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You'd think by now people would have learned to stop comparing other smartphones, spec-by-spec, to the iPhone. It's apples and oranges. But that hasn't stopped the latest unsourced rumor from BGR, which claims to have the lowdown on the upcoing Motorola Droid RAZR, which we fully expect to see unveiled on Tuesday in New York.

So what are the specs? Let's break it down:

  • 4.3-inch display. OK.
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Par for the course these days, right?
  • 1GB of RAM, which BGR (as well as anyone else who can count) notes is twice as much as the iPhone. And so what? The iPhone also multitasks very differently than Android phones. The OS runs differently. It's less graphically intensive. It's not like the iPhone is slow because it only has 512MB of RAM. And, as we find ourselves repeating a lot lately, what exactly does "faster" mean? Faster at doing what?

No, the only thing rumored here we're really interested in is the claim that it's thinner than the iPhone 4/4S -- and that it's an LTE device. We've seen Samsung slim up the 4G Wimax-enabled Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, and we're also expecting to soon see thinner (and hopefully lighter) Xoom tablets.

Here's what we want from any manufacturer of an LTE device: Thinner and lighter, with better battery life. "Faster" is always going to come. Moore's Law and all, right?

Anyhoo, we'll be there Tuesday to find out. Stay tuned.

Source: BGR


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Spec pr0n: Upcoming Droid RAZR said to be 'faster' than the iPhone 4S, but faster at what?


Nobody buys an iPhone because of the specs. And nobody seriously considering an iPhone opts for Android because of the specs. OK, maybe not _nobody_, but I bet damned few. Ultimately, it's the iOS ecosystem and experience vs. the Android ecosystem and experience, not the iPhone versus an Android phone. The sooner we geeks understand that, the sooner we'll start understanding more completely why people choose the phones they do.

Amen. It only matters to the geeks who push the limits of their phones (I'm one of those). For everybody else, if it's fast enough, it's fast enough.

I hate to say this, but the iphone and android ecosystems are what they are. If you are heavily invested in iOS your most likely going to stick with iOS. If your heavily invested in the android ecosystem your most likely going to stick with android.

When it comes to phones in doing business I find that blackberry and android users do a lot of business on phones. I'm still waiting for a built in keypad and a bigger screen that would make doing business deals that much easier on an iPhone.

Now let's talk about the information integration.
If you have a gmail account don't you have access to the entire web?
Does an itunes account give you that kind of freedom syncing ability?

For me accessibility is everything.
Google has that accessibility over multiple devices in platforms.
With itunes you have to use nothing but I devices.

This was dictated using voice commands from google.

@craigf Sorry. But that's a stupid argument. If specs didn't matter, nobody would ever upgrade to the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S II wouldn't be the best Android device currently on the market. It wouldn't matter if there were 0 apps on the market (a spec). Like it or not, specs are how we describe devices. That said, "1.2 GHz dual-core" is a useless spec. If that's an ARM Cortex-A9 (Exynos or A5), it's very fast. If it's an ARM Cortex-A8, it's average. Similarly, speed on Apple devices is only useful for describing the gaming experience. iOS does not play Flash on websites, display widgets, live wallpapers, or live tiles on the home screens, or anything else that requires any sort of processing power. So you get a really fast device that's good at displaying rows and rows of icons on a small 3.5" screen...Enjoy.

You seem to have missed the entire point of the argument. You're talking about increasing specs within the same family of devices (ex. iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s, or Droid X vs Droid X2), while everyone else was talking increasing specs (ex. Motorola Bionic vs iPhone 4s), period. Within Android devices, devices with increased specs are generally better than devices with last-gen specs, just as newer models of the iPhone are generally improvements. However, just going off the hardware specs, you can't actually compare the Bionic to the iPhone 4s, because even if the hardware was similar, the operating systems themselves are not.

Android is no longer just for the geeks. To the average new user RAM is just another another line in a spec sheet that they may or may not read, and certainly not understand.

Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but where is it saying/implying that it is compared to the iPhone?

Could it be compared to current VZW offerings? The Bionic only has a 1GHz proc which would make the RAZR "faster"

Just something to ponder.

What? That doesn't make any sense... Comparing to to their own phones that are now what? Useless?... No it's comparing it to the iPhone... then phone that sells more than any other phone...period.

Why does it not make sense? They're releasing a NEW product, the older one will drop in price point. The new one will be released at the higher price point. Also I said VZW offerings not Moto's in particular, this includes the iPhone and standard feature phones.

No one can prove what phone it is comparing to. However, the comment was posted more because I like many people am growing extremely tired of the spec wars. Read the forums all you see is this phone has .1 GHz more processing power, that phone has blah blah blah. It's rediculous and honestly, most people including techies will not notice the difference between a 1 GHz and a 1.2 GHz proc. They may notice the difference between a 1 and a 1.5 but that would probably only be the techies.

Shooting off your own nose to spit your face... What you're saying doesn't make any sense... Companies don't bash products they are currently selling.

I agree with him and it makes perfect sense to me. They're aren't bashing it but just sayings it's thinner faster smarter... Pretty simple to understand..

Really? Apple does it all the time.... Introducing the iPhone 4S better than the iPhone 4. Might I remind you they are still selling the 3GS.

If Samsung sold only one smartphone instead of dozens, it would roughly tie the number of iPhones sold. If Samsung sold only one phone, period, instead of hundreds of smartphones and feature phones, it would be 2 to 3 times as many sales as the iPhone...

I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused by this post. What exactly IS the point? That the iPhone is different than Android phones? Well duh.

And to craigf, I don't get the whole ecosystem argument. To me that's a load of crap. I understand iPhone users may not want to jump ship because then they would in essense have wasted their money on all of the apps, but beyond that I honestly don't get it. Oh boy iTunes, bah, that's stupid. I've hated iTunes from day one.

Craigf is entirely right. The fact that you have a preference does not mean that other preferences don't affect other people's decisions.

I was trying to figure that one out. On some of the other tech sites some of the iPhone owners are saying, "When will Moto learn?" and other similar comments.... at what point is anyone but Apple trying to compare to this phone?

I'd argue the ram spec makes a difference for business interests. We've had to work around ram limits on both platforms. usually not a huge deal, I wouldn't say stop comparing it though

Man, love competition. Just wished Apple would have pushed a little harder. Well at least we will have better cameras soon.

Mac/Apple people will always buy mac/Apple and most could care less about specs. They trust that it "just works". Period.

Which is a load of crap. I had a Mac for 3 years. This "it just works" BS that Mac users spread is a complete myth spread by fanbois.

"Just works" like iCloud? You know, that service that you upgrade to and it disables your email, rejects your correct password, refuses to sync or backup your data? The one where if a stray indecent picture gets synced to all of your devices the only way to get rid of it is to go to each device and disable syncing on all of them? Is that the type of "just works" you're referring to?

Is the Android vs. iOS finally over and people now respect the others' choices?
Thank God!!!!!!!!
We know that people buy phones/tablets that better suits them.

Thank you!!! One of these days people are going to learn just how important "unlocked" can be - for their wallets!!! I don't think many people realize that you don't have to be a slave to mandatory data plans and two year contracts ..
. I have an unlocked Android phone with WiFi and never pay more than $30 a month - usually less. Sure beats the $70 I was giving Verizon a month -

I do not understand the obsession with making phones as thin as possible. The european SGS2 is 8.5mm thick, how much thinner can you go without it being difficult to hold ? Give me a 10 to 12mm thick device curved to fit in my hand with a good battery and I would be happy.

Seriously, I see people arguing over the SGSII saying they want something as slim or slimmer then it, and i seriously think, why. do you not realize how thin that already is? i wanna use a phone that i can feel is actually there

Razr ???? Really ???? is it 2004 again ???? I know that was the last time Motorola had a real hit out the park , but aint this a marketing example of going to well one to many times ????

did anyone else notice about halfway through the video they they had the number 42 and if you've ever seen hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy you would know 42 is the answer to life universe and everything I find it funny that they put that in the video must be a pretty nice phone if they consider it the answer to life universe and everything