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And let's throw a third question in there: Will we see this in the U.S.?


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Samsung Galaxy Note commercial asks same question as us: Phone or tablet?


Man i really want to know if this is coming to the US cause if it's not i am getting the samsung galaxy nexus

As an avid user of the Dell Streak 5", I'm glad to see this form factor catching on. The biggest possible screen real estate that still fits into your pocket. This is a true all-in-one device. I'm not much of a fan of the stylus pen thingy, but as long as it tucks away easily and is unnoticeable until needed then I will be satisfied.

I hope it does make it to the USA. This is such a great spot for mobile platforms that I hope more companies jump on it.

Please come to Verizon!!! I'm holding off upgrading my trusty original Droid waiting for definitive word on the Note. As an old Palm user, looking forward to the stylus features of this device. The 5.3 inch screen will also help reduce the strain on my old eyes. I even did a cutout based on the stated dimensions to ensure it fits in my problem at all; fits nicely in shirt and pants pockets (although I would certainly get a holster for it).

Unfortunately, I believe this is only coming to AT&T, based on the antennas. If it was going to be a Sprint phone I'd be all over it, upgrade eligibility or not.

Come on, AT&T. If anybody's getting it in the US, it's got to be you! And possibly Verizon, judging by the 4G LTE connection listed in the specifications.

I was hoping it would come out before Sansung Galaxy SII..I got very little patients so I went out and got the SGS II instead but when it becomes available...that's my next baby...dont get me wrong though....the SGS II is one of the if not the best smart phones out there but I prefer that 5 + screen size...perfect!!!!! for ME!! You guys may like other sizes but for me that size is Perfect.

its both.. so stop asking.. I want a tablet & a phone. What is the damn problem US carriers? more data.. not a valid argument beacuse Iphone and android users tether/ stream a lot of data.. more than 5GB per month. tab data being a bit more than smaller smartphones isnt a valid excuse.. I dont want to hear theres no market, it wont sell either. It wil move units and catch on..

thinkin about the Note, but price may be too much. Galaxy 7.0 Plus will likely only come to US as Wifi only..

is it an FCC regulation or something.. or are carriers just scared?

It's probably the carriers. They want you to get a phone and a separate tablet. Double purchase, double bill. To put that to perspective, the original Galaxy Tab P1000 was also a phone in other territories (like my country).

I have had my Dell Streak 5 since 8/2010. Going Strong!
I will Be ready to upgrade probably 2nd Q 2012. If it is not here by then... Then there will be something else.
I am looking forward to some more info on the Sony "Tablet P"
Still Hunting, Peace

Could not we do something similar with Evernote and Skitch?

That being said - I hope this comes to Verizon soon.

We are already using tablet+cameras+communicators; this seems like a logical step. Perhaps it does not go far enough, the 7.7 screen should have been the basis for this device.

Samsung are probing the limits of acceptable size. Apple just tells people. But who is right?

Sólo quiero decir que será el mejor híbrido entre smartphone y tablet. Pero es un smart, no hay duda. Solo espero que al dia siguiente de su lanzamiento esté en Paraguay. Todo llega al siguiente día por acá.