The One where you help us pick the winner of the HTC One developer edition

Last week we started up a contest with an awesome prize -- a 64GB HTC One developer edition. It wasn't an ordinary contest (this isn't an ordinary phone) where you drop your name in a hat and Mr. Random Number Generator grabs one. Instead we decided to make it fun and all of you involved and engaged by submitting a short video of yourselves and your old phone. 

Part 1 of the contest is over, so it's time to begin the next phase -- the one where you fine folks pick the winner.

Don't worry, it's easy and fun. Just head into the forums and check out all the great videos people just like you have posted. If you see one you like, click the "Like" button at the bottom of the post. When the voting is over, we'll tally it all up and which ever video has the most likes will get their very own HTC One developer edition phone to care for and love.

You can vote for as many as you like. In fact, you should. A little appreciation goes a long way, and people are putting themselves out there to win. Let them know you like their stuff. Now get in there and spread a little love around.

We'll close the voting at 5 p.m. EDT on Monday, April 22. Good luck, everybody!

Vote for the winner of the HTC One developer edition


Reader comments

Vote for your favorite user-submitted video in our HTC One developer phone giveaway


I didn't expect this. I kind of made the video for the Androidcentral team, and not for the mass of users. If I would have known this is the way the winner will be chosen I would have made a different vid lol.

It's like I talk different with my teachers then with my fellow students. Android central crew being the teachers.

Ah well, it was fun to do. Hope the winner will truly enjoy his One like I would have ;)

I agree with you. If I would have known the way this competition is going, I would have not posted a video at all. I don't have a chance anyway. :D

I agree with what everyones said so far, if I knew that this was meant for the public to vote I would've done the video in a different way. But anyways, may the best man win!

I thought all of the staff members would be the ones that get to vote.

Oh well, it's your decision on how the choice should be made but I always think that some people could abuse this, I'm not trying to accuse anyone, just a thought that went through my head. Hopefully everything turns out fair though. :)

I don't think this is a fair way to choose the winner. I thought Android Central team would watch all the videos and pick the best video. But when you ask the public users to vote one person could ask many people to vote for his video which might not be the best video. Tell me how Is this fair. Number of likes deciding the winner? It's like you are asking people to campaign to vote for their video and increase their likes. That's not fair judging. If it was this case you'll should have mentioned this rules and methods of selection before you start the contest. Please rethink Android Central. So many people including me have taken so much efforts to make the video. Initially the contest was to shoot a video of yourself with your smartphone and you asked us to answer 3 questions, Why we want this developer version, What makes us so special and Why should you'll give the phone to us. So instead of you'll judging how people have answered the questions you'll are asking us to get more likes on our video to decide the Winner? Not fair at all. It's like you'll are asking us to get a couple of 1000 likes, and more likes deciding the Winner. That's not a good way to run the contest nor a good way to judge the answers that people have given It's like Judging the questions answered VS Highest likes for your video. Please rethink guys. Unlike others I really cannot ask a hundred thousand people to vote for me. Please do Something about it Phil. Please... I know it's not fair on my part to decide this but I have just conveyed my thought. Think if it's fair or not. Finally it's your decision. If you think I'm wrong than I'm sorry.

Hi Phil. I agree with cooler299 on this one. People may make endless id's just to vote for themselves. I myself have submitted an entry in the contest and I worked hard on the video to get it right. Since I tried to stick to the rules I used the mirror and my phone camera to record the video. Sometimes I would record the full video and on playback I would find that my head was chopped off in the video, and so I recorded at least 20 videos to enter. Just so all the efforts don't go to waste its my humble request to the android central guys to change the way in which the winner will be selected. I just want the winner to be selected in a fair way.

P.S:- i will be really happy if i win this phone. Its really a beauty and the specs are also awesome. I really can't do much on my HTC Radar, so if i win this phone it will make me real happy.

I was planning to paste a link here from the forum thread of my video but my phones internet explorer keeps crashing coz of some odd reason. Shows how bad I need a new phone I guess. Well I will paste a link when I get a chance to turn on my pc. Until then please vote for me, if voting is still the way to win. :) thanks

I just noticed that the last comment on that thread mentioned the possibility of multiple winners. Very excited to see what the other prizes might be!

Damnit I thought this was gonna be up to chance. If I'd known this I would have put more effort in the video.

I've seen the videos, and there are some very good. But I see something strange in the last post on the forum. Why put the link of the video of the boy with cancer? I have nothing against, indeed I hope you get better. But .. Promotion is not him?

It seems unfair to the other competitors. I think we all have worked hard, and put in the title that has to attract more likes Cancer does not seem right.
I think I should make a creative video, and all they asked, as reasons why you want the developer version. Well just an opinion.

Well I wasn't expecting this at all... I thought it was going to be random, and as long as the user followed the rules it was theirs. Otherwise I would have made a better video, lol.

So many people didn't even follow the rules though, which were to create a video using your current phone, instead people made a video showing their current phone.

Also, doing it this way makes it unfair because there will be more video views on the first page than say, page 10. People will scroll through the first couple pages but you can't expect people to watch every video on every page to make it fair.

Please vote for Kevin from PA. I have never had a android phone and I really think the HTC One would be an awesome start. I have an IPhone 3G which is really glitchy and slow. I had an update but got a phone for my sisters birthday. Thank you for this oppertunity.

Great Way to do this!! MY BIRTHDAY WAS APRIL 16th!!!! Like is said in my video here. Please help make this the best birthday ever!!!! Like my post VOTE FOR kingohearts2005

Dangit. I was planning on winning this competition, and I missed the deadline.

Well, I'll vote, and just to make it interesting, I'm starting on the last page.

it's kinda funny, when AC picked the vday picture winners, people were mad saying it was rigged and that everyone should have voted or done it randomly. Now that AC listened to everyone, people are still unhappy. I'm sure it's a little frustrating on their part trying to please everyone, but still no one is happy.

*** crossing my fingers hoping I win though**** :-)

I actually like the idea of fellow members voting on the best video. However, I hadn't considered the possibility that people might create a bunch of new accounts and vote for themselves. Let's hope the staff filters out the more dubious votes, because otherwise this voting system easily lends itself to abuse.

I just want to say

Deadlock4400 and Leandro Gomes........

you two are bad a$$ for voting for everyone!!

anyone in the double digits for votes, has to be doing something because I know every entrant did not go through every video and voted for you only.

But whatever,I just hope android central crew will review the top videos to ensure fairness.

Hey Phil, when I first saw this contest I was happy because I like making videos,so being able add a video to a contest for chance to win something is awesome. It challenged me. But I'm very disappointed that AC has decided to choose winners based on "likes", because there is now no way for a fair outcome for anyone. It would be different had you revealed the procedure for choosing a winner from the outset. Feels like a bait 'n' switch.

Also, it was unclear to the contestants as to the instructions. Was one to record the video using his/her current smartphone or record the video displaying his/her current smartphone?

I realize, these issues probably didn't cross your minds when designing the contest, but they are vexing to the entrants none the less.

*makes new account*
*makes new account*
*makes new account*
*makes new account*

What a fair contest!