Samsung W2014

It appears there's a successor to Samsung's quirky W789 "Hennessy" handset on the way. Chinese certification authority TENAA has published images and other details of the unannounced Samsung "SM-W2014" — another Asia-bound flip phone from the Korean manufacturer. The device, which looks a lot like earlier Samsung forays into the world of "smart" flip phones, packs the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM and dual 3.67-inch, WVGA (480x800) SuperAMOLED screens. There's also a 13-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facer, and interestingly it's reportedly running the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Flip phones won't be making a comeback in the West anytime soon, and as such we wouldn't expect to see the W2014 outside of China.  Nevertheless, we're left wondering what exactly a flip phone is going to do with all that horsepower.

Source: Engadget, TENAA

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jwyche007 says:

Overkill thy name is Samsung

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carraser891 says:

How? Nothing wrong with making a product to appeal to every possible market

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Red_Berry_21 says:

:/ what a waste of money whats was they thinking :S

crester says:

This is for a specific regional market. I don't understand this mentality where people say "I don't want to buy that product so the company shouldn't build it".

Different people have different tastes!


+9000. It's not a difficult concept; but, for some odd reason, it's ingrained in most people, that if they dislike something, it shouldn't even be given the time of day.

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Amir47 says:

By that logic Apple and Samsung should both stop making phones because I dislike their phones

seanjenkins1 says:

Looks better than their galaxy stuff. Build quality wise

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

The build quality of the Galaxy is perfectly fine.

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jimbo says:

Galaxy line...Adequate build quality at best. Cheap enough for high production volume at low cost of goods and priced for high profit margin.

altechi12 says:

Pfft, it cost more to make a Samsung Galaxy S4 than a iPhone 5S and a Moto X (phones that people think has superior build quality).

$236 for S4 v $199 for iPhone 5S v $225.65 Moto X

mzanette says:

That's a hell of a lot of power for a flip phone.

rovex says:

Why? Its still a fully featured android, just with a fold in the middle.

rcwass0n says:

Man that's ugly

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TeknoBug says:

That... is an interesting design, reminds me of a Pioneer remote for the sound system back in the 90's or so, however that could grow on me.

The external notification screen was what I liked about my Blackberry Pearl Flip 8130, otherwise it was an atrociously slow phone and the scroll ball got dirty too easily.

fightcrazy says:

Like it. I like anything tech that has Horsepower behind it. That flip phone has a great screen, camera and just about every spec you can throw at it. I would love to have one to rotate my sim card with. I bet it would be allot of fun. It looks like it has been put together with quality parts. I want one.


This. The device looks really well built and futuristic. I know, we're beyond flip phones, in the US; but, you have to appreciate Samsung catering to a market that's been all but abandoned.

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dchawk81 says:

I want one.

bluesun3030 says:

My mom will be bummed that this phone won't make it to the US. She has been looking for a replacement flip phone.

I need advice i keep getting text My android is at risk I do have avg scanning daily.I am concerned.I have a galaxy3 mini.

NoNexus says:

Anything via text is bs. Do not respond or click any links. If you have any you are good. Might want to get airpush detector but no biggie. Block the number and move on

Posted from a van, down by the river

Chanlion says:

YES YES! If anyone knows the price in their country, hopefully they can post it.
I've been trying AC forums to find any Android flip phones but with no luck. This helps a little.

ChrisFricke says:

I think it's pretty cool. It's a way for hipsters to embrace "retro" but still have modern functionality. Too bad it's just for Chinese hipsters.

Would buy.

MC_A_DOT says:

wish it had a better screen

Chanlion says:

Anyone know any other Android flips that I could import?

MarkSeven says:

I want one.

MarkSeven says:

I see the fake stitching like on the Note 3..

Amir47 says:

S4 pro would have sufficed. This is overkill

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rovex says:

Why? Its still an Android that can do everything yours can.

Amir47 says:

Because my Nexus 4 is running great with the S4 pro so I see no reason why something with a 800x480 screen would need a snapdragon 800.

dacp283 says:

I want one. I miss old school aesthetics.

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jimbo says:

Then get yourself a G4

rudyy50 says:

I'd like one, too.

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Evan Echols says:

Boo I hate flip phones.

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K White1 says:

My mom only likes flip phones, and this one would be great.

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