Verizon Droid Incredible 2 specs

One of the worst-kept secrets of this spring is that the Droid Incredible 2 is coming to Verizon. Maybe you've seen the leaked pictures, or a leaked roadmap -- but it's definitely coming. And now it's starting to show up in Verizon's internal system, as evidenced by the picture you see above.

Ignoring the obviously skewed dimensions in the pic, we're getting a clearer idea of what we can expect from the Droid Incredible 2 specs. Let's break it down:

  • World phone -- that means GSM and CDMA radios, for use in the United States on Verizon as well as abroad.
  • New 1.3MP front-facing camera to go along with the 8MP rear camera.
  • Pre-installed 16GB microsSD card.
  • DLNA media sharing.
  • New Sync & Connect feature. Not sure if that's an HTC or Verizon customization, but it "will provivde multiple e-mail and address books in one place." The service will be up and running on April 12, and "will be on the Incredible 2 once it launches." So don't look for the DInc 2 before then.
  • 3G mobile hotspot will be an extra $20 for 20GB. That's either some really good pricing, or a typo.

We're still waiting on Verizon to officially announce this guy, so things could change. And if you're wondering what Verizon's going to be demoing in stores, check out the pic after the break. And in the meantime, check out the current crop of expected specs, and be sure to swing by our Droid Incredible 2 forums.

Verizon Droid Incredible 2 specs


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Verizon Droid Incredible 2 is a world phone with dual cameras


It might actually be 20GB if you think about it like this. People are already paying for an unlimited data plan, and adding mobile hotspot or tethering on a lot of carriers would allow users to also use that feature as much as they want. Verizon limiting users' mobile hotspot/tethering to 20GB allows customers who choose to add it to their plan a good chunk of data to use while also not straining Verizon's network to a point.

Anyways, the phone looks similar to the EVO 3D, Thunderbolt and Inspire 4G in aesthetics.

Considering how many people already tether without a plan, maybe they're trying to capture a bit from those honest enough to pay yet unwilling to take a huge hit for it.

I want this phone so badly. I am so sick of my POS Storm2 that i have had since launch. I pray for a launch on or before the 17th of this month.

Um.. just use easytether or root your phone and use wireless tether! Screw Verizon and there $20.. oh and download a dethrottle mod so they can't throttle you..

Dethrottling mod doesn't work. It is done network side, not phone side. Besides, they won't throttle accts that were opened before Feb 3rd. Even the accts after that would only be throttled if their usage was causing network issues in their local area.

Oh, actually im going to say eff if that sync feature is


Don't be ignorant.. there is 3 different apps on the market that you can tether for free without root. Verizon knows it, hasn't ever said you can't do it! So its not stealing! If you want to use their app, you pay big! If your smart you wont! That's almost like saying it stealing to use Google maps navigation instead of paying for VZ navigator! And I'm pretty sure I pay Verizon for service.. rooting isn't about getting things for free, its about fixing the crapware and crippled mods the carriers do to a great OS.. can't forget the customization either..

"...and people like marcg611, ladies & gents, is why we get charged so much for our data plans."

+1 that's exactly the reason why we get changed so much and why carriers are now using tiered data. Its also the reason why OEMs are locking down their phones because morons are rooting and bricking because they think rooting means "free s#!t"

I understand that Verizon is clearly throwing behind the Thunderbolt as their flagship phone for the near future (why not, it's basically an Evo 1.5) and that's not going to change when the DInc 2 comes out, but no LTE? Really?

no LTE isn't a deal breaker for me, or most people. Currently unless you live in an area with 4G, a phone with 3G is probably the better option. That being said,if a world phone is the only real difference, I would stick with the Tbolt.

I'm sorry, but that's utter BS. It may be the excuse that carriers feed the press for locking down phones or hiking up prices but it's simply not true. The percentage of people running rooted phones is small, the percentage of people tethering constantly is even smaller, and data is data either way.

I'm not saying this excuses any behavior that violates or skirts around your contact agreements, wrong is wrong, but the carriers double charging for the same transfer of data is also wrong and consumers don't have much recourse to protest it, specially with the number of carriers in the US dwindling.

Tethering has existed for ages, the last dumbphone I had on AT&T was a Sony Ericsson that somehow escaped thru their software filter with tethering enabled for USB & Bluetooth (Sony app), and I was paying $10 for unlimited web access on that thing. If the amount of data being pulled in by tethering was as network crippling as they would have people believe that phone would've never made it to market (along with the other 3-4 SE phones AT&T carried thru that two year span).

I could understand charging for tethering when plans were unlimited, but the only one doing truly unlimited anymore is Sprint. The pricing model for tethering has always being ridiculous too, if there's something that should be tiered (but isn't) it's tethering. Not everyone needs to tether 5-8 devices simultaneously, yet there's usually only one tethering plan with one set data limit.

Oh and if root users tethering thru other means but the official apps were such an issue you would think Google would get on board with carriers and remove tethering apps from the market no? Why hasn't this happened?

Until then, or until I'm offered a reasonable tethering plan (<$10) for my unlimited data connection (Sprint), I'll keep tethering for free. Just like I pirated music until the day the music industry got it's head out of it's rear and started selling music unencumbered by DRM. I'm not abusing it by any means, I rarely use more than 3GB a month even while tethering. Just like I was still buying CDs before and after I stopped pirating some music (hell I even bought some tracks I had previously pirated and were of poor quality).

I the end, that's the only recourse I see as a tech savvy consumer, and I truly believe I'm not harming anyone, not other consumers, certainly not the network provider... It's always the extremists who screw the rest, people who tether illicitly and go thru half a dozen GBs of bandwith/month, or more, while using it as the sole net connection for multiple PCs, etc.

Agree. and to any who does tether hardcore is only causing wear and tear on their phone, because when tethering and plugged in your phone gets really hot, doing possible damage to your battery..

Front facing camera? Do 3G phones usually have those? I thought that was only a feature of 4G devices (iPhone 4 excluded)? Could it be possible that the Dinc2 is 4G and just has not been reported on?

probably not, they would've just made a Tbolt world edition. As soon as Google gets the Video chat for Talk working, then more 3G Android phones might feature a forward facing camera.

Since when is 3G efficient for video chat? Isnt' this the whole reason why this technology hasn't been implemented until 4G surfaced? I mean, I'm sure it's probably not 4G - but at the same time it is kind of an unusual feature to have on a 3G device. Besides...Google Talk video chat already exists, and other providers like Skype have had it for a while.

This is what wifi is for people. Look at the iphone. Will not work over 3g on that, but the owners love it. I'll be happy when facetime is not restricted to just apple (supposedly it will be released to more than just iphone and ipods) That way I can video chat with my nieces and nephews on their ipods, since no teenager needs a smartphone yet.

I was at a Verizon store today and inquired about this phone. The rep said "late May, maybe June" before it would be out. HAHA! Needless to say, I will not be buying a phone that joker.

Trust me this smartphone is not NO EVO 3D neither is the Thunderbolt. The new version of HTC SENSE IS STUPID KOOL and no other device will have that for a while that's for sure. The thunderbolt already received the new version of HTC SENSE 2.0 the only devices with that version is the inspire 4g and the Droid Incredible S and Incredible 2. The Htc Evo 4g has been stuck on Htc sense 1.0 since launch and should be upgraded to sense 2.0 maybe the same as the thunderbolt. The Evo 4g won't receive sense 3.0 either.

The Gingerbread version of Sense on the Desire S has those cool notification pane toggles like CM and some EVO 4G ROMs (the mod is a CM port), I'm digging that. I remember seeing a new Sense lockscreen with a ring that you could drag to certain icons to unlock right unto those apps, dunno if that's part of GB Sense or if it was a tablet only thing.

Bet this won't be released before April 17! Makes little sense to buy this phone on a 2 year contract unless you need a world phone and are on Verizon, which makes little sense in the first place.