Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s

The titans of the smartphone space — Samsung and Apple — are still the titans, but smaller competitors like Huawei and Lenovo are chipping away at their market share. That's the latest from Strategy Analytics, whose numbers of the global smartphone marketshare for the first quarter of this year saw the combined smartphone marketshare of Samsung and Apple dip to 46.5% from 49.9%. That said, their total shipments were up massively from the year prior: 89 million from Samsung (up by 19.6 million units) and 43.7 million iPhones from Apple (up 6.3 million units). So neither company is in 'trouble' just yet, they're just claiming a smaller percentage of a much much larger pie.

How much larger is that pie? According to Strategy Analytics numbers, global smartphone shipments for Q1 2014 topped 285 million devices, an increase of 33% from the year prior. That's a huge movement.

So while everybody is up, it's the smaller players like Huawei and Lenovo that are gaining more ground. Both firms accounted for 4.7% of global sales this past quarter (that'd around 13.3 million sales each), and the mass of manufacturers under them — including LG, HTC, Motorola, BlackBerry, Nokia, Oppo, and Sony — accounted for the remaining 44.1%.

Source: Strategy Analytics


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Samsung and Apple still lead global smartphone market, but smaller rivals are chipping away at their share


When are people going to stop counting Apple's market share as how well the company is doing. Apple's business have never been about market share. Everyone else play by that game but Apple, their business model have always been about sacrificing market share for profits. That's a better way to measure Apple, they are unlike any other manufacture for that specific reason. But for some reason every analyst keep insisting to loop them in with the rest of the industry, those guys just don't know how to deal with Apple are are taken the lazy way out.

Their profit margins are shrinking too since they no longer innovate anything and just rip off Android. Their Ipad Mini is cannibalizing sales of the Ipad which also isn't helping.

When are people going to stop treating Apple like some benovelent God. They are a company like every other. All of them care about profit over marketshare. Marketshare means squat when the market is growing and changing as fast as this one. 40% of 100 is lower than 20% of 500.

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In what God giving retard nation do you love in.
Profits = (sale price - cost) * number units

Is they care about profit, than they care about share.

There's two ways to make profit.

Small margin X large number of units sold

Large margin X small number of units sold. Apple much more like business model number two.

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Market share drives influence, competition, and innovation.

Apple only cares about the money.

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Market share drives influence in absence of other things like ecosystem and the likes. At this point market share is not going to effect their ecosystem since it is well beyond the point of no return. There is a reason why despite android massive market share most developers still launch ios first. Market share is needed to help grow the ecosystem but once you reach a certain scale you arrived at a point of diminish returns. Which is what most of those folks who keep insisting for Apple to launch a cheap phone just don't get. Releasing a cheap iphone will do nothing to improve Apple's bottom line, if will only hurts it and their margins. It's the same reason BMW and Mercedes do not make a $15,000 car. Why are those analyst keep insisting on that when the economics points to it not doing much is beyond me. I can only conclude those analyst have other motives or just don't get Apple's business model.

Yup. Apple is greedy and only wants to make money.
At least Google and all those android manufacturers are here for the good of mankind and live on donations.

Samsung are fast becoming way too similar to apple. The issues with Knox are a joke for those who wish to root their devices. And just try putting the s3/s4/s5 side by side and see if you can spot the difference.

I hope LG gets more forefront, meanwhile I wait to see what Motorola gets done because that smart watch is the first one I've seen that I would honestly wear.

Why do you care if the don´t look different?

I dont care if they look EXACTLY the same!

Every Galaxy S generation is a HUGE improvement over the previous one in display, camera, speed & battery life.

THATS important. I don´t give a damn how they look on the outside.

This is why I laugh when ppl compare Samsung and HTC. The gap is too big between both companies.

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