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Rumored 'Galaxy Fonblet' gets a name change, reportedly coming in 5.8 and 6.3-inch varieties

Samsung clearly sees the future in big-screen smartphones. In addition to recently announcing the 5-inch Galaxy S4, it's got the similarly-sized Galaxy Grand on the way, not to mention the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2. So what's next? According to the latest round of reports, a new line of 5.8 and 6.3-inchers.

​Today's report comes from SamMobile, which has a pretty solid track record when it comes to unannounced Samsung devices. Reportedly the Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-i9152) will pack a 5.8-inch screen and appear from the week commencing May 27. Similarly, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-i9200) should pack a 6.3-inch screen and emerge around the week starting Jun. 17. The new "Mega" branding is apparently a replacement for the (somewhat cringeworthy) "Galaxy Fonblet" name that was being bandied about prior to MWC.

No details on internal specs are offered, but the product codes suggest neither "Galaxy Mega" device will be a particularly high-end handset. What's more, the Galaxy Mega 5.8's code suggests it may be offered in a dual-SIM "Duos" variant, like the Galaxy Grand. And the Mega 6.3's size would tie in nicely with the limits of Samsung's recently-announced game pad accessory.

So would you be tempted by a possible mid-range handset with this screen size? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung 'Galaxy Mega' supersized smartphones rumored


Don't forget about folks that are taller than 6' with big hands. I'm 6'2" and the 5.5" Note2 fits great in my hands, and I could see, if the specs are right, moving to a 5.8 or 6.3" screen w/o any problems.

Although I think it would be comical to see the woman that sits next to me at work, who is 4'11" with a 6.3" phone.. I think it would like like a big-screen TV in her teeny-tiny hands.

Well, I'm 6'3" and a former football player and I hate those bigass phones. I feel like I'm talking into an iPad.

Thank goodness that someone invented those ear thingys you can talk into without actually having to have the phone plastered to the side of your face. I forget what they're called...bluestone or blue something....

I too am 6'2" and I can't wait to get my hand around the next Note. I tried the size out in the store and I have no complaints about the size of the Note2 and how it fits nicely in just one of my hands. I'm not a former or current athlete, because that doesn't even matter, your hands don't get bigger cause you play sports, they are just proportionate to your height for the most past because I am sure there are exceptions. The bottom line, it all comes down to personal preference. People can joke and poke fun at those that choose to have larger sized phones all they want but if there wasn't a market for it, they wouldn't see it...period.

Maybe it will ship with a neck strap, like binoculars. Meanwhile, Burger King reduces the size of the Whopper!
Samsung should try to buy the rights to the name of the computer in War Games - WOPR!

The Galaxy Note 2 changed the tech game. Now all that ever will matter to me is the Galaxy Note 3. Nothing will ever be better than my current Note 2 and upcoming Note 3.

I really like my Note 2, but I think 5.5 might be as big of a phone as I need. It feels good in my hands and still fits in my pocket.

I would go with a 6.3 screen H#ll yeah!! It would have to meed or exceed the Note 2 besides, I have a year and a half to decide lol, contracts suck, but are nice to supplement our cost. I was hopping for a larger Note3 in my future. Who knows by then the screen could possibly wrap around the sides.

I was just about to post an almost similar statement! Thank you! I'm not saying there isn't a place for different size screens, just as much as there are different devices and OSs, so maybe one way of looking at it is the way Samsung is probably thinking - choices for consumers.

More choices doesn't necessarily mean good choices. If one wants to stray from the flagship pack and exercise his options, he has to compromise with a gimped, underpowered phone that can't match the flagship in any way. Personally, I'm not the type to settle for mediocre, year-old specs just because the screen is a better size.

^^ THIS!! A million times this! A 4.3" phone does NOT have to be midrange!! They are all about choice on the stupi-sized end, what about choice on the sensible side?

Moto did it with the RAZR M, and HTC with the Ones, unfortunately neither of those are on Sprint. :/

I would love the larger sized smartphones with decent specs and as a Nexus...PLEASE! (One could wish for, since you're asking...)

I thought for women, size doesn't matter, and it's more about what you can do with your phone then the size?


That all depends on what it is! I have a Galaxy Nexus, which I love, but also have the Nexus 7...I would love something in between 5 to 6 inches for my next smartphone. I love a big screen! Bring it on! A great combination would be a Nexus phone with good specs, camera & A BIG screen! (But not 7 inches!) Just my 2 cents...

While you gave a serious answer I feel that Voiceonly was replying sarcastically with a sexual reference. lol

Oh no, really I got that! I laughed when I read Voiceonly's remark! ;-)

(I just get excited at the idea of a larger phone. I can't help it.)

I'm unsure about the size of the phones these days. S3/S4 seams to be about the max size for me, however I'm currently using a 4.3" screen phone that is also a decent size. I know some friends that just want smaller sized phones that have the same processing power as the new releases, or maybe one generation behind (Snapdragon S4). They have less needs for apps, web browsing, and movies, but they do make a lot of phone calls, check email, listen to music, and use GPS.

That is a typical cliched response which doesn't add anything to the debate. People look stupid taking pics on an iPad but it doesn't seem to stop them. I guess people will use whatever is at their disposable.

Though the Note 2 does not actually look that bad, should someone be choosing a mobile purely on how it looks when pushed up against their face? I often find holding a phone (of any size) up to my face is annoying enough for any longer than a minute, so I make use of things like bluetooth headsets, in-car sets etc.

Put aside the vain "what will people think of me" thoughts, and consider whether the size is right for you. For me personally this would be too big but I can certainly see the attraction as the screen on the Note 2 is utterly fabulous! I know there are lots of people who would love a phone this size, and will take a 5.8" or 6.3" device so they don't have to carry a tablet around as well.

The key is choice so everybody gets a phone size suitable for their tastes, not an Apple-like dictatorship where the the company chooses the size and we just have to accept whatever they see fit to let us buy...

I like how a person will comment or ask about how stupid a person would look holding a large sized phone to their ear to talk, as if bluetooth ear pieces don't exist. For real? You will never see me hold a 6.3" device to my face to talk because I own a bluetooth ear piece, just as millions of other people do, I know I can't be the only one. I'm not saying that people don't hold large smart phones to their ear but if they do then that's on them, why would anyone be concerned who another person looks if it isn't bothering them? The best anyone can do is to not get a device that big so that they themselves don't look stupid since they obviously care what other people think (total strangers for the most part).

I'm all for choice, let people vote with the $$$$$$$. If you want to use a tablet as a phone go for it. If you want a smaller phone thats fine also.

My mrs would love a 6.3" phablet, she keeps complaining the note 2 screen is too small lol.

Also useful if you're looking to replace 2 devices with a single one. She would be a prime candidate for something like this, and the device wouldn't need to be particularly high specification as she doesn't play games etc. Current spec of the s3 or note 2 would suffice.

Myself I'd like to see the a slightly larger screen in the note 3 achieved by reducing the bezel size, but I'd want all the latest tech, bells and whistles etc:-)

Id buy a 6.3 depending on the overall size of the phone. I have a note 2 and to me its just the right size. If they can trim the bezel and add more screen real estate im all in

I would definitely consider it if the phones had almost zero bezel all the way around the device so the 6.3 inch was close to the same size as the current galaxy note.

This is the reason I'm dumping Samsung and getting an HTC One. Samsung keeps making every phone bigger and bigger. Next thing you know you won't be able to tell a Samsung from a Kindle or iPad.

What does the rumor mill say the Note 3 will arrive?

My wife loves the S3 her work gave her, when my contract is up I'll be getting the newest, BIGGEST Samsung Verizon will sell me.

The phone is one of my least used applications, I don't care what it looks like when I talk on it. I'd buy a small tablet/big phone without hesitation... but I also want the S-pen.

Hmm. In my opinion I think 5.8 and 6.3 will be pretty weird to hold to be honest it'll be like holding a note 8.0 tablet

Do the math, 6.3 inch screen, zero bezel, on the new flex glass, works out to 2.9 x 5.6, that is less than the Note 2 which overall dimensions are 3.17 x 5.95. If the Note 2 dimensions were zero bezel all glass screen, it would be measured diagonally as a 6.74 inch phabuloso.

The people commenting on screen-size - aka the usual whiners - aren't even the target market for these phones. Samsung isn't going to stop diversifying its product portfolio because of a few dissenters. Choose a different manufacturer, if Samsung products don't work for you.

Not trying to be mean, I promise; but every time there's an article covering the Galaxy Note or a similar size device, people come out of the woodwork to complain about phones getting too big, or that their hands are too small.

Vote with your wallet, for once; Samsung doesn't even read these comments. Have a great day!!!

People will buy the newest regardless...the trend is larger so people keep buying larger and larger.

Personally, I'd just want my GS3 and Note 10.1 with the ability to swap out the same SIM Card on demand so I can use whichever device I needed to that day.

A 6.3" phone? My Nexus 7 doesn't even come close to fitting in my front pocket, why would a device only .7" smaller fit any better? Or comfortably?

The current generation low end Kindle is not that hard to carry around, even in a front jean's pocket for men. They are a bit more challenging for women to tote around, but women generally carry purses. The Kindle has a 6 inch screen with quite a bit of additional bezel framing the screen, but I think nowadays the form factor of a Kindle could easily support a 6.3 inch screen.

I don't think it would be that odd to use a Kindle form factor as a telephone. It is only slightly taller than a Galaxy Note 2, and the Note 2's do not strike me anymore as being unusually big. The 6 inch Kindle is about 10 grams lighter than the Note 2, so I might not feel the same way if I felt like I was holding a Nexus 7 or an iPad mini.

So long as they are not as hefty and bulky as the current generation of 7 inch tablets, I think these 6 inch smartphones are going to be a smashing success. They really provide the user with an enormous amount of flexibility since the device can replace nearly every electronic gadget one carries except the laptop. Even so, so long as one doesn't have to do input-productive-work (aka typing), a smartphone can replace a laptop or PC. So if you go away for a weekend, or you take a trip for a week, all you have to take is your phone whereas before you might take 3 or 4 devices and a laptop.

One of the biggest benefits for all of this is that there will continue to be smaller form factor phones and they won't cost nearly as much -- but they are only going to get better. As developers find ways to make the big phones lighter, stronger, and more powerful, the smaller more affordable phones will benefit from the advances as the new technology filters down to them. I think it already has begun to happen. I was just in a Verizon store and even the low end $99 phones I was looking at were pretty impressive functionally and aesthetically, and that was a Nokia Windows phone.

If someone can please turn my current 7" tab into a cellular device I will be waaay ahead of the game. HELP

I agree with several comments about being thankful for BLUETOOTH and this getting way out of hand... literally.