Could this be the Second Coming of the Kogan Agora phone that was mothballed before it even saw the light of day? This "shining" phone has popped up on and, if you are willing to buy a lot of 100 @ $240.00 a piece, this new Android vaporware phone can be yours!

Please note that these are not actual pictures, but instead conceptual images of ... the Kogan Agora's lost twin? Hmmmm. Whether it's a REAL Kogan Agora or a REAL knock-off of a Kogan Agora, I think it's safe to say that we all would love to see some fresh faces in the Android handset arena.



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"Shining" Phone Bears Agora Resemblance


Sounds an awful lot to me like some chinese factory got itself all geared up based on the pending order for the Agora, but forgot to get a contract signed with them.