So now that T-Mobile's hopped in bed with AT&T -- maybe you've heard about it -- what's that mean for you T-Mobile customers in the near-term? The quick and easy answer is not much. There are a lot of hoops that have to be jumped through for this to even happen. So in the meantime, everyone sit tight and peep these bullet points:

  • Keep paying your bills. T-Mobile's pretty not dead yet, and you still need your phone to work. So write your checks to Magenta just like normal.
  • Your current T-Mobile phone won't yet work on AT&T 3G. And AT&T phones won't work on T-Mobile 3G. The laws of physics can't be breached by this deal.
  • And that means neither T-Mobile nor AT&T are likely to shut down the 1700 MHz (AWS) band any time soon.
  • No, T-Mobile isn't getting the iPhone. And they're pretty clear about that, saying that in the interim, "T-Mobile USA remains an independent company. The acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. We do not offer the iPhone."
  • And as you just read, this whole thing's going to take a year or so to be done. There also will be some major rebranding to be done, and likely Carly and that Snarky McSnarkington in those Apple ripoff/AT&T bitchslap commercials will be no more.

Don't believe us? Wanna hear more about how "the merger will ensure the deployment of a robust 4G LTE network to 95% of the U.S. population"? (Never mind that Verizon's very much beating AT&T-Mobile in the 4G game at the moment.) T-Mo's got a nice Q&A worked up in its forums. [T-Mobile Forums] Thanks to everybody who sent this in

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n64kps says:

So much for a possible Sprint merger. This is gonna be one big 3G company...too bad Sprint and Verizon both have their ACTUAL 4G networks up and running!

E_man says:

No they don't. They have faster than old 3G speeds, but it's not technically "4G". In fact, Tmobile 4G is often faster than sprint 4G.

patch8908 says:

Yeah right! I've been using verizon's lte for 2 days and there's no way tmobile's 3g+ can compare im downloading between 3mbps to 8mbps

mjneid says:

On my MyTouchHD i typically see about 4.95Mbps download.

WhitePhone says:

On my Thunderbolt i've been consistently pulling 22mbps down and 5 up.

TenshiNo says:

One thing you guys have to remember is that cellular speeds are going to be *greatly* affected by a *lot* of factors, not the least of which is going to be the number of people on the network. I live in Houston and, when I first got my Evo, I got about 6-8mb/s on my WiMax all the time. Now, 9 months later, I'm getting about 3-4mb/s.

Simple answer: there's a ton more people on WiMax now. LTE definitely has some advantages over WiMax. I'm not going to argue that point. But you have to remember that the *only* LTE phone on the market just came out a little over a week ago. I wouldn't expect to keep seeing that 22mb/s 6 months from now. I could be wrong, just something to be prepared for.

And, don't forget that how close you are to a 4G tower, whether you're inside or outside, what type of structure you're in, etc. all play a part in your transmission speeds.

The other big factor is just *where* you live in the country. Some cities are going to be slower than others, just because of the population density. A city with 300,000 people is consistently going to have better speeds than a city like Houston, with almost 8 million people. Just a matter of physics.

A co-worker of mine got a Thunderbolt the morning they came out. At 10am, he was getting 18mb/s down. By 4pm, he was only getting 3mb/s. Physics.

Ranger666 says:

I don't know where you are at; but those speeds suck.
I constantly get between 7mbps and 10mbps on my T-Mobile.

There's been occasions where I have hit over 14mbps.

E_man says:

I wonder how hard it would be to switch the towers over? Make all the new Tmobile phones quadband and you can pretty safely switch the towers over in about 3 years (2 years after the merger)

circustravis says:

Sprint still has Nextel towers they haven't converted yet. That was the main reason I switched. I was on a jobsite 100 meters from a Nextel tower for 8 weeks, and had 0 Sprint service. 5 years later and the crew at that worksite still use Nextel, but Sprint has no service.

squash says:

So from what I get from the Q&A, T-Mobile will continue to operate as "T-Mobile"? And nothing changes but the ownership, and better signal? I guess that would be similar to what happened with Nextel. Got bought by Sprint, but it's still called Nextel. Hmmm....

eahinrichsen says:

Sigh. I'll miss Carly.

i have been with tmobile before they were tmobile way back when they were powertel. my question ............ i come up for a full upgrade on april 9 and i was looking to get either lg optimus 2x(tmobile g2x) or htc pyramid. more to the lg. now this att thing. what are your thoughts. plus right now i am grandfathered in to unlimited data and att do not offer unlimited data. will i still be able to have it after the acquisition is complete. i know that is possibly 12 months away. but when i upgrade that will be for 2years

deercreek says:

Putting Carly Foulkes out of work just gives me another reason to dislike AT&T.

Deegan says:

Sounds like a question for T Mo if you ask me.....

bababooey says:

Good acquisition for AT&T. Shitty move by T-MO.

djdanska says:

In regards to the second point. Not entirely true once the merger is complete. The new dell streak 7 has full support for at&t's 3g networks built into it now. All they have to do is open up the network. The dell streak 7 owners, will be ok.

Other t-mobile phones that are compatible now with at&t's 3g network. (Both 850mhz and 1900mhz 3g/4g and 2g) are the dell mini 10 (both older 3g and newer 4g versions), and the newer webconnect usb data cards. That rocket 4g data card, will log onto the at&t HSPA+ network if you put in an at&t sim in it. No different if they open up the at&t 3g/4g networks to existing t-mobile customers.

I don't think the reverse is true for current at&t devices. Not sure if any of their devices have aws support. I think they sell a version of the dell mini 10. If it has the same radio built into it, it might work on t-mobile's network. Not sure.

And of course, just about all t-mobile phones sold in recent years has support for at&t's 2g network.

tim242 says:

@Joshua: they would only operate separately until the merger goes through. But, I do not believe it will be approved.

tim242 says:

Deleting comments that you don't like? Fuck you and your spam filter too!

eman5oh says:

"the merger will ensure the deployment of a robust 4G LTE network to 95% of the U.S. population"

Yes, yes it will, when this happens , Verizon will already be rolling out 5G. ATT has not even finished rolling out 3g and they are talking lte now. lol

tormenta78 says:

the way it will probably work is if your on a unlmtd on tmobile, you can keep as long as your on that plan & a tmobile phone. but once you upgrade to a newer at&t phone down the road once merger is complete, you will have to change to an at&t plan.

TenshiNo says:

And I'd be willing to bet (large) sums of money that T-Mobile's free (wired) tethering will be nothing but a memory by summer of next year.

T mobile have made a grave mistake and doing this I cannot believe that this is happening 2 us t mobile suscribers I just ended my service with at&t over 2 months ago I was with them for 7 years I use to use my iphone 3GS but now I have the nexus s phone which I do love more then my iphone 3GS I just hope at&t do not start screwing up the t mobile network at&t is not known for great customer service whatsoever they have terrible customer service I just hope that t mobile keeps there unlimited data plan unlike how att got rid of there unlimited data plan I just don't like how at&t is going to be the new owners of t mobile USA :( :(

grifin1978 says:

With my T-Mobile service I have a Samsung Vibrant and an iPhone 3GS. With AT&T opening their towers to T-Mobile users, I wonder if I can now get 3G speed on my Iphone instead of Edge.