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The most recent rumors of a phone with a 1080p-resolution display have been pretty wishy-washy, but Sharp recently went official with their plans to start churning out 5-inch 1080 x 1920 displays from their factories. That works out to 443 pixels per inch, for those of you counting. Take that in your 326 PPI and smoke it, iPhone 5. 

These displays should do well in creating Android phablets to compete with the looming iPad mini, and set a new bar for what we expect in displays. Of course, there are plenty of other considerations to take into account, such as battery drain, color contrast, brightness, and the depth of blacks, but a high resolution is certainly a good place to start. The HTC Droid Incredible X may also have a 1080p screen, but again, that's squarely in the realm of rumor for the time being. 

I'm a little worried that we'll start seeing diminishing returns at that size, though; will we really be able to appreciate the sharpness and quality in a 5-inch form factor, or do these screens need to be at least 7 inches in order for this high of a resolution to be done justice? Gigantic phones are certainly becoming more popular, so maybe it makes the most sense to capitalize on the larger smartphone form factor before trying to crank up the pixel density in tablets. 

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Sharp starts cranking out 5-inch 1080p displays for smartphones


You heard it here first. Apple announces the iPhone XL mid October with a 5" 443ppi cornea-display and they sell 10 million. The next day, Samsung files suit against Apple!

No thanks. I wouldn't take a 4" or less size phone even if you gave me $200. It is too small. Might as well get a flip phone if you want something that pathetic

1920x1080 at 5 inches is not overkill. Just because you can't look at it and go "see there is a pixel" doesn't mean you won't get added sharpness and detail. Besides, having phones and tablets at the same resolution means fewer compatibility issues to worry about.

So far I've seen a far sufficient movement of manufacturers and the Android OS itself supporting and increasing detail for high resolution displays, I'm looking forward to them embracing 1080p goodness.

Hopefully Sharp will start releasing android phones outside of Japan now. I think the fire was already lit a few months ago but we may get the proof soon.

I simply can NOT use a phone with 5 inch display in my everyday life

I do not like the idea that bigger screens are a +

Do they care anymore about how comfortable you feel holding your phone!!

I find it absolutely hilarious that each article that talks about bigger screened phones seems to attract users that prefer toy sized phones. We get it... Some people don't want a 5 inch screen. But this article is for people interested in bigger phones. It's one of the ways that Android differentiates itself from the iPhone. If you don't like it, go back to a flip phone and have fun squinting at the screen. Having a 1080p screen is going to make watching Netflix so much better.

I am on my 2nd Android phone and looking towards my next. Battery life is my main pet peave. Even with an extended battery, I barely get 7 hours of use.