Number given to the Wall Street Journal by unnamed HTC executive

HTC has sold approximately five million of its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The paper quotes an unnamed HTC executive saying the company had sold "around five million" HTC One devices since the launch around a month and a half ago.

"Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it's doing really well or not," the executive is quoted as saying, referring to supply issues with camera components for the phone.

If accurate, the 5 million figure shows strong sales for the device the face of fierce competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung. By contrast, rival Samsung says it recently passed the 10 million units shipped mark for its new Galaxy S4, which went on sale around the world during the last week of April, so it's still comfortably ahead of its Taiwanese rival.

HTC will be relying on sales of the One to remedy its current financial woes, and shifting five million units is certainly a significant step in the right direction. What's more, the news might also quell worries over the stream of high-profile figures who've recently left the company.

Source: WSJ Online


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Report: 'Around 5 million' HTC One phones sold


HTC was before Samsung and will always be the king not matter what happened. samsung needs million years to make HTC quality devices HTC = royalty from parts to screen to software to everything inside and out.

put this in your head HTC = royalty

Samsung phones are not made with love they made with only lets go put anything. Samsung phones are like 99 cent calculator from 99 cent store.

your wiredo who is emotional. im tellling you that Samsung phones are useless and they don;t last in the long run after 6 months thats it they gone and you get bored with them and not only that many parts fail and need to be replaced. Samsung phones everything is cheap inside and out thats the truth.

your full of bs i have right to say my experience with any phone you don't like it don't read.

Although it is all a matter of opinion what device is better ! HTC do not make the best put together devices that would be apple.
And HTC do not make the best software features that would be Samsung so if you look at it that way HTC are not in fact kings of anything are they ? They are certainly not the best at making devices that have half decent battery life.

Yea, they lost the people who were responsible for HTC's previous strategies and failed policies. Now they are moving on to people with new ideas and strategies, and its obviously working out in a good way for them.

Think of how many if they would have worked out a deal with Verizon. It's ok we got the next best thing, J-lo!

I had to make a lot of calls. Luckily a T-Mo store 35 mins. away had 9 in stock on Sunday so with no hesitation, I drove and grabbed mine. Been happy ever since. Hehehe!

As nice as the Samsung GS4 is it is enjoying the Apple syndrome where that's all people identify with. Having tried both and deciding on the HTC One simply because it is overall a better phone and its' design is superb. Would have like to seen the 10 million sold for the One but 5 million isn't a bad start.

Agreed. They may have 5 million in sales but the real question is how many have they actually shipped?

I love HTC and I love my One, but the sales experience was horrible.

There are still stock shortages of the One nearly everywhere, so I would guess a pretty high proportion of those 5 million have been sold to customers.

Meanwhile, very few sites have pointed out that, while the GS4 may have sold 10 million quicker than the GS III, if you go back a year, the GS III had many supply constraints initially, and wasn't available for to launch in the U.S. until a month or so after the global launch.


I have been a Samsung fan for a while. I was excited when I got the S4.. I gotta tell you.. All gimick! I hardly used all the air features, the camera shutter lagged. The feel was just toyish.. I went to the HTC One and it really is a great device. It doesn't get the respect it deserves. Glad to see HTC cleaning house. That VP that tweeted the message about jumping ship, is just angry... Here's to a corporate turn around HTC!

you are samsung fan boy why can't you accept someone experience with that Samsung s4 was bad not everyone likes to lie to them self stick with a useless phone.

And, you're an HTC fanboy. You can't accept the fact that some people prefer Samsung over HTC.

Seriously, these are phone OEMs. They don't know or care that you or I exist. They just want our money.

Buy what works for you; and, let others decide what works for them.

I'm a die-hard HTC fanboy too Jovax but just chill. If it wasn't for Samsung's competition, HTC wouldn't up their game. Look at where it took HTC. We now have the One. Let others enjoy theirs and we'll enjoy ours. Do you wanna get stuck in 2011 bec. of no competition? I don't. Just be thankful that we're all Android fanboys here. No iOS bullcrap.

But ios sort of paved the way for android and made android what it is today. Whether you personally like apple or not ? They have done loads for the modern smartphone and have pretty much moulded the industry into what it is now.

Ok, I see your point. It's just that iOS stopped growing since the iPhone 4 and got lost in the competition. Sure the hardware changed but the OS didn't. The experience was the same. Completely different with Android. Android offered more.

Congratulations HTC! Keep on with the inspiration of creating incredible smartphones! It's always good to have choices when purchasing a smartphone, and HTC is truly one of the best to choose from!

if they would have made proper production and distribution they would have sold 15 million, not 5. tmobile doesn't have them yet at retail stores.

Great job (although I have to think that they would have sold a few more units if they could have fully launched the same phone at least 2 months befores the S4; two months of undivided attention would have helped.)

Samsung shipping as many as possible to stores just so they can say they "sold" a large number isn't impressive at all. Personally from what I see the S4 isn't hard to get you just walk in any where and tons are in stock. There are no crowds at the "Samsung Experience" at my Best Buy at all. I feel like in general from what I see to me no one actually cares but clearly Samsung's numbers say differently. We'll see. I think if the HTC one goes on to even sell 20 million this year it's a huge success considering its a brand with no "status" recognition amongst teens and young adults and its basically fighting it's way out of the grave. And 20 million this year means double for it's follow up next year. I love my HTC one.

i like this :) seeing HTC selling 5 mill. HTC cant go down if that does happend then i guess samsung will not have much compitation in the andriod market :/ but anyways way to go HTC :)

5 million in more than a month isn't impressive. Sony and LG produce those numbers too. With that said, decent job htc.

Please, troll. Go back to your cave. These 5 million shipped because for oems shipped=sold. Clean your eyes fan boy.

This is fantastic news! I am in love with my HTC One! This is the phone that convinced me to switch to Android after spending five years with the iPhone. I would hate to see HTC go anywhere soon, especially since they really seem to be finding their way again.

Not to mention this shows that there is room for good competition in the Android world and the average consumer WILL take notice of something different if it's done well. Kudos HTC.

5 million shipped WITH delays and component shortages? And of course their lack of advertising... That's rather impressive. Imagine if the device was actually available everywhere and people saw advertisements about it.

This is great news for Android - having Samsung dominate cell phone sales is not good for anyone - it doesn't matter whether you like Samsung or HTC - this will push Samsung to make better phones and that is what is great for everyone - don't need the fanboy talk to know that HTC being financially successful is important for us as consumers because we will have better choices (and LG is starting to step up their game in the US). The only question/criticism I have of the One is battery life - how can you ship an elite phone with nonremovable battery that is ONLY 2000 Mah. Motorola (regardless of what you think of the rest of the hardware) has really gotten it right on its latest handsets - Droid Razr HD (2500 Mah with approx. 24 hours battery life), Droid Razr Maxx HD (3100 Mah with almost 36 hours or two full days of light use) and even the Razr M (only 2000 Mah BUT only qHD so has all day battery life) and all the phones are thin and light (no comment on the rest of Moto design - love it or hate it). IF you're going to make a high end handset you need to design it with a large enough battery to last ALL day under light-moderate use without having to baby the settings (Juice Defender, Tasker, Llama, etc). HTC has yet to make a handset with very good to excellent battery life - too bad.

Seriously?five million?
Then it means hTC has to sell nearly more than 3 million ONE in May, and the income of hTC in May must surpass like 35 billion NTD or so.

This article makes no sense whatsoever. If they've sold 5 million units then the phone's already a hit success. Why do they have to wait until next month to know if it's doing well.
Sounds like a rumour started by some HTC employee to inject some commercial impetus for a struggling device.
If HTC had sold that many of them, then they would shout that news from the highest rooftops. That's an achievement they've never had before in their entire history as a company.
I don't believe a word of it. The first and second paragraphs are just too contradictory for this to be meaningful.

This is great news. HTC needs The One to sell well so we can continue seeing them build great phones and pushing other manufactures to bring out there best.