Vodafone UK sends word that it's reduced the price of three of its older Android smartphones on PAYG, as part of a promotion running this weekend. The deals include the last two Samsung flagships, a couple of weeks out from the global Galaxy S5 launch. The Galaxy S3, previously £170, now costs £119, and the Galaxy S4 falls from £475 to £330. Meanwhile the Vodafone Smart Mini III drops to £52, down from £75.

The deals are available in-store until next Monday, March 31.


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Vodafone UK offering Android phones on the cheap this weekend


Should that read s3 Mini? Thats what is showing for £170 on their site, the S3 isn't even listed on PAYG

Yeah, whilst they do sell the S3 PAYG instore, I'd be amazed if it was that price...

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Really looks like Vodafone have given an erroneous statement regarding the S3. Shame very annoyed.

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The s3 costs £127 to make so no its obviously a mistake by Vodafone. Boooo

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