Engadget is reporting that 'Droid' for Verizon is not going to be just one single phone but rather a series of phones. From our own sources, we've heard similar things, so we can independently corroborate their report. So after the first Droid (the phone we're all drooling over made by Motorola) gets announced and released, we'll see the Droid Eris very soon--they're saying as soon as November 6th, but we're unable to confirm.

We've spotted the Droid Eris before, it was in the hands of Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Verizon/Android announcement and popped up again a few days ago. From what we already know, it's an HTC device called the 'Desire' and runs HTC Sense UI. Some outlets are even reporting it may be the Verizon version of the Hero.

We think that Verizon creating a brand of 'Droid' devices is a great move by Big Red. They can use their strong Verizon brand to build another strong brand name for their future devices. That brand recognition will speak volumes in the future when we'll associate Droid devices along the likes of new Blackberries and iPhones. If Google isn't going to make a Gphone, Verizon might as well create Droid. It identifies quickly with Android (and Verizon) and judging by its first iteration, will become synonymous with high quality and desirable phones.

Not to mention that the Droid name will certainly differentiate Android powered smartphones from Verizon's typical dumbphone lineup. The "iDon't come in different styles/Droid Does" ad almost writes itself. Having a series of 'Droid' phones shows just how serious Verizon is with their upcoming Android lineup, they're in it for the long haul and they're banking it on being successful. We're going to agree with them.

What do you guys think?


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Verizon's Droid Is A Series of Phones, Droid Eris Coming Soon


Hey Android Central. I don't know what's going on but your information your getting is pretty late. The information you post we already knew about on Friday (Maybe even Thursday). If you could please gather your sources and update your website more often??? Thank you so much

You can also refer to engadget for the latest droid phone being released. I think there are as much as 3 droid phones from Verizon that will be released before the end of this year.
They are clearly taking advantage of the droid mania people went after the droiddoes and other print media campaign Motorola and Verizon launched.
In addition, API developers can now join the bandwagon of Droid campers. Android 2.0 is now supported on Android SDK. Expect huge API developments in the coming year.
Android 2.0: Is it the next big thing?

I don't mind it-- as long as I get all the Android news items.

I subscribe to this blog so I don't have to sift through 15 other blogs for Android stuff.

I can just read this blog and get all the pertinent stuff.

True that. I think they are just pulling the news bits off other sites. I use to have a Pre and the precentral site was out front on everything. Maybe android central should hire those guys to get the site up and running.

Glad to see Verizon getting a iphone/andriod competition.. though I guess we can always use the PALM series which happens to have a lot of applications to it as well. its all about Trends I guess

if you're talking about the phone pictured in the article, it is an android phone, essentially the verizon version of the Sprint HTC Hero

Why is Verizon getting the better Android phones? The moto cliq does not impress me one bit... How bout we get some of these phones on T-mo?

you get what you pay for... verizon has more customers therefore more money that they can spend on development of phones and exclusive phones. sucks for yall at mobile t but that the way it is. thats y they dont have the iphone either

I'm a BlackBerry user and have used Palm in the past. These Droid phones are definitely on my radar now. As long as useful business apps are developed - not just a bunch of games and toy-like crap that iPhone commercials keep pushing - I can see myself jumping to Android at some point.