Sometimes the FCC gives you juicy nuggets, and other times it just confirms what you already know. This is the latter, with the HTC PH98100 -- otherwise known as the HTC Vigor, which is headed to Verizon in all likelihood -- getting its testing on for the feds. Not much else to glean here, other than an LTE radio is confirmed, but have at it.

Source: FCC


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Rumored LTE phone hits the FCC with LTE (hint: It's the HTC Vigor)


Very interesting. Verizon is starting to get some nicer device choices. Still want to know when the Prime will be available before I make a decision.

I agree with you on the Prime.

Yeah, it always made me laugh when people would be ranting in the forums about how Verizon never gets great devices & how they are leaving for Sprint or T-Mobile because they do. I personally think it's a better business model to get the network up & running first before bringing in the great phones than doing it the other way around. That's why Verizon is the leader.

The Joke is actually how people on verizon think they have the best network. At best you folks on verizon have been hood winked and beaten to a point where now you'll pay for anything just for the purpose of having speed. All verizon devices are useless espically the android devices they are battery draining LTE devices that are UNDERSPECED AND OVERPRICED..(2) devices does not make an network...The only thing verizon leads in is OVERCHARGES AND MISLEADING THE INDUSTRY with UNDERWHELMING DEVICES. At best verizon is a jike and so is there smartphone lineup

If either of these phones are larger than 4.3" then I'm going to have to go with the Bionic. I have a Droid X now and feel that this is the largest that I will go (my pockets aren't that huge). But, if either are 4.3" or smaller (not!), then I'll have to wait for the Nexus Prime (pure ICS?? yum)

I hear ya on the screen size. My EVO 4G is the biggest I want to go in terms of screen size. It barely fits in my pocket as is. Hoping the Prime is 4.3 inches. I'm holding out for it just for the intouched ICS :)

The Prime is ALMOST CERTAIN to have a 4.65 in. screen.

Though The Galaxy Note is the SIZE of a 4.3 in. phone, the screen is 5.3 in. because the entire thing is the screen, no physical buttons or logos. I believe it will be the same with the Prime, I think it will have the form factor of a 4 in. - 4.3 in. but since ICS isn't supposed to have any physical buttons, the screen will be bigger, but the phone itself will not

The Galaxy Note is much larger than any 4.3" phone. Its overall dimensions are 5.78x3.27x0.38", comparable only to the 5" Dell Streak (6.02x3.11x0.4").

The largest dimensions of 4.3" Android Phones:

Height: 5.11" (LG Revolution, 5.11x2.63x0.54")
Width: 2.68" (HTC Inspire 4.84x2.68x0.46", LG Thrill 5.07x2.68x0.47")
Thickness: 0.56" (HTC Thunderbolt 4.75x2.6x0.56")

The Note is 0.77" taller and 0.59" wider than the largest 4.3" phones in those dimensions, 15 and 22% larger, respectively.

It's also worth noting that the trend of screen size increasing more than phone size that you allude to hasn't happened recently. Screen size as a percentage of phone face surface area hasn't increased since the HTC Evo 4G and HD2 at ~65% screen; this percentage is in fact slightly lower for all of the Galaxy S II phones and Galaxy Note (~63-64%) and every other phone for that matter (except for the Thunderbolt which is barely better at ~66%).

The phones are getting thinner, but I don't think that's as much of an issue anymore. When people complain about big phones, they are usually talking about the length and width.

I hope the Prime turns out to be the size of a 4.3" phone, but I wouldn't count on it. It would be a pretty significant achievement; on most phones the edges aren't exactly bearing down on all of the edges of the screen and the buttons.

@El Jefe: The leader of what? Terrible customer service?? Bloatware?? Yes, I am a VZW customer...I own the LTE 10.1, but come on...Verizon is AS BAD AS ANY OF THE CARRIERS.

You are probably one of those people that take advantage of the system and want something for nothing. I have been with Verizon since it acquired Ameritech. Customer service has always been great. I have had multiple Storm and Storm 2 replacements (due to faulty hardware)with fee overnight shipping, wife had her Eris replaced, early upgrades, etc. They moved up my upgrade from August to March so I could get a Thunderbolt on release day. I have no complaints whatsoever.

It doesn't make any sense to me that the Vigor was referred to as the Thunderbolt 2 or that it's going to replace it when it looks more like an Incredible than a Thunderbolt (doesn't even have a kickstand). So no go for me. Moving on...

I will get this phone over the bionic simply because it's an HTC product. I have never liked motorola, with my experience their hardware has always been poor quality, I'm not just speaking processor ect, I mean the phone itself is poorly built. HTC makes amazingly durable products and luckily I got a Droid Inc2 as a replacement for my broken first gen Inc through insurance. Now I can save my annual upgrade for this amazing phone. I understand people saying that Verizon just get low powered phones but this is proof that they were doing just what I though, making sure their 4G LTE was up in enough places before releasing a badass. If the specs are correct this phone will blow the EVO3D and the Bionic out of the water.

P.S. only way I would purchase a Nexus(Droid)Prime is if it was made by HTC, if Google makes the retarded mistake of making their next flagship a Motorola phone, keep it and ICS, I will just wait for Cyanogenmod to give me ICS for my VIGOR :)

Keep in mind the HTC VIGOR if anything is the EVO 3D...Don't get it twisted my friend the current EVO 3D has the best specs on the market on this day. The specs of the vigor is the specs of the EVO 3D minus the 1.5 Ghz processor at this stage of the industry there really is no differance in 1.2 Ghz dualcore vs 1.5 Ghz dualcore what maybe 30seconds at best opening applications???that means nothing in the real world...The Vigor wont be better than the EVO 3D not at all...

Same thought I just had. I went to check out the bionic yesterday and it is nice. Had to force myself to wait for this so I can compare side by side.

Kinda having buyers remorse now. Just shot my load on the bionic. Hope within the next thirty days, something sexy comes out

I'm a happy Verizon customer and I'm hoping this new HTC phone will come to them. Like one member said, its good to spend money on upgrading towers technology etc before getting the best phones. Kinda doesn't make sense to get the best phones if your technology can't catch up to the phone. Sprint's 4g is subpar at best but they have the best phones right now. Verizon has in my opinion the best technology around and even though unhappy customers aremt happy with their phone selection, at least the technology keeps up with the phone if not surpasses it.

But I'll get off my soapbox now but anything is better than a Motorola phone anyday. I made the mistake of going to them instead of an HTC phone when I upgrades and am paying for my mistakes till my upgrade comes up at the end of the month.

If anybody network is proven it's sprint not verizon and yes the best android devices reside on sprint no other carrier can compare...The best HTC devices will always be on sprint before any other carrier. The best brand in the industry is the EVO BRAND on sprint.Anything else on any other network is nothing more than a evo

If anybody network is proven it's sprint not verizon and yes the best android devices reside on sprint no other carrier can compare...The best HTC devices will always be on sprint before any other carrier. The best brand in the industry is the EVO BRAND on sprint.Anything else on any other network is nothing more than a evo

I am an HTC fan and don't like Motorola. I had the Incredible and upgraded to the Thunderbolt. I think this device is amazing even if the battery isn't as great as I wish. But I have tweaked it and it is doing decent. I won't get the extended battery. I don't like the huge hump on the back and holding it would be awkward. I have small hands.
I do think the manufacturers can make more powerful batteries for the phones without the added weight and size. There is a slimmer battery that might give out an hour or more. I have only had my TB a week and it is improving with use. Other than that, it is a great device and love it.

I am disappointed this is shaped like the Sensation, which has a taller, thinner screen. I like the shape of the Thunderbolt and EVO 4g better.

Anyone notice a 1630mah battery listed as the stock battery? Major improvement over the tbolt there. I may have to return my bionic now. The pentile screen is quirky, but does work amazingly well outdoors

Hopefully it will have better battery life than the thunderbolt. Atleast they increased the battery size they should go even higher and go 1735 like the bionic.

I feel like I'm the only one that likes motorola. My DX is the best phone i've ever owned. Still looks, runs and feels brand new. I won't be getting the bionic because of upcoming devices on the horizon but don't get the hatred over motorola. I must say though most htc phones do look slick.

I'm with you on that. I love my DX. I got it on release and it was the best buy I ever made. Over a year later, it is still a beast and nothing until the bionic really touched it. Actually, the DX has a better screen then the bionic and its stock battery life puts the blunderbolt to shame. We were the first phone behind the nexus device to get gingerbread and had 3 leaked builds. I never thought that I'd hold on to a device for this long.
Motorola makes awesome phones. Their antennas are great their batteries last, and their phones feel solid. That's right, not plastic like the incredible or fascinate. Moto's changed its blur and its very user friendly and doesn't lag like every samsung device before the charge. You cannot even tell that the DX has a locked bootloader because there are roms for it better than most unlocked phones. They are actually the easiest phones to root when a method is discovered. Htc has made some great phones and samsung, well they made the gs2... Whose us variant isn't released yet.
Overall I love Motorola phones. The haters gotta back off because something bad can be said about every manufacturer's phones. Don't let the hate blind you. They have great stuff.

I'm going to buy a Bionic soon, but I may have a little look into this, even after I buy the phone. I'm always interested in looking at new phones, even if I don't plan on buying them, I love Android like that. But HTC is not my favorite company, I like Motorolas better. But if it wows me (and doesn't eat battery life like candy) I could always trade it in, since I'm buying the Bionic at Costco.