iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S III

There's not a whole lot to say here, right? We all know the iPhone backward and forward. There's really no way not to (especially when you've got the likes of iMore.com in your stable). And after we don't know how many Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) posts, we're fairly familiar with it, too. One's metal and glass. The other is predominantly plastic. But it's a skinny bugger. Lanky, almost wiry. 

Body styles notwithstanding, the major difference is in screen size. The iPhone still wins out in pixel density, but that's because it's still at a rather quaint 3.5 inches, whereas the Galaxy S3 is a whopping 4.8 inches (crammed into a slightly smaller body).

So which would you choose? Made-for-human plastic? Or the cold, hard reality of aluminum and glass?

We've got hands-on video and pics after the break.


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Samsung Galaxy S3 versus the iPhone!


PHIL! why you take away the comment rating away from these posts?! Now when there are 100+ comments I have to read through all of them to separate the trolls!

The rank option was useless. Mostly an "I disagree and don't want your opinion heard" button, or "my phone is better than your phone" button. Strictly childish.

I hope it never comes back, but if it does it should be like Slashdot where you get one vote, you have to categorize your vote, and where the vote is a tally, rather than who ever drives by last gets the final say.

Really phil?

We all know that the iphone is shit!
my nexus S is even better than the iphone 4S.

Whats even the purpose of this article?

I've been saying this for awhile. Every since the OG Droid, Android users have been foaming more constantly at the mouth. Kill the d**k measuring contest already and act like grown adults

What iWebDroidBerry said is so true. The most non biased article is the one from iMore. Its amazing Android users call iPhone user's iSheep and iPhone users make fun of Android users as well. Its like hello people neither one of you can think outside the damn box for a minute and look at what both phones feature and see they both have pros and cons but neither fanboy will open their eyes wide enough to see they both are Great it just comes down to the individual user.

My only problem with iThings is the closed ecosystem and the approval system. I think it's a great OS running on decent hardware (which the OS is fully optimized for).

I just happen to like the way Android does things better.

I agree but maybe each group should also go futher and not post in threads that don't pretain to them. If your an iPhone and dislike Android then you you really shouldn't be here and visa versa.

Ironic that Samsung pokes fun at "Iphone" owners in their commercials, and low and behold they go and copy the Iphone look; Cheap and cheesy looking. I wish Samsung would come up with their own innovative designs instead of becoming an "Icopy" company.

It doesn't, it's just an old and tired comment that is used over and over to try to get a rise out of someone. Same goes for Android, it looks nothing like iOS now. In fact I see more Android in iOS.

No way.. I had a nexus s LOL the worse phone I've ever had! Slow, laggy, bugs galore! I returned it to pay more for the EVO 3D

No way.. I had a nexus s LOL the worse phone I've ever had! Slow, laggy, bugs galore! I returned it to pay more for the EVO 3D

Why is people comparing this phone to the iPhone? We all know it's gonna beat it spec wise and through most of the tests that's thrown it's way. Now I love me some android but i like the iphone too. So why not make it fair and do a comparison video when the iPhone 5 comes out? I mean seriously, the iPhone 4s is old... You know that as well as I.

Why would they wait till the iPhone 5 comes out? Its not even announced yet. Its apples current product so there for it gets the comparison. Not to mention once the iphone 5 comes out the Galaxy S 3 will be old.

Yea kinda funny that you always have to compare to the next iPhone but any next anything with Android is vaporware.

I'm sure it will be magical. Runs on unicorn tears and makes you coffee in the morning. I think that the iPhone is physically great looking. However, it's too fragile. Many people put a case on it, which defeats the purpose of the industrial design. Why they didn't go with gorilla glass on it is beyond me. I've seen many posts with "let's wait for the iPhone 5, then.." which is true, the people that say that have already make up their mind.

This this THIS. I can't remember the last time I saw an iPhone 4s in the wild without a huge, ugly case of some sort (or at least the rubberband ring) so what is the point of having such a small form factor? The iPhone does look nice and small compared to the SIII but put one of the typical wrappers on it and then stack it up.

I am trying to resist the urge to upgrade to the SIII since my S works just great, but that nice big screen and super smooth responsiveness is becoming irresistible.

Don't have a case on my iPhone. Never had and never will. It looks too good to cover up with a case. So I just shot down your theory of never seeing a naked iPhone in the wild.

As for the article. I think the iPhone is too small and the S3 is too big. I really enjoyed the size of my SGH-i777. To me that is the sweet spot.

Phil, you are wrong when you say that the iPhone has a higher pixel density than anything out there.
I give you some examples:
- LG Optimus LTE - 329 ppi
- HTC Rezound - 342 ppi
- Sony Xperia S - 342 ppi

The iPhone has only 326 ppi.

You should know this things Phil... :)

Where does he say the iPhone has a " higher pixel density than anything out there"?

You should read this things Hermond :)

Who the **** watches the video with the sound on? Some of us have work to do (that we are delaying in order to get our fill of SIII for the day)...

You are correct, The I-Phone no longer holds that record, My Rezound has 342 ppi. Come on Phil, It's tough when there are so many phones to remember. When the screen is that small like the I-Phone, battery performance should be better. I am very curious to see what the new I-Phone brings. They might wait another year, with the sales they have with the current I-Phone, why not just wait to next year??? Time will tell. I really like this new Samsung GS3, It is a hackers dream phone. Great hardware and the Samsung is so easy to hack. Love it. That is why I like the Samsung 10.1 pad, great for hacking and there are so many roms. Love it.

It's hard to argue with the build quality of the iOS devices. On the other hand, I've never held a Samsung phone in my hand that didn't scream "I'm a cheap POS". Hopefully the GSIII will be different, but somehow I doubt it. Not like I'm in any danger of seeing it anyway being a VZ customer.

Exactly, drop the Samsung and the I-Phone, pick them up and see which one is the better built. Not only that but there is a reason why phones are mostly made of plastic type materials, no interference in radio signal, metal products can cause problems with signal strength.

I've dropped my old iPhone 4 onto cement from about 4 feet getting out of an SUV twice, and neither time did the screen crack. The edges got scuffed up, but nothing happened to the screen.

You guys are the worst haters on the internet. Get real.

Well my GF did drop her iPhone 4S, twice and the screen cracked both times.
On both occasions from a table, so that's about 3 feet of the ground
That's real

Something can have a high build quality and be made from fragile materials. Build quality is about more than just fragility, it's also about over all fit, finish and feel.

The average person who goes into a retail outlet and picks up both devices isn't going to start dropping them to see which one is most fragile, they're going to hold them in their hands and gauge it mentally. In that contest, Sammy loses badly.

I remember when I got my Droid 2 and a friend got a Samsung Epic, the difference in build quality between the two was huge. The way the keyboards slid out and snapped in place, the feel of the keys, how the Epic rattled when the keyboard was closed, etc, etc. It was a pretty shocking difference between the two.

Lol. I'm sure the GS3 still stutters and lags just like every Android device before it. And like every device before it, you will need to root and rom the snot out of it just to get it to work properly.

have you ever own a epic touch before you open your big mouth? if you have then you opinion about every android phone is wrong..

Whoa whoa whoa whoa... whoa! Until you get proper grammar, spelling, and etiquette, let me be the rep for the Epic 4G Touch. I believe other owners of this amazing device will agree we, them and I, don't want to sound like some knucklehead 12 year old children.

Excuse me, I see you are mistaken Mr. Sheep, because my Epic 4G Touch is amazing.
Am I rooted and ROMed? Hell yeah, was it cause my phone didn't work? No sir! I simply wanted what was already better than a locked down, habitual repair bill waiting to happen, outdated hardware you call an iPhone, and make it well infinitely better.

Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

Okay all you little Iphone lovers with your little 3.5" screens. Face the facts and admit that you are extremely jealous. The 4S is so yesterday.

I think what's even more hilarious is when I go to sites like iMore, I barely hear them utter about the competition. At least on the main site (forums of course but not including that). Here, main site, forum, engadget, other tech sites, it's a constant battle. I think people that are satisfied Android owners and contributers need to just sit back and enjoy the success that Android is getting rather than always feeling the need to wonder how Apple owners feel. Why do you care?

I would love to see this phone minus the cartoon like clock and other widgets that really aren't giving any more information than the status bar. Is this possible? Is this the way the phone is delivered?

My initial impression based on the first view is that I would never want to look at these screens with colors and widgets regardless of specs.

Show us some screens with nice not-in-your-face themes and I might like the entire phone better.

Sorry Samsung and HTC -- the cartoon look of your skins does nothing to make me want your phones.

You can always download different launchers. Apex and nova is close to stock ICS. Although, it might cancel out some features of the phone. The .apk for certain widgets can be removable via settings (if Samsung integrated it) or Titanium Backup with root.

Not-in-your-face themes? -- Isn't that an iPhone? Or something similar to Windows Phones? Which both, by the way, have no sense of creativity, whatsoever.

Why do you still compare new devices with old tech of the apple dictator crap !!! It's like comparing a ferrary with hugo !!! Apple is over !!!

To the question: aluminum and glass. It may pain some to hear it but Apple is still unmatched when it comes to industrial and class-leading design. They're followed closely, and rivaled only, by the likes of Nokia, HTC, and possibly Sony.

That's a matter of subjective opinion. You might think the iPhone has the best design ever created, but I sure as hell don't! I'm not talking about the strength of materials used, but the actual look & feel. To me the iPhone is one of the ugliest phones ever made. It looks and feels like a thin brick. The design is too simplistic, too boring, and too plain for my taste. The completely-flat back surface and rough edges all over the phone make it uncomfortable to hold. That metal band that goes around the phone is the only thing that actually stands out to me. In my view the only other phones uglier than the iPhone are that hideous monstrosity called the LG Vu, Droid X & X2, and that slab of excrement called the Droid Bionic. The iPhone 4/4S might not be the ugliest phone I've seen, but it's definitely close to it.

IMHO, all the iPhone vs Android phone debate is pointless.

I buy the best phone available on the market at the time.

As of right now, the best one is the Samsung GSII or GN.

If Apple comes out with a better iPhone next week, I will but it.
(the only requirement is that it must have a 4.3, 4.5, or bigger screen) :)

I personally never have been a fan of the iPhone but it doesn't mean it is not a good device, just not for me.

I have always appreciated a larger screen with media playback and web surfing a priority in usage on my devices. A quality screen with a design that isn't too bulky in the hand is all I ask for.

The Samsung devices do this for me.

Samsung GIII for this reader, but then again it was never going to be the iPhone

I've been through about 10 original droids (major repeated hardware failures), 3 droid 2's (more failures), 4 thunderbolts (more failures), a samsung charge (clunkiest piece of phone ever) and eventually decided to try the iphone 4. Could have never made a better decision. 3.5 inch screen is all I need. It's all about your needs actually.. Do you need a 5 inch tablet or do you need a phone? I'd rather have a phone that can still fit in my pocket, last me all day, take great pictures and keep me up to date on my social networks and so forth. I don't see any point in hauling around a 5 inch monster when its battery can't even last past lunch (thunderbold & samsung charge).
I believe that the major players in the android phone business should focus on polishing the software, user experience, practicality and not on cranking out 20 new phones every year. I had a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus for 3 days just recently (when switching from iphone 4 to 4S) and I couldn't believe that you could not even save a picture from a text message to your gallery. Seriously? You get an option to set the pictures as your wallpaper and an option to look at the picture's properties, but no option to simply save the picture?? And that's the latest and greatest from Google? I won't even talk about the cut/past and text selection nightmares..
iPhone has the edge in the overall user experience, battery life and basic practicality of the device. But to each his own.

18 Android phones in a 2-1/2 year period? Rather difficult to believe. As my Dad used to remark to me "You've told us a million times that you never exaggerate". And the rest of your post isn't much better. As far as the battery life is concerned, you bought first generation LTE phones. We've yet to see how well Apple does with that since they haven't made an LTE phone yet. Also, the iPhone 4s doesn't get near the battery life that your iPhone 4 does. Once they added in some of the cool stuff that Android has had for a while now, battery life plummeted. When they finally get around to figuring out LTE, expect it to take an even bigger hit.

Haha I had the option to save pictures in text messages to my gallery on my G1 like 4 years ago. Not sure what you are talking about.

Geez, the comments today. Both here and on iMore people have lost their minds! I know some people love to talk anonymous smack then go eat their Fruity Pebbles but this is ridiculous.

I love my current phone. It works perfectly for me and fits into my life. It’s not perfect but those imperfections aren’t enough to drive me to another phone yet. I've owned and used as a daily driver every OS out there except webOS.

I haven't used an ICS phone yet and I'm LUSTING the HTC One X. I was going to get one but decided to wait for Samsung’s announcement. I watched it objectively and it just didn’t win me over. It can do some really cool things. I don’t need those things and wouldn’t use those things. The One X is, for me, the better choice. It’s an absolutely beautiful phone and Sense looks better than TouchWiz as far as I’m concerned.

See that? I didn’t bash the GSIII. I just expressed that the One X is my preference. Nearly anyone who buys a Samsung Galaxy S III is going to love it. If someone gave me one for free I certainly would use it and like it, but if I’m spending my money I’d choose a One X. What’s my current phone? iPhone 4S. It’s an awesome phone. So is the One X. So is the Galaxy S III.

Pick your phone, praise your phone if you want. You don’t have to praise other phones like I’ve done here, but you don’t have to tear other phones/communities down either.

I had the last three Apple iPhones up to the 4, I recently changed over to a Samsung Note and can't beleive I survived this long without one. I absolutly love the screen size and OS. I was once like a lot of Apple users, hated anything that wasn't Apple. iOS is old now, hasn't changed much in the last 5 years. Apple is just adding features that should have been their from the beginning like OTA. Now that I have a file manager that can mount all of my cloud drives, work servers and home server all from one program (FX Filemanger) I'm so happy, why doesn't iOS have a filemanager. I am stunned how far behind Apple really is with iOS vs Android. No MiniSD card, not being able to have my phone mounted as a normal drive on any computer with a USB, limited codec support, no custimization except for changing the wallpaper, the list goes on. Yes there are many applications but what I found was that all of the apps I used are available for Android so it doesn't matter.

I still like OSX though and I won't give up my Macbook Air anytime soon but as far as iOS is concerned, no thanks, been there done that. It really surprises me how much of an idiot I was, I feel like I just left a cult and I'm going threw a unprogramming therepy.

Android 4.04 really is the best mobile OS out there right now.