Motorola Droid Bionic T-Shirt

Once upon a time we heard a story about a phone's release being delayed because Verizon employees didn't get their T-shirts in time. No idea if that was truth or fantasy, but it makes for a great story.

Looks like T-shirts will be the least of the launch problems for the Droid Bionic. Huzzah.

Thanks, Wiggy!


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Verizon peeps getting their Droid Bionic shirts -- a good sign there's actually a phone coming


can you change the commenting system on here its can't have a discussion use something else fix it do anything...but it is complete rubbish

ree in order to reply to someone you must go to a different web page...that is don't know how many times I wanted to comment and share something but I don't want to because it is such a hassle

No, no, a thousand times NO! Please don't implement the above. Discus is blocked by IP proxy at work. This is the only Android blog I can comment on now as it is.

For some reason, the Discus comments don't even work on my Droid Incredible. I finally got them to work on Engadget's site to enter the back to school contest this morning using the xScope Pro browser I got free from Amazon yesterday. But even using xScope, everything was wonky - the user ID and password fields jumped around when I tried to tap on them, and it was like pulling teeth to log in.

Looking on ebay. Hey wonder if vzw will send free shirts to bionic owners like they did for the X.

maybe they just wanted to wait until google bought motorola so they could launch it under google?

Google hasn't bought Motorola yet. They've agreed on a deal, but it will take a few months to finalize the sale.

Verizon should give this shirt out to everyone who buys the phone. Just the least they could do since they have had everyone wanting this phone waiting for an entirely too long of a time...

I want that shirt too. I see people with "Droid X" lanyards for their employee badges every so often, but I have never seen any t-shirts for devices.