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The competition is fierce — which manufacturer gets your money for 2013?

We've finally seen the top consumer device from all the major Android OEMs, and that leads us to the question on everyone's mind: Which one are you using or going to buy?

There are some great choices from everyone, even folks we haven't seen a lot from in the past like ASUS and the Padfone 2 or Sony with the Xperia Z. Make no mistake, with Android holding the huge lead in market share that it has, competition between vendors is getting more and more fierce with each passing day. They all want to get you to send a few dollars in their direction, and offering more and more unique and innovative devices is the benefit — it's a great time to be an Android fan.

Of course, more than a few of us will step outside the norm and are waiting for what we haven't seen yet. Phones like the Galaxy Note 3, HTC One MAX or whatever the next Nexus phone will be are sure to be on some people's short list.

Take a minute, check out the poll in the sidebar to the right or after the break and let us know where your money has gone or is going.


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This week's sidebar poll: Which 'flagship' phone are you going with?


I don't know. I am on VZ.

My Droid 2 is dragging. Badly, like I need to replace it now. I like all the flagships for one reason or another as well. But I do not want to buy anything until the HTC One shows up on VZ...

At least then I can have the option buying whatever phone I want.

My issue is that the only that's a flagship and available on VZ is the S4. But I am not entirely sold on it.

Agree with your comments. I too am on Big Red and would like to see what is announced for the fall line up before making a decision. I've been rocking the Thunderbolt since it was released and it was on its last leg about five months ago.

I too am on Vzw with a Gnex. I would have considered the Moto X for being almost stock android but it won't get the Customization till the end of November, which is the stupidest thing Moto could do was offer it as an exclusive to one carrier.
I am Hoping the Next Nexus will come back to Verizon.

Also there is some news about a Motorola Nexus coming this Fall, a true nexus, not a nexus edition reported at Droid-Life

I too am on Vzw with a Gnex. I would have considered the Moto X for being almost stock android but it won't get the Customization till the end of November, which is the stupidest thing Moto could do was offer it as an exclusive to one carrier.
I am Hoping the Next Nexus will come back to Verizon.

Also there is some news about a Motorola Nexus coming this Fall, a true nexus, not a nexus edition reported at Droid-Life

I dont think it will show up on verizon... Just shoot for the S4 even the S3 they both are amazing phones. The S3 will deffinatly be up to date atleast almost untill u get ur next upgrade. The S3 users are supposed to get updates all the way to keylime pie. The S4 will deffinatly be more powered though.

Don!t think it will show up? On what basis? Supposedly it's showing up in Verizon's internal systems even, so a launch is likely close at hand...finally.

My parents were just in the local VZW store on Wednesday and the sales person told them the HTC One was supposed to be out later this month, I think the 27th or 28th is what they said. But with that said, you should know by now that VZW is horrible about pushing software updates for anything that is not a major player, like the GSIII/IV or Razr/DROID phones. While I would love the G2, I would be very cautious about getting the One or even the G2 because I would fear never seeing an update for the software. Case in point, my wife was using a HTC Rhyme, and despite the 4.0 update being released by HTC almost a year ago, it will never hit her phone as there is no motivation for VZ to test and release the update. And while I know that if I want to have the latest software I should be running a Nexus device, but I still have my Unlimited data plan for $30 and I cannot bring myself to jump ship.

Jerry you and Phil said something awhile back along the lines of, if your you're happy with what your phone can do love the phone you're with.

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Note 3 should be a beast but I will admit that the G2 looks mighty tempting

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I went with the S4. As for the MotoX. Well Motofail is going to have to prove they can be trusted after they crap with the Atrix 4G and the broken promises and lies from there.
This mix with the other phones that got screwed over time and time again. They say things are different but until they prove it then it will be all Talk. This means I will be watching the MotoX and see how timely and how long the updates are provided.
The clock is already ticking on the MotoX going to 4.3.

Motorola had to get past the "fail" of their pipeline of devices. The Moto X is a great looking "Consumer Flagship" phone.
People who love all the "specs" are already calling it a fail, but I don't think it is, personally. This is their "iPhone" moment. (And yes, I borrowed that comment from a fellow 'techfool') A "good enough" device that will WOW the general public.
I'm REALLY disappointed they allowed AT&T to lock in the customized devices to their network to start with.
All of that said, I LOVE my HTC One. It is a great device. I'm saving money being on T-Mobile, and although I'm disappointed that T-Mo doesn't roam on the AT&T towers in the more rural areas of my state, I'll live.

getting past those device and living up to the promises they made to support those devices are 2 different things. Sad fact is a lot of us were flat out lied to.

They ahve to prove to me they can be trusted. I refuse to trust them until they prove they have changed because the action they did to no verizon phones was sad and unacceptable.
Hell even google Fail at at following the dead upgrade alliance.

My first smart phone was the Thunderbolt, for about 12 days that is. Terrible battery life on that thing could just not be justified. I waited for the Samsung Droid Charge because the Amoled screen professed better battery life and it did. Had that for about 8 months until I just couldn't stand the RF Signal drops and intermittent data & Bluetooth connections. That experience left me a little jaded towards the cheaper build and poorer radios of Samsung. I'm sure the 512ram didn't help it any. So when the Moto Maxx came out sporting a 24hr battery and Amoled screen with user reviews raving about the RF connections, I was all in and will stay in until proven wrong. I did not go with the most stylish phone but after having the charge, I just couldn't try another Samsung. The Nexus was the other choice in those days and I couldn't do it. With that said, my point is that I know very well that the S4 is no Droid Charge and therefore you should admit that the my Razr MaxxHD and the especially the Moto X is no Atrix and everyone should keep an open mind about the hardware you choose to invest in next time.

Ur so right. My ex got the DROID charge for a few months till Verizon was forced to switch it, he got the DROID bionic, was good for about a year, but he couldn't switch, very slow mainly, he got the S3 a month before the S4 came out and he's happy. Even got a Galaxy tab as well. He swore he wouldn't do samsung ever again. But I've to say, I've met a few people with the Charge, and that was just a bad phone! Since Android, I've always had a Galaxy can't deal with HTC lack of quick support for upgrades. I love Moto UI, but, I want more features, like my S4. I just need to root and install a nice Full rom, non debloated put a theme, and happy I am! Disable things I don't want. Done.

I also had the thunderbolt. Damn messaging sucked. When i sent a text sometimes it woupd send to the wrong person.

I think the point is well taken, but if you purchased & owned a phone based on Moto promising that they'd update your phone to ICS. Then a few months later, break their promise...when you still had 18 mos. to go on your contract. Would you feel ok with that?

So while I will concede that the 'New' Moto will likely be better, you have to concede the point that Moto has a LOT to prove in category of device support based on prior history.

BTW...doesn't make me feel any better to know that I was considered a 'legacy' device owner who they were actively working to shed from their product line. (I got the message Moto.)

Would you?

+1 Motofail won't see a penny from me again until they prove they actually live up to their promises & commitments. I'm still on contract on my long abandoned Photon 4G.

Our two Razr MAXXs and Razr MAXX HD phones are amazing! From performance to build quality to design it still out shins much newer phones.

Oh, and the battery like :)

Yeah I am seriously considering iof Verizon ever gets off their a** about it. Really infuriating that they have not released it yet. You know its for some political reason too not because of that their customers want.

Hard to say. If I was upgrading right now it would have to be the HTC One. However, my current contract isn't up until just about the time of year that a new Nexus would be released. So....

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Waiting for the next Nexus phone, then switching from Verizon to T-Mobile.

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same here. ditching Verizon in early 2014 when contract ends, i can pick up the T-mobile $30 package and be good with that....Next nexus off contract. Just hoping it is in that crazy $350 price range.

100 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data (5GB of LTE/Hspa+, then unlimited 2G).

For $30,it's not a bad deal. I have the $70 unlimited everything plan, but am seriously considering switching back down to the $30 plan.

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Solavei uses Tmobile's network and offers unlimited everything with 5GB 4G for $50. I'm fine on the $30 Tmobile plan but will be switching my lady over to that plan this month. Not sure about LTE on Solavei, but I will definitely test it.

same here. ditching Verizon in early 2014 when contract ends, i can pick up the T-mobile $30 package and be good with that....Next nexus off contract. Just hoping it is in that crazy $350 price range because if it is much more than that, going to have a hard time convincing the wife about this plan...especially since our first baby will be arriving right around the same time.

Where do yo go to get this $30 package? At first I heard it was at Wal Mart. but they say its not available in SoCal.

Also, isn't that pre-paid? That means NO roaming for voice OR data & you will be throttled & at the back of the line behind post paid consumers, No?

Did the same here. Ended up on att as there coverage worked better for me at home and work. If coverage was better I would be on T-Mobile easily.

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This is like a trick question, obviously "Nexus" is the correct answer but not present in the list of choices.

I love nexus phones, but they aren't flagship phones they exist separately somewhere between mid range and high end, completely google and for android purists.

Um... wat. How are Nexus phones not flagship phones. When the Nexus 4 came out, it was unmatched in hardware except for the Optimus G, which was its cousin. You can't say it's mid-range because the specs aren't top-of-the-line now. I mean, the phone is 9 months old. But when it came out, it was high-end as could be. And why is the Asus Padfone 2 is on the list when it has equal specs to the Nexus 4?

IMO any flagship phone from the last two years must have 4g. That is the only reason I never gave a second thought to the N4, and stuck with my GNex. I'm likely going to grab an S4 and flash the Play Edition ROM.

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the nexus 4 has LTE in it....and seeing as how you are a "ROM"er, it wouldn't be too hard for you to activate it.

now being in a T-mobile LTE spot is another thing to worry about.

Very very limited LTE radio (at least in the US) that isn't worth activating. Anyway my point stands as it isn't an out of the box option. I guess you could call each Nexus phone Google's flagship for the year since b/c there is nothing else from them to compare it to.

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The Nexus 4 does have 4G in the form of HSPA+. In fact, I'll test it right now...

...OK back. Sitting here at my desk I got 14Mb down and 3Mb up. Good enough for me.

If you want to come back and say that only LTE is 4G, then you are on shaky ground. 4G technically is supposed to be 100mbps, which current implementations of LTE do not reach.

It has both 4G and 4G LTE. The LTE is not limited; it works in over half the US. And the 4G is extremely widespread.

Boy let me tell you how many times I've had to run from the police in the last few weeks using Tmobile LTE on my N4....c'mon. It would be illegal for Google to offer it without FCC approval. Not for the consumer to activate it with the backdoor Google left wide open.

For the record, I get better HSPA+ speeds and much better signal on than I didn on Verizon LTE in my house a few miles from downtown Philly. Really notice the differnce running speedtests on LTE. Barely any real world difference. I keep LTE on just to increase my coverage options.

I consistently get 12-20 Mbs download speeds with it. That's as good as most LTE phones I've compared to in my area.

Please, at 4am or NOBODY in your area is using LTE yet. I used to see those on a TBolt when it was first released on Verizon LTE. I rarely saw better than 15 down on my LTE gnex, sgs3, or gn2.

Lastly, so you can download a porn video 3 seconds faster. Cool...

The headline doesn't say anything about the phones being released in 2013. In fact, the Padfone 2 was released in 2012.

I've already placed my money down on an S4 and I certainly don't regret the purchase, but those on screen buttons call to me, I miss them after switching from the nexus 4 to the S4

Since I'm so disgusted and disappointed with the Moto X fiasco, I'm going to wait for the Nexus 5. Hopefully it'll have the LG G2 fingerprint all over it.

I wouldn't call the Moto X release a "fiasco". It just isn't what people were expecting because people are just used to specs, specs, specs, and the Moto X was about experience, not specs. But yes, I hope and believe that the N5 will be based on the G2.

I have written on this site and others specs don't matter as much as they used to. As long as the processors are being used efficiently 2 cores are as good as quad or octo. I even don't care about it have Android 4.2.2 instead of 4.3 at launch. I used the word fiasco for these reasons:

1. AT&T having the exclusive right to customization. That is the feature that was pushed in ad campaign. Also AT&T getting the 32 GB version

2. The phone not being subsidized by Google. I understand this was a rumor but it was a persistent rumor. The price point that was constantly mentioned was $299. On contract it's $199.

3. There is no Google Play release date. I understand Google is keeping Motorola a separate company but the fact of the matter it is a Google company and the Moto X should be available on the Play Store at launch.

I'm also hoping for a Nexus 5 that is based off the G2.

If it has LTE, I may have to sell my Nexus 4 and jump on it.

Pair of S4's! ATT 32 GB version and the Google Edition! Live them! Although I have not touched my touchwiz version since getting my GPe version!

Was saving some cash for the moto x but probably will not pull the trigger. Happy with my devices for now!

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My contact isn't up until late next year so other for me. :-( stupid 3 year contracts...

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The Mrs. Wants to wait for the contact with vzw to be up then go to T-Mo. Anyone comment on how good the service is in CT for T-Mobile?

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Check, real world usage from tmo(and everyones) customers for coverage

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

thank you. According to that, T-Mo does not exist in CT. Ha. Guess that is why I don't know anyone with it.

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yeah it looks like New Haven and Bridgeport is the best spots, they rest is 2-3G and still very spotty

For me, the the clincher is the truly unique feature I can't get from the play store. I am looking forward to the always on voice controls from Moto.

Tough choices between the honami, note 3, one max... Nexus 5 doesn't even think of entering the conversation

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Of course. Your signature and username virtually scream that. Now did you really have to trollishly mention a phone you aren't even considering for whatever reasons?

Really? Nexus users threadshiat *every* other phone that is announced saying how inferior it is because it isn't a Nexus and you are going to bash me for posting something that is relevant to the conversation/topic at hand?

You guys are seriously starting to hit iPhone levels of "elitism"

Is it not elitist to have all of your posts finished with a statement that essentially says "OMG im not using a Nexus phone because Nexus sux"? That's rather in-your-face. And just because some people behave the way you described, you feel the need to too?

personal preference, my signature. Don't like it, move on. I never said the Nexus sucked by the way. It isn't my cup of tea, and I would never own a Nexus Phone (well, never say never) but they certainly do not suck

Everyday, I tell myself that I will never drive a minivan. I dread the day, when GOD decides to have a sense of humor and puts me in the driver's seat of one. Lol

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Me too, had to do it when I met the wife. She came with 2 kids and a mini van so I was stuck. As soon as I was sure she was the one, we got a decent suv

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Tough choice. They all have pluses and minuses. Interestingly the poll shows the MotoX and G2 are picking up steam. For me the G2 fails on software. The MotoX fails on hardware. The HTC wins on looks, but I end up liking the S$ OS better. I'm actually now thinking ahead to the next gen of the HTC One.

For me it's either the Note 3, or LG Nexus-Five.

Most likely the Note 3, if the overall size of the phone is no larger than the Note 2, but with a 5.7" screen in same footprint, while being thinner and lighter, and just a beast of a phone.

But I am also very interested in the upcoming HTC One+, with the Snapdragon 800, and hopefully larger stepped battery like the G2 has.

I also would love the one with the Snapdragon 800 however the one is already Damn fast. And I don't see htc releasing the one plus this year. They will probably concentrate on the one max which would make a great addition to the one.

I'd love to see the Moto X with a full HD display and a Snapdragon 800 2.3ghz while still maintaining the language and contextual computing cores.

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Why would you lump the Moto X in with the rest of Verizon's DROID lineup? Not only is the Moto X NOT also exclusive to Verizon, it's very different in terms of user experience and specs.

They're actually pretty similar in both usage (features and such) and specs. The major differences are really on the outside.

They're actually pretty similar in both usage (features and such) and specs. The major differences are really on the outside.

If (and it's a big if) the HTC One on Verizon can be had for a reasonable off-contract price, that's my phone. I doubt it will happen, though, even in the used market, because the MSRP won't drop just because Verizon was half a year late on their launch.

I decided I'm going Ubuntu Edge.

I really like the design of the phone and its size, dimensions:

It has stereo speakers, will be seen as a mass-storage-device when connected to computer via USB, plus it allows me to dual-boot Android/Ubuntu-Touch and run Ubuntu-Desktop from the phone. I will be able to do more with this phone than any other smartphone out there. For $695, it's a no-brainer.

I agree. I love my one but the idea of the edge sounds awesome.

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What's so funny? It sucks, that the phone he's willing to throw $700 at won't even make it to market.

If the Ubuntu Edge did come to market, it would easily be at the top of my list.

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It's funny to me that people think the Edge has a chance. The fact that a pretty neat device will not get made is not funny though.

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Im an HTC fanboy.... I want the One or the One Max next, and Im considering getting the new Nexus when its released.

For me its going to be either the Note 3 or the next Nexus. This fall I'm moving to T-Mobile with one of those two phones. Can't wait.

I hope T-Mobile partners up with Motorola. I like the direction Moto is going. I would ditch my S4 for a high end version of the Moto X. The Current mid-range version is still impressive though.

I have the HTC one and v galaxy S4. Just sold the S4 and waiting for the Moto X. Waiting for the Nexus 5 as well. If Sony does a Google edition honami then might be interested to give it a try.

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The Nexus 5 will take my money, but if it doesn't happen, then if any of the HTC One+ rumors are true, I'll go for that one.

I heard they were considering an upgrade to the one this year. I'd imagine a Snapdragon 800 2.3ghz. However I don't see it happening. I'd imagine they will be concentrating on the one max which would make a great companion to my htc one.

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I would really like the Sony but it hasn't and probably wont come to AT&T and I'm not about to switch to T-Mobile (Coverage is so so in some places here.

That being said, I'm waiting to see the Note 3 before I jump. If it's underwhelming I may look to the S4.

Picked up an M7 last week. Put it through the paces and loving it. Of course I did a lot of mods but still running a Sense based rom. Android Revolution HD, ElementalX kernel, Xposed, MoDaCo, etc. After running CM for a while on my previous phone, I don't mind using Sense 5(with a lot of things frozen via TB). But it has only been 2 weeks. Things can change. For now, it's something different for me. Pretty clean, especially the mms apk... something that bothers me with 'stock like' Android. I feel like they need to make a few changes. There's always flashing a dark mms mod or using a 3rd party mms app, but a lot of 3rd party mms apps are too bloated. Come to think of it, that's actually one of the main things that stopped me from flashing the Google Play Edition rom when I started using the phone.

You should try modaco switch. You at least have the option to use the gpe side. It's pretty sweet.

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Probably a Note 3, I love my DNA but I really want something with a bigger screen. The lady also has an S4 so getting another Samsung means we can use some if the Samsung exclusive features.

Still have to keep GNex for 2 years. After that, I buy directly from Play whatever Nexus phone there will be.

Will it be flagship? Yes.
Will it work? Yes.
Will it last? Yes.
Will I receive updates? Yes.
Will I continue to laugh at everyone complaining their S6 is slow? Yes.

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HTC One Max (or whatever they will call it). I do not think I would use a stylus but like a slightly larger screen. I convinced my wife to get the HTC One and her parents loved it and converted from iPhones. Contract up in September and I think the One Max will be out by then. Unless, the Moto X shows up for < $350 off contract by then.

I own a Nexus 4 and I'm not switching unless the next nexus phone gives me a reason to.

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The Note2 is keeping me happy on Sprint but I'll be moving to Verizon and upgrading when the Note3 becomes available.

What I really want to know is which company would you guys prefer google picks for the next nexus phone. It's been going around that LG will be doing that, but not yet confirmed. I honestly hope it would be by htc again. They make the sexiest android phone out there year after year.

Thanks to Microsoft, don't ever expect a Nokia Android device.

If Nokia does decide to go Android, it will be budget or low-end hardware.

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I think HTC make the best looking phones so I'd like it to be them, but I can't see it happening. If it is LG I hope it won't be all plasticy like their current line up, ditto Samsung.

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Waiting for the next Nexus (5?), then I'll see if I stay with my Nexus 4 that fit my needs now.
But, as I don't use drugs and I don't go to casinos, maybe I'll buy the next Nexus to get the ultimate...
But will the next Nexus will get the same problem that the Nexus 7 (2013) with AOSP.... You never know...
For me a phone that doesn't give the possibility to play worth nothing...

I would have gone for the HTC One, but I actually DO like and use the SD card storage, so it's going to have to be the Galaxy S4.

Wow....Jerry, Jerry, Jerry....tsk forgot about Google's next Nexus, didn't you?

That's where my vote is!!


Waiting to see what nexus news comes out. Kinda not thinking a nexus will be released. The N4 is capable for another year easily. But am gonna get the unlocked xphone if there is one. Customization is just too tempting.

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Interesting the Note 3 wasn't on the list. Add it and my vote changes from "Other " to "Note 3"
If the Note 2 was the finest phone I've ever owned...and the S4 is faster and jumps higher....I believe the 3 will take the lead in all categories.

Less than a month to go!!!

I'm gonna wait for the next Nexus phone. As much as I want an overpowered phone with an abysmally large battery, I actually care more about software performance than hardware.

Would have loved to consider the Moto X but Verizon limiting it to 16GB takes it out of the mix. Waiting patiently for the HTC One.

Motorola all the way. After having this maxx hd with no problems at all I'd still stick with em.

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I voted other, but the real answer is not yet decided.
Upgrading this year, but will wait for Nexus and more and decide at that time between Nexus, Moto X, GE HTC One, or other near stock or stock device that haven't been released yet.

I regret my One purchase for only one reason, HTC has shown it lacks the ability to properly partner with U.S. Carriers and get Android updates out in a timely manner. And they lack the ability to make one series of phone as originally intended so that that can support it adequately.

Just curious, what do you feel you are missing out on? 4.2 seemed to cause more harm than good on my Nexus 7, although 4.3 appears to have corrected most things. I like my tablet to be "cutting edge" but prefer my phone to be reliable. T-Mobile, please take your time testing 4.2 for the One.

Quick settings is the big one. The "alleged" camera and radio improvements would also be greatly appreciated. More so it is the idea that it speaks towards HTC and their habit of not updating phones in a timely fashion, which they are allegedly trying to fix.

I personally never had an issue with 4.2 on my Nexus 7 and did not see any issues until 4.3 where I noticed the tablet running curiously slower and rebooting on its own at times....

To the previous commenter, Where is this misconception that HTC has given the carriers the firmware/update coming from? I personally have not seen either the carriers or HTC make a comment on it. If they have please direct me and then I am entirely wrong. If it is the carriers holding it up I feel HTC should step up and say something to the community then, this would put the carriers in the hot seat. If it is a carrier server issue with relation to OTA's, do what Samsung has done in the past and "bypass" that part of the carriers by providing your own update utility until the carriers decide to host it on their end.

I REALLY like the HTC One, however having hardware buttons really take it down a notch for me. I have the N4 now and was considering treating myself to a new device (because my N7 and Glass are not enough), but I don't think I can do a phone with hardware buttons. And the S4 is beautiful, but a big button in the middle screams iDevice to me.

The buttons only take a couple of days to get used to on the ONE. Sure they aren't onscreen, but they could be worse.

I'm hoping that later down the road the Moto X will have an unlocked version available through Moto Maker. I would love to have one. If not I'll just wait til a T-mobile version is available through Moto Maker. The features are what got me hooked. I like the camera gestures and love the voice actions.

Right now I have the LG G2 in my sights, but I'm curious if a new Nexus phone is coming. Either way, it's nice to have so many choices this year. My contract is up in January and I think I'm going to get an unlocked Android phone. :-)

Sundar Pichai (Google) had confirmed they're continuing Nexus hardware way back in May when some (imo foolish) people believe GE devices was a replacement rather than a new option.

Does anyone know...if you are not a current ATT customer. Can you just buy a phone and show up and say "yo, I want to have service without a contract!"

I have the HTC one now but I'm already eyeing the newer phones. It's going to have to be one with a Snapdragon 800 CPU. Looking at you G2 and possible Note 3.

It's amazing how fast things change. I remember when no self-respecting Android nerd would profess love for a Qualcomm processor over the preferred CPUs of the time; namely Exynos and Tegra. Release a few generations of good new products and you are back in good graces with the propeller-heads.

I'm waiting for the next nexus because I'm honestly sick & tired of OEM skins &bullshit, the only ones to get my like were HTC One & Moto X & OPPO Find 5 but I don't want to risk it so Nexus will be my choice . I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention the Find 5 though, its one of the best phones around & still holds up against competition.

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I'll know after 9/4 currently on a note2.. Its gonna boil down between note3 and G2....

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I don't know if it counts but I got the SGN8 3G 5100 to use as my primary phone. It would have been nice if it had LTE as well but so far its not making much of difference without it. I am still debating as to whether or not get the Note III as a companion for MiFi LTE. This is the best phone I have ever own regardless. One device to rule all devices. Just waiting for the other smartwatches to drop and then with my Bluetooth headset my mobile will be complete.

I just upgraded. I went with the Htc one. Had it for about a week then exchanged it for the lg g pro. I loved the one dont get me wrong. Awesome phone. But i needed something different and bigger coming from an htc one x for almost 2 yrs. It just felt too much like the same phone idk. But i couldnt be happy with the lg g pro. Awesome phone all around. But now i kinda wish i would of waited for the lg g2 lol. oh well Still have a line to upgrade. My wife went with the galaxy s4. She loves it. I played around with it a little and now i love it. So what im trying to say is you cant go wrong with either the , lg g pro, htc one, or galaxy s4. I want to say the g2 also but i havent tried it. But i have my eye on it! Im a big LG fan now. They have really upped their game. Their past phones sucked bad. But these new ones are really something special.

Another reason i traded in the htc one is because the storage cant be extended. My wife bought me a 64 gig card not knowing lol. And that was just icing on the cake to switch. Lol.

You're not alone.. I left htc a while back for the same reason.. It became repetitive.... And as much as i love Samsung i have a feeling I'll feel the same about the note3 coming off a note2... Reason I'm leaning towards G2

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Yea Htc moto and Samsung have all had their reign... I gotta strong feeling after their phones last year.and their new ones now.. Its about to be their time... The optimus g1 ia great so...

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My last two phones have been nexus ! If lg nock out something sim to g2 by end of year for nexus line I will stay with em. Three phones ago was atrix what bad move that was only thing good out of that is I still use the keyboard n mouse I had with it! If I had to pick now it would be lg g2!

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Very tough choice this year. So many great phones available or will be soon. Note 3, G2, One and One Max, Oppo Find 7, Sony Experia Ultra, S4 and One Google Editions, and possibly a new Nexus.

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Why in the world do you guys say possibly? It will happen. If not already confirm, use logic. The popularity and brand recognition of the Nexus line EXPLODED with the Nexus 7, continued with the Nexus 4, and is only growing with the 2013 N7. Google is not in the business of making poor business decisions. Not to mention OEMs not named Samsung want to make Nexus devices BADLY. They outsell a few OEMs flagships nowadays. Also get free loyal fan base, free hype, free support from Google, free free free. What's not to like?

I went with the S4. I had an EVO 4G for 3 years and it was great but with all of the turmoil at HTC I am afraid that updates and quality may be slipping.

Wound up going with an S4. I wanted so badly to wait for Moto to get their new stuff to market but I desperately needed a new phone and Moto was too slow for me. One X looked tempting but having been burned by HTC's lack of updates and broken promises with the Incredible 2 and T'bolt I will never give my hared earned dollars to that company again. Happy with my S4 so far, waiting to see how Samsung does with OS updates, but they can't possibly be worse than HTC.

Had may Android phones in past along with iPhones. Got S3 on Verizon day launch and wife still has one. Thought it was best phone ever had and it was a great phone. Got S4 day it came out and it is the best phone ever had works flawlessly. Don't care if is plastic as matter of fact in many cases that is a plus. My iPhone 5 I have to be careful with but not with S4. All I want my phone to do is work when I need it to and S4 does it. Samsung has my vote.

HTC One X would have had my money:
Pros: Love the styling and design +, the 1080p LCD screen is amazing ++. Symmetric speaker bezels that are front firing +++.
Cons: All that beautiful design went into the handset, then they offset the amazing 1080p screen to one side (in landscape mode) and gave it relatively thick borders (when compared to most handsets after 2012) and filled the asymmetric bungle with capacitive buttons and prayed people would but it. It looks like the screen was a late addition to the overall design, and it really does not fit the handset.

LG: wow, seeing the G2 in person... WOW
On the fence to place my money down with LG, they have a solid offering but all my fellow developer friends seems to favor motorola..

Samsung S4: amazing offering, kinda taking the additional features too far. I have no problem with Samsung though.
*note* I landed on the SGS2 a couple years ago and have been so happy that I really have not wanted to replace it; everything works properly for my daily use, it still keeps up with current apps, it has been consistently updated throughout my ownership.

Moto X:
Pros: All of it.. Love the design. Love the clean symmetry of the display. Love the thought of exploring configuration options (even if just superficial, I really want a bamboo backed Moto X), 720p @ 300+ PPI works for me, most of my "encoded for mobile use" movies are at 720p (to save precious storage space on my mobile).
Cons: the damned exclusivity to AT&T. I will wait for a little while to see how this plays out (if they reverse this stance, by public demand/outcry). You will have my money Motorola-Google, just let me purchase my customized handset outside carrier subsities.

*note* Everyone I know who has a current Moto device, absolutely loves what Motorola brings to the user experience (respectively by device).

Exactly. Using the note 2 waiting to see if they brin
g something to the table to persuade me upgrading because the note 2 is still a beast nothing else that has come out even compares to it.

If the Nexus 5 is as awesome as the Nexus 4 was at launch, that's my phone of choice. So sick of being "tied" to a carrier specific phone. If it doesn't, the Moto X (even though I've been stung by Motorola plenty in the past) looks fantastic, and T-Mobile is pretty good about not dragging down their carrier specific phones to badly.

Im on verizon and as of now I'm dying to get a new phone. I'm digging the custom moto x but will not settle for a black or white one knowing so many more options are available. Moto may lose a loyal customer Motorola Z6tv > Motorola Droid > Bionic > ?

Why not stay with the DROID line then... Just asking.. Its almost the same phone and it looks to be something you like. (DROID line) .. Unless ur looking to own a multi carrier phone.. That i do understand

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I am hoping the Xperia Honami is awesome. Then I will get it. I love the all glass look and upgraded camera.

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I am stuck where the only two network choices that really work are Verizon and AT&T. I am currently in the Verizon unlimited plan, so I have to bring a full priced phone to the party or lose my grandfathered status. I won't be buying anything unless it comes with great hardware and an unlocked bootloader, so I guess I keep rocking my Galaxy Nexus until the day T-Mobile delivers a text message faster than I can hand carry it... It's a sad economic model that we have where the best networks have the worst plans, and the best plans are enjoyable by so few...

I certainly understand your sentiment, but I must point out that Tmobile has the best plans and is great in every major metro area in the country. They have the majority of people covered. They'll get to the lesser populated areas eventually. ATT and VZW din't do it overnight...took time and A LOT of mergers.


I loved My Evo 4G, HTC One X and now the HTC One. You can't go wrong with any of there high end Android phones.

I'm late on this comment, but I'll have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, please!

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Galaxy note 3, everything else is irrelevant. Especially non-removable battery and no sd-card supporting phones.(clears throat stares at HTC)

I'm definitely in the HTC camp. the ONE was always gonna be my next phone...That said, the LG G2 looks mighty promising.

I chose the iPhone ....(after everyone stops laughing).

Okay seriously, I'm happy with my Note II and don't care to upgrade for a few years, however my wife really likes the the Sony Z ultra.

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I came from an HTC Status and now own an HTC One and I am so happy with it. There are some impressive phones coming and that have come out but I have no regrets and no second guesses. This phone does what I couldn't do with the Status-and if you are familiar with the Status, you know I am better off and can't complain with my upgrade. Lol

I use the samsung mega 5.8 .......its a great phone and does not lag anywhere even after a month of use still good

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Samsung gives false benchmarks. There S4 is no doubt a good phone but it is not as fast as they claimed. There are some downsides to it but again, isn't there with any phone? Quite honestly.....I'm waiting for the iPhone 6. IPhone is the most stable is, best battery life, device to date. Argue this fact all you want. I will say can beat iPhone in the customization...that's all. Let me ask you all this.....what's the point in have 2gb ram, quad core processer, if.......and I say IF, you can't even get close to the full use from them android top end specs. Don't say you can cause you can't....even with root sorry.... case in always has a lot of needless apps running....a lot of memory being used for small apps...that's just to name a few things. Talk down iPhone all you want. Say iPhone stole from android and you're in released iPhone back in 2007....Motorola rolled out the first android in 2008.

Basically it's the old windows versus apple. I'm sorry but when it comes to a phone.....I believe in reliability, stable, long lasting. Over customization, gaming, and gooey interface.
If you want all that....get a pc!

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People who say the Moto X's parts are fail have no understanding of how hardware works and are monkeys who look for the highest number of things, sheep who buy into the BS companies feed them about 'Oh this phone has...eight cores of fresh cut cuda processor, and it has this resolution! WORDS!'.

If it doesn't have a quad core it's not good enough (Even though when processing a phone only uses up to two cores, the other cores are turned off...)

If it doesn't have 1080p it isn't good enough (Even though that no matter how much you swear you can, you can't see beyond 300ppi. It's just not possible with human eyes)

What the human eye can discern in quality is Color Saturation and crispness of images.

In fact.
If you google search "Moto X Dev Defends" The first article to Cnet has the interview.

If you dont believe me. He Breaks it all down.

i will never never ever buy another android phone from lg. my first was the g2x with tmobile as the carrier. there were so many problems with that phone that tmobile took it off the shelves within a couple of months, and neither tmobile nor lg admitted responsibility. i stuck it out with it for about a year and finally gave up on it. i got tired of it rebooting any time it wanted, freezing up on me, slow to no response on the touch screen, connecting to wifi, and more. after i laid it rest for a while, i thought about using it just as a media device and as a navigation device in my car. but when i wanted to use it again, the touch screen became non-functional. i literally had to apply hard pressure to the screen to get a response. and i'm talking about pressing reaaly hard into the screen to get a response. i still have it, and one day i would like to do a video of me driving over the damn thing.

why lg decided to name this new phone the g2 is beyond me. the lg g2x was one of the worst android phones ever built. and using a similar name only reminds me of the worst piece of electronics i have ever purchased.

and then there is the publicity stunt of putting coupons for it in balloons. people brought bb guns to shoot down the balloons to get at the coupons, hurting a bunch of others in the process. what exactly were they thinking? the experience has made me cringe at the name lg.