A quick but important update to the Sonos app today — you can now play back music and podcasts stored directly on your phone. (No, we're not sure how this wasn't an option before now, either.) Podcasts work so long as you're running at least Android 2.2, which should damn near be just about everyone reading this.

After you update your app, look for "This Mobile Device" in the menu, and you're good to go.

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Kiamat says:

This has been available on the ios version for a while now. Glad to see it move over to Android.

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Can't wait to test this when I get home. Does this means Sonos will finally play Google All Access music saved (pinned) to my phone?

No access to Google All Access! Bummer!!! Only music downloaded to the "Music" app. I just dont understand why the two companies dont work together.

dpgriffiths says:


yankeesusa says:

Although it's a great system I can't see myself paying so much for these speakers. I can just buy a good onkyo receiver and do the same thing to a certain extent. Would love to see a more affordable system. Sonos reminds me of bose.

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Gekko says:

i like music but i'm no big audiophile - but these Sonos systems seems so overpriced to me.

Well that's nice.....but I'm STILL left wondering when they'll just get around to adding the ability to interface with Google Play Music.....whether it's stuff I can stream through All Access or just my personal library in general. Like someone above mentioned.....can I use Play Music to actually stream stuff that I might have pinned/saved directly to my phone? Or does the Sonos app itself just recognize those particular songs in storage and you can't reference your playlists you already have created through Play Music? Why is Play Music just not "compatible" already?!?!? C'mon, seriously......

bobbie424242 says:

You an do that with BubbleUPnP, an app that will stream your gmusic library and other cloud services on your Sonos and other devices.
The kind of app a site like AC never reports about you know.

YLS10 says:

Thanks. Got the app working - but can't figure out how to get it to go thru Sonos. I'm not savvy with this stuff. Something else I need to do?

The work around that I use is to plug either your phone's (or computer's) audio out into the Sono's audio in (at least one Play 5 is needed). You can then use the line input and party-mode all of the speakers. The only downside is that it does really limit the flexibility and portability of the system.

jean15paul says:

Don't blame Sonos. Google has not released an API for 3rd party developers to interface to Google Music. It's a pretty big issue in my opinion.

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Daf L says:

What would be useful is to have protocols similar to Bluetooth but for WiFi. Then you could stream all sound (or video, images, etc) just like Bluetooth does to any device, but via WiFi. Apple has their airplay protocol which has major support, but there doesn't seem to be any open protocol standard for other devices.

rpiatt says:

This. About to install three zones of Sonos in my house and suddenly find my self using the heck out of GPM All Access. I guess the line in option is best for now.

But man, we need it built in, like yesterday.

dflores says:

Try a Bluetooth adapter plugged into the Sonos unit. The Sonos will auto-sense when it has incoming music from the adapter. The only problem is there's a slight delay (~1/2 second), so it's not ideal for gaming.

orthonovum says:

Interesting, took the update this morning but I don't see this new option anywhere in the app... Android 4.1.2

dflores says:

If you guys are curious about what's on the horizon, there's a beta program ( They've had that article's feature in the public beta for about a month now.