did. They're fast with updates too so that is a good thing, I don't like the capacitive buttons though, prefer to have on screen buttons. But I already got my Nexus 5 and I'm more than happy with it, it's just that my next phone will be an HTC unless Motorola gives some more care to Europe.

My next phone is one that I can own, root, etc.
It must have a removable microSD and at least a Snapdragon 800.

I have a GS4 and Samsung is not on my list of future phones based on this KNOX Warranty crap.

If HTC ever decided to ditch the capacitive buttons and go soft keys, I wouldn't even hesitate. Next choice these days is probably Motorola.

The best Android experience I've had so far is with Samsung and TouchWiz (never thought I'd say that). I'll be sticking with them until they start screwing things up.

Until someone can show me build quality on par with HTC (I've had the OG EVO, EVO 4G LTE and HTC One), I'm not going anywhere. That said, if a phone built as well as my HTC One pops up I'd at least take a look. I mean I can flash a ROM with the user experience that I like, I mean Cyanogenmod isn't going away anytime soon....

Google......still the best value for the money, IMO. I'll keep my N4 for a while and see what's available in another year or so.

If Google came out with a 5.7" or larger device, I might consider going that way. With my Note 3, it's hard to pick up a smaller phone and be satisfied anymore.

I'll keep VOTING with my DOLLARS by supporting whoever provides the best device that still provides an easily REMOVABLE BATTERY and a MICRO SDXC slot. So, probably Samsung, unless HTC wises up. Google never will.

SD card means Samsung or Sony. They have a vested interest in including them, since they manufacture and sell SD cards.

Most other companies have realized how poor SD cards perform and have moved on in their top-tier offerings.

Really Jerry? I mean to each his own but I'd rather have my data immediately available than continue to pay a carrier for the right to access my data anywhere I want. As far as the poor performance of SD cards, there seems to be a large number of camera manufacturers who did not get that memo.

Writing to an SD card to store a picture is a far cry from using it for data storage for applications. This is why a whopping zero percent of camera manufacturers put anything on the SD card that needs retrieved for normal operation.

Then again, people swore by floppy disks, too.

Explain your top tier offerings? With no service you are s.o.l in my line of work. To stop having an sd slot available is assanine in IMO and selfish as well. This is the sole reason I moved on from htc and why I have not tried out a nexus.

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I'm with you. No removable battery, no micro SD, NO SALE. That's one of the big reasons I stick with Samsung. That's why I had the original Motorola Droid. That, among many, many other reasons, is why I'll NEVER buy Apple. Even though I'm perfectly capable of removing a non-removable battery, I don't want to have to disassemble a phone to do so. And, I can pop in a 64GB micro SD in my GSIII.

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I'm more than a year away from my next upgrade... I said Motorola because I really like the way their product development is headed. However, if I could (without financial repercussions)replace my Galaxy S4 today I'd almost certainly be going with a Nexus 5.

I think a more illuminating poll might be "Who made your current phone and who do you think will make your next phone?".

Ummm dude have you heard about prepaid? Like Ting, Straight Talk, T-Mobile (they have a great $30 plan btw, with roaming ability).....just a thought!

It'll be someone besides Samsung unless they fix my note ii with the next software update (oh, and they better make the same fixes for my note 10.1)

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Maybe it's just me but I don't see a need for buying a new no time soon, seeing the way my current Moto X is working out. I've pretty much figured things out for my daily phone/tablet/chromebook/PC use and it works great for me. At this point, the idea of chasing the latest specs is beyond me. Cheers to Google/Motorola for getting it right with the Moto X and because of them I can truly say my thirst for a awesome phone has been quenched.

I think that is going to become a big deal in the not so distant future. Manufacturers are already starting the race to the bottom for hardware prices outside of the traditional telco contract model. Motorola and the Moto G and the Nokia Lumia 520 are fine examples of that.

A device doesn't need top shelf hardware to be good and be good for more than just a couple months. As long as the software is well integrated with the hardware the need for cutting edge hardware is lessened. Motorola did a fantastic job with the Moto X of maximizing the bang-for-buck vs. bleeding edge hardware. The Moto X might not be the best phone on the market spec-wise but it is probably the best integration between hardware and software from Android on the market.

Of course, some of those cost savings Motorola realized should have been passed on. This phone really should be about $350-$400 off contract. No reason it should cost more than the Nexus 5 from Google Play IMO.

I was going to get the Nexus 5 but my carrier (Verizon)doesn't offer it, so I went ahead and got the LG G2 and it hasn't disappointed at all. IMO it is better than all the phones I've had (HTC One X,SGS2,3,& 4,and also the Note 3) The only downside to the LG G2 to some might be the lack of expandable memory but the memiry it does have is sufficient for me as I use the cloud. I do know LG's dismal update history but I'm already rooted and development looks pretty good so far as we already have a Kit Kat build out for it. I'm getting 16-18 hours and 7hrs of screen on time on a single charge, as I am definitely a power user. Good luck to all and i hope you all enjoy your new/ext device as much as I'm enjoying this one. Cheers

I love my HTC One, so my next phone will be HTC i love them. Probably Samsung otherwise these are the only two that fit my needs. but HTC my first choice i love the new HTC with the updates and the new sense skin.

Probably HTC (the "M8"), but there are/will be so many good options.

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Probably Motorola, through Verizon. But that isn't until May of next year, so it's highly premature to say what I want now, because the landscape of nice phones will be completely different by that time.

I'll be switching FROM Huawei for sure. As it stands, now I am almost certain Motorola or Oppo will be my next OEM. I am just hoping Motorola gives us a good phablet. If they do then it will most likely be Motorola.

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I'm still choosing between the Moto X or iPhone. I've used both android and iOS simultaneously for awhile now and that suits me.

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It puzzles me WHY anyone would purchase an iPhone. Grossly overpriced, way overrated, and overhyped downgrade in tech for some gimmicks touted by no more than a very good MARKETING COMPANY (NOT tech).

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Considering I'll be picking up a Motorola Moto X during the holidays I'd have to say it will be Motorola.

I like what they've done with the Android software by leaving it almost completely stock and adding useful touches such as active notifications and touchless controls. Considering I spend a good 1.5-2 hours a day in traffic being able to just say "OK Google Now" makes traffic phone use nice and simple.

Slightly concerned that the Moto X "X8 Processing System" might not make it 2 years due to it being dual-core and I like to get at least 2 years out of my devices. I've played with my wife's Samsung Galaxy S4 and the hardware is fine but that 5" screen is just too big for single hand use which is where the Moto X design and screen size is so perfect.

If Motorola's next moto builds on its innovative features and doesn't get larger, then Motorola for sure.

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I want a larger Moto X. Some people have big hands. The Moto X is cool, but too small for my hands. Nothing smaller than the GNex.

The Galaxy Nexus and the Moto X are the same size. Both have 4.7" screens.

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Voted Sony, but that has nothing to do with brand loyalty. If any other company would do that beautiful UI, and make a decent specced and NOT huge phone, i'd take that. I guess 4.3" (Z1s) will be the smallest i can hope for in a foreseeable future. Now i'll just have to make friends with on screen buttons *flinches*

Google and their partners for the Nexus program. I predict either Motorola or HTC will be the next makers of a Nexus device.

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I voted "other". I'm stuck on one of the old 3year contracts we had here in Canada for a number of years (Thankfully they switched back to 2 year contracts). Currently I'm 16 months away from an upgrade -- unless I manage to score an upgrade some other way, or can part with the money to buy out my contract -- so I can't say right now. IF (big if) I could upgrade in the next couple weeks my choices would be
1)Motorola (MotoX)
2)Samsung (toss up between S4 and Note3)
3)LG (toss up between G2 and Nexus 5)

I think I'd probably go hands-on with all of them, but I think I'd probably wind up choosing between the S4 and the MotoX. Tried a friend's HTC One, it just didn't appeal to me. Maybe it was the screwy nav buttons + the tall body compared to the screen size. I dunno.

But if I can't get an upgrade before the end of my contract, all these devices will be old if not EOL'd so... yeah.

Samsung continues to dominate the Phablet category with the Galaxy Note 3, and I'm sure my next phone will be a Galaxy Note 4! Bigger is definitely always better!(That's what she said)

Samsung of course. Unless Moto comes out with something better in 2014.

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Google and Motorola make more than 50%. Just proves that the readers are the early adopters because the market will be full of Samsung devices only.

Google and Motorola make more than 50%. Just proves that the readers are the early adopters because the market will be full of Samsung devices only.

I'm on T-Mobile's new Jump program. I've always wanted to try Windows, so I think Nokia will be my next phone. After 6 months I'll most likely switch back to Android but I'll at least be able to say I tried Windows and gave it a considerable chance at being my next OS. When I switch back to Android I would like to do Motorola, but if they are not offered through T-Mobile store then I will go LG/HTC. I currently have the G2 and thoroughly enjoy it. I had the HTC One and liked it a lot, but I purchased the G2 to get on the Jump program. It would have between silly to get the HTC One again to get on the Jump program.

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The Vzw bloatware, locking my boot loader to make any root more difficult and touchwiz are the reasons I am leaving my s4 for a Moto X in the coming days.

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My last several devices have been by samsung. I will now just stick with Nexus devices, regardless of manufacturer.

I kept my Motorola Droid original model for 5+ years of flawless service. Then one day the wheels just fell off. I have insurance/extended warranty coverage on all our phones. I was given a Galaxy Nexus as my replacement phone at no cost. Great phone, and Android 4.2.2 About 2 months after receiving it, it slid out of my shirt pocket about 18" above the floor, and the screen shattered. There went $99 deductible. I received the replacement within 10 hours (Asurion is close to us). That Nexus was ok for about 3-4 months, then went all wonky, started severely overheating on the top end with any use, data or voice. I was upgraded, for my problems, to a GSIII. The phone I had desired since it was introduced. But, I am grandfathered in the unlimited data plan with Verizon, and upgrades are full price in order to stay on the plan. Unaffordable for me right now. I love the GSIII. Great phone, but I'm puzzled to why it wasn't updated to 4.2.2 instead of being left at 4.1.2 and jumped (when?) to 4.3 ? We own several Samsung products, and all are well made, advanced products, so my next phone will be a GS4 or GS5 or whatever, when this one wears out.

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The GSIII fits my very large hands perfectly, and the larger display helps with poor eyesight. That's the biggest reason I wouldn't consider a Motorola X

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