Settling in for UFC 133 tonight? If so, you'll want to grab the UFC TV app from the Android Market. The app itself allows for viewing live UFC events and if you have a device capable of HDMI out you can broadcast them direct your TV plus, you get to view all the press conferences and weigh-ins live for free. Live events and past events do cost you some money but the app itself is free. Pretty decent app for UFC fans out there. Download link can be found past the break.

Thanks, Mike for sending this in!

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bladerunn3r says:

Sweet. Depends on how much they charge, but since I have no way of watching it at my house, I have to go to the bar-- which requires getting there several hours early to get a seat, paying a cover, and overpaying for shitty beer. Hope this works as a substitute.

BSG75 says:

you can also get the ppv online at ufc.TV. I do it sometimes because of the same bar issues.

Shitty beer... sry.... I shall toast with a great divide in my hand in your honor...

Somebody needs to combine this fake crap with a NASCAR app...charge 5 bucks for it..make a ton off stupid rednecks.

How can I make a ton of money off stupid Internet dorks?

The UFC isn't fake. If it was fake I'm sure you wouldn't see over 40 states sanctioning and overseeing mixed martial arts events all over the country. This isn't 'pro' wrestling. And NASCAR sucks by the way.

This app is crap for the majority of people. I'd rather fork the money over to Pay Per View to get it on my HD TV that can stream it of the web while it's connected to a TV.

paulmike3 says:

I don't advocate it (of course), but you can find good streams of 99% of sports PPVs online. The local BW3s by us has DirecTV and last UFC fight a huge storm rolled through and knocked out the satellite signal for the main event (Faber). Pulled out my phone and had it streaming in matter of minutes. Thunderbolt kickstand FTW.