Myxer, which delivers mobile entertainment such as videos, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. to mobile devices has come up with some fun and interesting statistics that give more info about Android. First, Android seems to do a good job versus the iPhone in the West & Midwest. According to Myxer's mobile metrics, Android users outpace iPhone users in eight states, seven of those states being in the West & Midwest. There's also 'swing states' which are termed as states where the difference in users is less than 10%. Again, Android represents well in the West/Midwest region: three of the five swing states are in the West/Midwest.

The best reasoning for Android doing so well in the West/Midwest region of the US is likely more because the iPhone's sole carrier, AT&T, doesn't do well. If you take a look at AT&T's 3G coverage map, there's a gigantic hole in that whole region. Verizon's (home of the Droid and others) 3G network seems perfectly fine.

Other stats of note:

  • Nexus One is the 'manliest': 75% of Myxer users with a Nexus One are male
  • 67% of both Samsung Behold II & T-Mobile myTouch are female
  • Nexus One has largest percentage (54%) of users over 24
  • T-Mobile G1 has the largest percentage (63%) of users under 24

Even though these mobile metrics aren't without their biases, it's always fun to look at numbers like this. So, any Android users from those green states on the map? Let us know!



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Stats: Android beats iPhone in the Midwest, Nexus One is really 'manly'


VA, which is right next to you guys is almos there as well. In a few months VA will be the same color as MD.

Arizona represent! Just switched to my first Android phone (Droid) last week from BlackBerry. I have never liked AT&T (had them years ago and hated them), and have never even considered owning an iPhone.

I'm in CO, a "swing" State and have to say those States that are android make up a very small part of the population. Not so much AZ or MD but the upper Midwest? Really? Not saying much.

Ok, so what does the whole map tells us anyway? The whole picture is still blue. And most of the population live along the coastlines which is also blue.

I'm in FL... Not surprised in the least. All of my friends have iPhones. It was excrutiating before I got my nexus. :)

My only question is this survey for the nexus one or all android smart phones? There are no stats for the droid listed on here...

Actually, reading this a little more closely, this refers to people who downloaded stuff from this Myxer service. These numbers are not really going to be accurate because how many iFolks know there is a world outside of iTunes?

this makes me want to toss my android handset into the garbage... seriously... why would i want a phone that mostly hillbillys and rednecks own... this really sucks...

that was a funny comment dude. i knew something like this would come up.

i don't see any reason why people would buy a moto droid or devour, when the ultimate google phone is the N1, and the AT&T and Verizon versions have already been appoved by FCC. N1 gets all the updates ahead of all other androids making every other phone second class.

I live in Wyoming and big red for the most part is the only carrier that is worth anything. We don't have any others, but alltel which will be att here in the coming months.

Also note, ATT's coverage in those states are the worst. You're looking more at Verizon in those areas that are green. I'm in Florida, not too surprised, but oh well, my phone works great, can't complain.