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Samsung Mobile, in its response to U.S. Sen. Al Franken over the Carrier IQ saga, says that it's sold some 25 million cell phones preloaded with Carrier IQ software, which it's been using since 2007. Many of these phones are non-Android feature phones, and Samsung repeats the response we've already heard from HTC in that it's not a customer of Carrier IQ, therefore it doesn't see the data collected.

Interestingly, Samsung also echoes HTC by saying some of its phones also may contain components of Carrier IQ and therefore may trigger the various CIQ detector apps available, but that the software is "dormant." Unlike HTC, however, Samsung did not say whether it was working to remove these dormant components. Says Samsung:

"Because the CIQ agent and other required CIQ software components are not installed, however, these vestigial elements do not and will not function on these devices, and therefore, the devices do not transmit (and never have transmitted) any user data using any CIQ software functionality."

Samsung did not say which phones contain the dormant CIQ code.

Following are the Android smartphones Samsung says contain Carrier IQ:

  • AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  • Sprint: Moment, Epic 4G, Intercept, Transform, Galaxy Tab (original 7-inch), Galaxy Prevail, Replenish, Conquer 4G, Transform Ultra (Boost Mobile), Epic 4G Touch
  • T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S II, Exhibit II 4G

More: Samsung's response (pdf)


Reader comments

Samsung: 25 million phones with Carrier IQ; other devices have 'dormant' code


Wow Sprint looks like the worst offender regardless of manufacturer.

Odd that the T-Mobile Galaxy S II and the AT&T Galaxy S II skyrocket have it but not the base AT&T Galaxy S II...

Franken is spouting when it's Samsung that's responding here? At least we have one official who seems to be looking out for your security online versus the rest who blatantly don't give a shit. What a dumb comment.

So are ATT and T-Mobile copying what Sprint has been doing for years then? One Samsung Android phone on ATT since 2007? And looking at the HTC press release, the only phone on there was the Vivid. Maybe ATT was doing this to test out their LTE deployment.

I'm wondering why in the world it would be on the Galaxy Tab. It's not even a phone. I mean I know it uses a 3G radio but wow...that says a lot about the level of intrusion these people are willing to go to.

tried to remove CIQ from my skyrocket and paid $1 for the removal tool which messed up my phone and I had to reflash it. now I'm wondering if i should write ATT an email about withholding that $1 from my bill to remove this POS. :)

I don't get it, why can't these carriers at least allow the users that BUY the equipment to opt out of this? Or have a check mark in the phones settings that they can turn it on if instructed by a technical support rep? If there is nothing wrong with the phone, why have it on all the time? That's like me walking around with a band-aid on my finger in anticipation that I will get a cut.

Also, they should have at least made it clear to their users that software like this is on their phone.