Verizon iPhone 4

It's OK. You can admit it. We know a few of you have checked all the Verizon iPhone coverage at TiPb. And we've spotted you lurking in their Verizon iPhone forums. So let's hear it, folks. Who's hopping on the Verizon iPhone bandwagon? Let us know in the poll below!


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Poll: Who's defecting to a Verizon iPhone?


See if he'd be interested in a companion device, Galaxy Tab size, but the first that runs Honeycomb (I think we are all guessing something will be announced at MWC, the GT2 or something else).

Is he not interested in the upfront money, the contract, the battery life, the features? This will solve half of those problems.

If the iPhone became the only smartphone available on the market, I would go back to a feature phone, or no phone at all. I'll stick with Sprint, and I'll stick with my Epic. Unless Palm puts out something super compelling later this year, I don't see me going anywhere. I'm planning on sticking with my Epic even when my upgrade comes.

Really? You would give up a phone all together just so you wouldn't have to use the iPhone? Seems pretty extreme.

Read the full comment before saying stupid stuff. He said if it was the only smartphone he would go to a feature phone.

Actually he said a feature phone OR no phone at all, so the reply wasn't stupid at all. And for readers here's the question in a nutshell: Is the iPhone really all that bad? I'd probably never get one because they're always going to be about a year behind what the high end androids can do, but that's me.

"Is the iPhone really all that bad?"

No, absolutely not. I had one, and loved it. However, I might be in the same boat with the commenter, I believe I will never buy another Apple product again, because Apple is that bad. The latest in their war to bring everything in house is appalling, telling their devs that they can't sell purchases in the app unless you let Apple have a chance to sell it and get their 30% cut is outrageous.

I hope google will never resort to such measures. Apple wants control and to sell everything, so I've been boycotting them ever since they rejected Google Voice, and IMHO this is worse.

I feel the same way. Stupid iPhone. I have an Epic as well. So have you been with Sprint more than 10 years? If not, you'll have to wait a year and a half for your next upgrade...

H*ll no. Saw on the news this morning that Verizon is already threatening their new iPhone users that if they start using too much data, Verizon will remove their unlimited data plan and also slow down the data as well.

I'm staying with Sprint, 11+ years strong!

I was looking at it, but then I was struck by lightning and now I am jumping on the Thunderbolt!!

Hell no. Even if I did, why would I get this if the new one is coming out soon no? Besides, I travel to Central America, where there's no cdma networks anymore for some reason, only gsm. Anyways, android is much more fun. We need netflix! I can only watch it on my wife's 3gs. That's all we need on android.

Nice!!! Sign me up for an outdated phone with restrictions on what apps I can have on my phone that only has one button because I'm too stupid to operate a phone with four buttons. YES!!!

Really? You're concern is buttons? Don't ever try webOS phone then. You'll hate its one button design that destroys every other ui system out there.

webOS has the best UI of all platforms. Its the hardware that's held it back. But probably not for much longer. webOS event on the 9th of this month.

CDMA isn't old at all GSM is far older (which is why the entire world has it already). CDMA is a far more secure system that is susceptible to Man-in-the-Middle attacks like GSM (although you need about $1000 worth of equipment to do it).

Being Canadian, we've had the iPhone on all carriers but I do understand this vent up frustration that AT&T customers have. Too bad Verizon just didn't upgrade their network or create a new one like Telus & Bell did to stay in the game. CDMA seems to be an old technology up here now.

i wouldnt say better. but being old it is just everywhere. if you go somewhere with equal cdma and gsm signal gsm will be quicker, from my experience.

Pluses and minuses. CDMA will have better building penetration, so your overall reception is better all other things being equal.

Well CDMA does have better call quality and I believe its signal travels farther as well and also there is a nice soft handoff of towers on CDMA and hard handoff on GSM which is less pleasant.

When my first anniversary comes up in October, I'll be ditching the Droid X for the iPhone 5. I like the X okay and Android isn't bad, but it's just not as good as the iPhone and iOS. Too many lockups and crashes. Additionally, the battery life is sometimes good but mostly bad and terribly inconsistent.

I've tried running bone stock, rooting, rooting with a launcher, and nothing makes it better. The only thing the Droid X does better than my wife's iPhone 4 is that the audio quality of videos recorded by the phone is better, especially in a concert or other loud situation. Other than that, the iPhone is better in every other way.

I will miss the two widgets I use, but that isn't a huge deal. I don't use any more due to the bad battery life.

I'm terribly disappointed. I really wanted to like Android and the Droid X.

Of course, that's just my opinion.

Just curious - how does any of what I wrote make me an idiot. I have given Android a try and I don't care for it. I'm pretty tech savvy and I can handle rooting and all of the settings and other options.

I am very surprise to see this happening here, in engadget is common to have dushbags like Hooters but here in AC, come on mods delete this guys post. sorry texas, hopefully you come back to the good side sometime

@Hooters. You are the idiot for not being respectful. He was just telling his opinion on a post that was completely relevant. Although I don't like iOS, the battery and software optimization is better than Android. Battery life is my biggest issue with Android.

I've had a DX since September and have only had one small problem with it. Even my friends with iPhones envy it.

i went from an evo to a dx when i switched to verizon and the dx makes android look bad. its lockups drive me nuts. the evo would do it once in a while like my 3gs work phone dose but the dx dose it way too much

It doesn't make you an idiot but it makes you completely narrowminded and in no way technology savvy. I'll give you that iPhone may be better than a Droid X but to decide based on a motorola phone that all of android is not as good as the locked down steve jobs jesus phone, is just pathetic. My incredible runs circles around the iPhone 4, same thing with my buddies Evo 4G. Before you decide android is a bad OS you should probably check out some of the better quality HTC phones, I've even heard good things about the LG Optimus 2X, hmmmm, does that have a duocore processor? I wonder......

...Anyway, Enjoy your flash on the iphone, oh wait, there is none, Then I guess enjoy the ability to upgrade your memory, wait, none of that either, Maybe enjoy the super durable glass that is a hundred times stronger than plastic, wait, wasn't that proven to break in less than 3 feet? Well if anything at least you're on Verizon with a sub-par telephone that has a super Hi-res fancy UI. Lol, yea, iPhone is so much better.

I have to agree. Its kinda like buying a non brand name laptop from walmart and saying Windows sucks. Android is winning the war because their platform is on multiple phones and networks. Unfortunately that makes it up to the maker of the phone to create a good product. I love my EVO. Although the Samsung Epic has similar specs, I vowed never to buy another Samsung again (back when flip phones were in). They just don't perform as well. Motorola should just go away

I am technology savvy - you don't know anything about me. I am just at a point where I want something that works and I don't have to tinker with constantly. If that makes me stupid or simple or not savvy, then you are using very different definitions of the words.

Also, if I were narrow minded, I never would have moved to Android in the first place. Also, my opinion isn't based on one phone. It's based on two phones I've tried personally, including the Incredible, and on friends who have, and love, Android phones but acknowledge the shortcomings. I can tell you, neither the Incredible nor the Droid X "runs circles" around the iPhone 4.

As to Flash on the phone - I keep it set to on demand on the Droid X. On the relatively rare occasions that I need to see Flash on a website, I just click to see. It's true, on the iPhone I wouldn't have Flash, but it's really not a huge deal to me. I thought it would be awesome to have, but it's a pain and runs like crap.

I don't need any more than 16GB or 32GB of memory, which I can get on the iPhone. Most people are in the same boat, but for those who need that extra 8-16GB of memory can use Android.

As far as the glass goes, I keep the Droid X in an Otterbox and would do the same with an iPhone. When I had my iPhone 3GS, I dropped it multiple times from 3-4 feet and never had an issue. The 3 times I dropped my Droid X from 3-4 feet, the cover came off and the battery went flying. Didn't have to worry about that with the iPhone.

As for the phone itself, I never had any issues on AT&T with the phone quality or dropped calls. I just thought I would like Android better. I was wrong.

I don't see why so many Android users get so belligerent and nasty when someone says they prefer the iPhone. This happens to me with the majority of Android users I know personally. When I show iPhone users I know my Droid X, they are interested and think it's pretty cool. I generally don't get the nasty responses from iPhone users, either in person or online, that I get from Android users. Not every time, mind you, but generally speaking.

I'm not saying I would never give Android a try again, but it's just not the phone OS for me right now.

I believe Apple made a big mistake not having the Iphone on Verizon up until now. Without a doubt this allowed Android to gather far more market share in the short run the what otherwise may have been - for which I am pleased that something finally evolved to give Apple a run for their money. I am a "business" user and left the Blackberry for the original Droid when it first came out on Verizon. I still use the Droid today. I especially like the Google integrations (Gmail, Maps, etc)and not sure if I could go without the "free" navigation that I use almost daily.

However, I will likely give the Iphone a try when the Iphone 5 is available later this year. All of the phone manufacturers have mostly prostituted the Android operating system to make quick inroads into market with what have been mostly cheap, shoddy devices. I liked the stalky solid feel of the original Droid and have yet to see a newer device built as well. Google also needs to batten down the current version of Android and make it far more robust instead of piling on more half-baked features. I run only a few mainstream applications and I have frequent lockups and shutdowns. In addition, sometimes the battery drains very quickly (overnight with the phone on or off). A few applications for Android are pretty good but a lot of them are crap. Even some of Googles own applications are problematic, i.e. the Listen app.I think nearly all of the apps I use are better on the Iphone where they seem to be much better supported.

Most people need their phones to just work without a lot of tinkering. I am capable of fussing with my phone and able to solve a lot of the problems but I grow tired of fighting this stuff.I,like 99.9% of other Android users are not interested in rooting (though I find it interesting)and don't really want to tweak every last detail on our phone (I personally don't have the time and desire). Keep in mind that you have no market with only 1% of the users even though I suspect a lot of solicitors to this site would prefer otherwise. So like it or not you have to have some level of mass appeal to have a successful market for your phones. And sorry but the masses aint interested in rooting a phone.

I use PC's, a Macbook Air as well and even have a home server installed. I am familiar with cross platforms and understand that there are always pros and cons to each but in the end they are not all that different. I couldn't care less if its a PC, Mac, Iphone or Android, I am beholden to no particular platform or manufacturer but rather what simply works best for me. A lot of folks seem to get religious about brands (some kind of in-security or affirmation that they made the absolute best choice) - who cares - make these businesses compete to provide the best value. This stuff isn't cheap. My hope is that the Verizon Iphone will be a wake up call to Google and the rest of the handset manufacturers interested in selling Android based devices. Remember it was Android that really put a fire under Apple to improve the Iphone. But based on what I have seen Google do lately, I am not holding my breath.

Hey dude I'm sorry ppl are insulting you. It was an articulate opinion and accurate to your preferences.

"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser." Socrates

veo am sticking with Droid tho :)

Extra widgets wont really kill your battery life. Think about it, if you have them on the same update schedule and with how little information they pull down it does such a negligible impact on your battery life. I use quite a few widgets, 2 calendars both are set to sync, 2 BWs that are set to 30 min intervals and Plume is set to 15 or 30 min (can't remember, I might've decided 15 was too much particularly since I typically catch up on tweets while walking or riding a bus which is less than 4 times a day). BW I have 2 different widgets, the weather and then the 5 day forecast. Calendar I have 2 different widgets by 2 different companies, for their competing views/arrangements.

Still, my phone, with the screen off, loses about 1% of battery an hour. These updates pull so little juice and the idle, if done right (Samsung has the best idle battery life), will hardly be interrupted.

Why is he an idiot? This is what makes us Android users look immature. He is entitled to his opinion because his post is just that his opinion. The Droid X (which I have owned and went back to the Dinc) is great hardware, but horrible software and he is right it is terribly buggy and not to mention ugly. although I don't agree with his choice to get the iPhone (I have had the first three before ditching the platform for the N1 and will never go back) he is entitled to have an opinion and he posted this in the right article as this is what this pole was set to do. Phil and the AC gang write good tastful comments and I was interested to see others opinions on the matter. I don't see the meaning in calling hime names. You and the many other people that act immature need to grow up. You do realize that your choice in a phone doesn't mean that the whole world feels the same way and posting what you did after he posted a ligitimate concern and his opinion of switching was exactlty what the article is asking for. You sir, are the idiot not the OP in this situation so I say again, grow up and stop making Android users look like immature teenagers.

Interesting. My wife has a DX and relies on me for all her tech needs. She's never had to come to me about her phone and she uses it constantly. No lockups, freezes, crashes... I don't think the phone has been rebooted since the day it was first turned on.

I seriously question folks that say they experience lockups and crashes. Almost all of my friends with smartphones have Androids. I hear nothing like this from them.

I don't think you are being an idiot. If it's not working for you, the check elsewhere. The iPhone has better battery life. If that is very important to you and you don't want an extended battery, then there is nothing more to say. I have very, very few lockups or crashes on my Incredible, so I don't have the same issues you are seeing.
We here certainly disagree that the iPhone is "better in every other way." Flexibility, customize-ability and functional UI all go to Android, IMO. iOS is easy to use, but not as functional (too much in-and-out and pecking). iPhone wins on battery life, better overall app experience (although that advantage is disappearing rapidly and is negligible to me, currently) and simplicity (Simple != better. A 1996 Nokia phone is also simple, doesn't mean I want it).

I'm shocked by these moronic replies. Preferring an iPhone over a Droid X doesn't make you an idiot, nor does it make you not tech savvy. Did any of you happen to read the article above? It's about who's switching to an iPhone, with an implied "why".

The reasons for the preference were laid out pretty clearly. If that's enough to sway some people, then what's the problem?

When someone experiences the kind of trouble with Android as you say you are, its either because they run a task killer, or are just trolling. If you are running a task killer, uninstall it, and your Droid X will run good again. If your're trolling well then ..., n/m I wont feed the trolls.

I'll get an iPhone the day iOS becomes flexible, fully customizable, has widgets, and does true multitasking....oh wait, why do I need to wait for that to happen? Android already DOES it all! ;)

How the fuck is this fat douchebag Phil Nickinson still allowed to spam his garbage here on this site?

People come here for real Android news.

Dude you are spam. These editors and writers are awesome and the iphone being on verizon does affect android as well as other operating systems. So BACK OFF and SHUT UP!!!!

Oh, and about 25% of the apps I install either don't work at all or do not work properly. A wide selection of phones is good in some ways, but it hurts in other ways.

In the EXTREMELY rare event that this is not spam, iPhone is a smartphone from Apple. It's running iOS 4, which is the main reason people buy it.
I like the iPhone. But Android is what fits me. I understand why people would be defecting from android to the VZW iPhone. Android is a bit too complicated for some people (it's becoming easier, though). Also, the iOS App Store may have higher-quality apps, but it has some content restrictions while the Android Market is open. (I'm still anti-porn though. Keep it on Mikandi! >:( )

I live in Canada, and EVERY operator here has the iPhone. I've had the choice forever. For all you Americans this is just a chance to see who is really on the side of choice and who was playing along.

Having the Sammy Fascinate and seeing all the stuff going on with the Froyo upgrade, I still wouldn't trade in my Fascinate for the iPhone. Why? All the cool stuff that I can do to it. Different launchers, rooting the device, side loading apps. Do I need Adobe Flash 10.1? Nope, happy with it now. iPhone doesn't even support flash anyways right? So what am I missing? The camera is better on the Sammy, I have enough storage on it (and I can give it more if I wanted to throw the money down on a new SD card). Sure, iMovie would be a cool app to have for video editing, but you can find similar stuff on the Android Marketplace. I have a white Fascinate and everyone always asks me "is that the white iPhone4?" and I always give them the side eye, shake my head and go "no dude/dudette, it's an Android phone. You like it, huh?" Then I ride off into the sunset...

I'm switching, but I will be getting an Android tablet, b/c I need some Android in my life. This is more a reflection of Sprint service at my house and not wanting to pay another month for roaming the entire time I'm at home.

EDIT: Marking my post as spam? Ok, cool I'm still all about #teamAndroid, so it's ok

unfortunately cant do anything til july, but that forces me to wait for the cool-looking phones coming out this spring, so all in all not necessarily a bad thing. also depends on how hard verizon plans to rape us for LTE. if similar to my data plan now, will get an lte phone, most likely whatever the best dual-core (tegra2 hopefully) android phone verizon has come july 5. (my upgrade date is july 4, how annoying is that) if LTE is a lot more, especially since i expect to use around 1-2gb/month of data, i may just try to continue my current unlimited 3g plan and get the best 3g phone they have (android or iphone, or maybe palm if they come out with good hardware)

Wish I wasn't but corporate says no android on the network for the "foreseeable future" and I'm really tired of carrying both ab X and a berry. =(

I'm a big Android fan but the iPhone is a nice phone. Anybody who can't admit that is a fanboy extremist.

Oh I totally agree. Not bashing the iPhone or anything. It's great and the platform will appeal to a certain market where as Android appeals to another segment. I own a Macbook pro and I always rave to people how good Mac OSX is and ease of use, but I also have an HP lappy with Win 7 on it and I love it also. Can you love multiple operating systems? Sure, why not? Can you prefer one over the other? Yep, I prefer Andy over iOS and I prefer Mac OSx over Win 7. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. But I love me some Andy!!!

Seriously...the hardware looks nice but thats about where it stops. From the moment you unlock it the experience is inferior.

I'd get my wife an iPhone4, sure, why not. She likes tech to be simple and doesn't care about rooting or anything like that. Right now she has a Palm Pre Plus and she loves it (but don't see her phone getting WebOS 2.0 anytime soon) and she's oblivious to that. I'm like "you Pre Plus would rock with 2.0" and she's like "it's already good enough". We tech junkies sometimes just ask way to much, huh? LMAO

This could have been my house...we are the same way. I have a Fascinate running Froyo (thanks to this site), but I just got my wife an IPhone 4 to replace her Palm Pre +. Have to admit when running things side by side her IPhone is faster, which I found odd, because the internals are pretty much the same other than the screens.

This could have been my house...we are the same way. I have a Fascinate running Froyo (thanks to this site), but I just got my wife an IPhone 4 to replace her Palm Pre +. Have to admit when running things side by side her IPhone is faster, which I found odd, because the internals are pretty much the same other than the screens.

Heeeeeellll nnnnnnooooo!!!!! Fuck the iphone android for life!!!! I started with the OG DROID... now im with my beautiful DROID X.... then its gna be the DROID BIONIC!!!! Who would want to get a shitty ass iphone?

Im sticking with Android. I'm too much a fan of OPEN SOURCE to go back to a restricted OS. With the ability to root and run my laptop off my UNLIMITED data plan on my phone, I can't give that up. There is nothing appealing about the iPhone that I don't see myself doing on my rooted Evo. Besides, why would I leave Sprint to pay more money for an inferior service. When I say inferior, I mean all the restrictions with mms. I send a picture taken off my phone to a Verizon user and I get an error back, stating that there is a limit to the size of pictures they will transmit. That's crazy...

So, Android and Sprint will be my choice until something happens to top the phone/plan/price combos that I can get with them.

Nothing against iPhone, but I'm planning to stick with Sprint and the EVO. Even if iPhone came to Sprint, I don't think I would switch. I don't want to walk around having the same phone as everyone else. Even though lots of people have Android, at least we all have different options and styles to choose from and I like that individuality. Sure, I'm glad Apple has a great product and something for the everyman that they can pick up and use but suddenly it makes things homogenous and boring. Yay, 300,000 apps but really? I need to have that many options? Think I'm good with Lloyd and his friends. :)

If they wanna leave let em. It's less people whining because they bricked their phone, can't figure out an app and need their hand held through the life of their phone. Steve and apple would love to hold your hands so go in peace lol.

Only reason I would even consider switching to the iPhone is that the carriers do not like to upgrade the software in android phones, and if they do it takes forever between the manufacturer and the carrier ( but that's what rooting is for). That and how some apps don't work for certain phones or run sluggishly if you don't have a top notch phone(damn sprint hero).

Android for life! I want to own my own phone and not have it owned by Steve Jobs. I want to be able to customize and do with my phone what I want to do with it. Open Source FTW!

Except that for the end user, Android really isn't open either, unless you get a Nexus 2. I know you can root and install custom ROMs, but if the OS was open at the end user level, that wouldn't be necessary.

Android is quite open for customazation than Iphone. Let us say you want to use a theme for android without rooting. I can just buy or use any luncher (ADW Luncher for example) in the market that support themes. I just look for a compatible theme and off I go in my merry way. If I want a new ringtone I get from multiple sources without rooting.

If I want to theme my Iphone, I have to jailbreak by device and load cydia. And load winterdashboard and then load the theme I want. If I remembered correctly if my iphone is not jailbroken; I have to use itunes to select (or buy) ringtones that are not all ready installed in my device.

Android is software. You can't buy it, because it's free. It's 100% open, and buildable by anyone.

You're making the common mistake of thinking that the Motorola phone (or HTC, or whoever)you bought is an Android phone. It's not. It's a Motorola product that they are 100% responsible for, just like a Razer.

I bought one for my wife and plan to get a TB for myself, although I am pretty interested to see what happens with the iphone 5. If it doesn't have at least a 4" screen though, I'll forget about it.

Still using my OG Droid (CM6).

I've been on feature phones, WM, BB, and Android. Hell, I've been on bag phones. Android is the best phone OS I've ever used.

BUT, I still freaking hate (HATE!) the way that it manages memory and the fact that too many Android developers (who can't code their way out of a freaking paper sack) can ruin the experience. Let *me* decide what apps are running in the background, m'kay? I still think that, for the average user, iOS provides a much better experience.

All that said, I still can't understand why we all can't live and let live. Don't like the iPhone? Don't get one. It's simple.

I agree completely, way too much fanboyism here (and at tipb for that matter). People act as if this is a contest which one side will "win". But what's the end game? When there is no more iphone. That's just stupid and the people who act like google or moto or htc give a shit about you are just as pathetic as those who worship at the altar of steve jobs.

I agree with you agreeing with me. :o) I think that the benefits of the competition will be a great bonus to fans of all the OSes.

I have to give props to Jobs already, for getting VZW to issue the iPhone without a bunch of useless crapware (like Madden Football trials that you can't uninstall without root.) Heck, it doesn't even have the VZW logo burned onto it.

If that trend extends to all the other VZW phones (of course it won't, but I can dream) it will be a good thing.

The thing I hate about Android users, not really directed at you, is that they worry too much about what apps are loaded in memory. They think that since an app is in memory, that it's sucking up their battery which for the most part isn't true. Android is very good at moving stuff around and pre-loading apps that it thinks you are going to use. The stupid carriers aren't helping out at all by recommending task killers.

No Kodros, we're cool. I understand what you're saying, and how Android allocates memory. But I'm still not a fan because, (in my case) it really doesn't do a very good job at guessing correctly. I may not use Google News and Weather for weeks, but there it sits, ready to go.

Add that to the fact that too many coders don't know how to allocate and release system resources properly, and all of the sudden one app update kills my battery by noon. Respectable, top shelf apps too. I liken it to how too many developers for Windows think that they need to load in the foreground and have a system tray process.

Like I said, Android is the best phone OS that I've ever used, I just don't think that it's Nerdvana. :o)

iphones reminds me so much of Ed Hardy shirts. everyone and their mama has em and everyone that has em thinks its the coolest shirt ever.

This is the beauty of capitalism. We all have a choice. Imo, android is the only way to go. Main reason, open source. Some people can't figure it out and need a device to tell them what they can and can't do. I was one of those people for a while. It is amazing how a little research and practice at hacking can make a device sooo amazing. But we all have a choice. Doesn't make anyone right or wrong, just different. I don't see any problem with that. By the way, I had a droid x. Biggest pos I ever owned. Locked up constant, crashed daily, most apps would hardly work. I figured out why the battery door is metal with clips and slides off. You have to take the battery out all the time to reset the phone. Same thing with the og. Screw mototola. Htc evo has been an amazing device. Anyway, as for me and my family, we're android for LIFE!!!

I'm getting one for my wife and for my mom. I'm gonna give Android another year before I decide to change to Iphone. Both Iphone and Android have their pros and cons. Pros for Android are more bleeding edge features, openess, more customization, and definitely, having Adobe Flash for a more complete web browsing experience. The problem however, is that with Android, I've seen worse battery life, and more software issues, like cough cough "force close" errors, lockups, random reboots, etc. From my research, the Iphone doesn't have these issues. Now for those that want to say, "my battery life is great" or "I don't have any force closes, lockups, random reboots", lol just be real. And even if you don't, there are several forums with plenty of evidence to show these issues.

The Iphone isn't perfect though, it's more locked down, not as much custimization, and can be considered more boring. It also, doesn't have adobe flash, which is a huge disadvantage in my book. However, I've yet to see any device, ever, with the level of build quality as the glass and metal body of the iphone, and the screen resolution of the iphone. And the Iphone has a better App store with better and more apps. When it's said and done, I've seen less software issues with it.

For now, again, I will give Android a chance, especially since Iphone hasn't adopted Adobe flash. However, the poor battery life, and software issues are making it hard to stay.

Very well put.

You know, I find it interesting how critical Adobe Flash is for some folks. I don't even have Flash installed on my phone and don't miss it. I can't think of a thing that I want to do on my phone that I can't do already--without Flash. This doesn't mean that it's not important to you, I just find it curious.


Without Flash, many websites will not come up, or will be blank. And those that have flash videos, will just get an X, or blue symbol, or some other error message. I've used Iphones and Ipads a lot, and honestly, to go to a website, and the whole page is blank, or the videos on a page not showing up, truly sucks.

I hear you brother, and I understand. I'm just saying that in the way that I use my phone, and in the way that I use my iPad it is just not a big issue for me.

I just find it curious how Flash can be a deal-breaker for one person, and not for the next.

No, because buying a 7 month old, outdated phone is dumb.
When Jesusphone V comes out, if it has bigger screen, at least dual core processor, better than Tegra2 graphics, LTE support and freaking FLASH, then I'll think about it.

No iPhone for me, but I'm not married to Android for life. It suits me for now, but if something I feel is better, I'll jump ship. It is just that nothing new seems to be coming for a while. A good long while.

Ni, but I ordered one for my wife. Fed up with all her dropped calls. Will soon have a Verizon family plan...and breathe.

I hate polls that make me answer both "Yes" and "No" and then try to put words in my mouth as to why my answer is Yes or No.

My answer is No, because I'm not interested in looking until my contract is up. But it may be yes in 2012. At that point, I'll consider all comers, Android, Apple and whatever other good competitors that will be out there. But, I will of course, be coming from an Android bias so if Apple's going to get my dollars, they'll have to have stuff like widgets, real multitasking, and configurable launchers.

No, Android works for me. I've tried the Iphone and while pretty and very well built device, I just didnt feel like I could modify the device to the same level that i can with an Android powered device. And Android comes on my different phones, not just one. To me that makes it a much better choice. If one doesnt work for you there are many many other options. I happen to think thats a plus, not a minus.

I have had smartphones since before the iPhone existed. Things most definately got better in the smartphone arena after the iPhone hit. I don't like apple or the iPhone because I hate censorship. So no thanks on the iPhone but this will weed out some of the garbage phones since Verizon has the phone everybody non tech minded knows about. Its a good thing.

I have both an Android phone and an iPod so I don't really need an iPhone. If Verizon had the iPhone about a year ago, I probably would have gotten one. I got tired of waiting and got an Android smartphone. Won't every get an iPhone.

same here... i love my iPod, i mainly only use it for Games, i hate the e-mail apps on the iPhone/iPod. everything else is Android for me. The only plus i see about the iPhone is how simple it is to use it, it doesnt take long to learn it.. i dislike that it only has one button, if it had a menu button i'd use my iPod more. every day i feel like breaking my iPod because of the lack of a MENU button!!!! aaaaarrrrrggggghhh!!!
The best thing about android is indeed CUSTOMIZATION!!! and i'm glad to have it.. ANDROID-HTC forget the rest..

I've thought about it just long enough to hate myself to thinking about it. My rooted Dinc can run circles around my wife's iphone. Even if you can somehow convinced yourself that being severely limited is okay you still have to deal with itunes, which is a complete time vampire. When the TB drops I'm grabbing it just so I can root it an Actually enjoy my phone.

PS the motorola phones do suck. Maybe their tablets are better.

Ok..for all crude remarks posted to the iphone advocates..shame on you children..just for the record I am a mac user but have been using droid phones since verizon released the og droid and eris..I also work for vzw as the store tech so I have seen all the issues that these devices some times suffer..I have never owned a iphone but have friends that do.. I will not be switching because I love my d2 and love the ability to root and customize which he iphone does not offer..BUT....that being said..I will admit that the IOS 4 is a more stable OS but I blame the carriers and the crap they put on the devices for that..I'm not a iphone hater ..I just prefer drod devices but can also admit wwhen something else has its good points as well..the iphone has its good points but droids are still in my opinion more versatile devices

Man, you couldn't PAY me to switch to an iPhone 4. I'll admit that it's got an attractive form-factor, but going to from the Epic 4G to the iPhone 4 would be an EPIC DOWNGRADE. Fortunately, I doubt Sprint will ever get the iPhone, so my three-gee's aren't going to get sucked down into nothingness by a bunch of preteen's d/ling Justin Bieber on iTunes.

Apple is trying to trick you, VZW customers! They want you to think it's mid-2010!! Don't fall for it!

I voted Heck no, but you never know if Android and Google will change their tune one day and decide to make unfavorable changes to it's mostly openess. It's the same reason I refuse to become a "Life Member" of the NRA or any other organization for that matter. Hopefully Android will continue to kick behind. As long as the innovation continues along with rooting and custom rom capability, I am on board.

As long as apple insists on ignoring keyboard slider fans and insisting that 3.5" is a decent screen size- I'm not interested.

Now should they go 4" with a great landscape slider keyboard I might switch the wife to it at least.

That's like asking me if I will be buying the Pre 2 on Verizon no way in a snowball chance in hell will I be buying a I anything. Although nice products... I just never owned any and I will keep up the tradition.

My questions is why would I have to pay for apps on the iPhone that I can get for free on Android - Angry Birds is a perfect example. My honest opinion, most of the purchases of iPhone are because its a fad. It makes you look "cool" so there is an emotion attached to it. I guarantee if they took cordless home phones, put the Apple symbol on it and marketed it as the iPhone 5, they would sell at least a million phones.

Ok, ok, I will admit it. I entered Tipb's contest for the Verizon iPhone. I only entered because my job has a Verizon account (I am currently rocking a BB Curve 8330, I kno right...), and it would have been free hardware on a free account. In other words, no out of pocket cost for me. Conversely, I gladly paid for my Evo and continue to pay for the service. I would never contemplate giving up Android for ios, at least not for what is being offered right now. I think the iPhone is great and ios is awesome, but since getting my Evo I have fallen in love with Android. I never thought of flashing a ROM before I was introduced to Android. I must say though, it always gives me renewed excitement about my phone. That feeling that I am getting something new. I never feel like my phone is "outdated" because I can easily monkey around with it and make it feel as new as the day I bought it. That's why timely updates are so important to us Android users, that excitement of "GETTING SOMETHING NEW".. I think Apple makes beautiful products and would never rule out a certain brand due to loyalty for another brand (let's face it, neither company is personally loyal to me as a user), but for now make mine Android....nuff' said!!!

Having owned an iPad for six months now, I wouldn't take an iPhone if you gave it to me for free. I might, maybe, if it was free with no use fees, but even that would be iffy.

iOS is so inferior to Android it's painful, just really really painful. Even worse, you have to deal with iTunes. Not only does that badly written pseudo-virus install so much crap I don't want (Quicktime? What in the world would I want that terrible piece of junk for when I have VLC?), but on Windows it's only barely what you'd call stable.

Who doesn't like having to install slow buggy crap on your system just to be able to use the phone/pad you paid an idiotic amount of money for?

And the worst part of having bought an Apple product? My husband getting to say "I told you so!". Ugh.

A WebOS phone with hardware that didn't suck might tempt me (I had a Pre+ before my Captivate, the OS was amazing but the hardware... Not so much), barring that (and given that the chances of WebOS showing up on decent hardware are about zero, stupid HP) it's Android ftw, iOS need not apply.

No. I will not switch because I enjoy tinkering and otherwise screwing with my phone too much.

However, I do recommend it to anyone who has no idea what root means, and thinks of wallpapers as customization. For example my mom and sisters have no business with android.

It's sad the amount of immaturity that adults have and the name-calling and how pissy someone gets when you don't like their favorite phone/OS

It's truly sad that people's lives are invested into these phones lmao

I think the iphone(in all geneations) is better than Android but it has nothing to do with the features it has and lacks. If you list feature after feature that Android has, on paper it looks amazing but in real life functionality it's kind of half-assed

Videochat--yes, u can do it on 3g/4g/wi-fi but it's not the best execution.

Facebook for Android vs Facebook for Iphone--No comparison....

Applications--Alot of the same applications can be found on both platforms however, the applications on android tend to sometimes be on a lower quality than it's iphone counterpart.

I love Android because it comes in so many varieties of a phone but in real world experience, the User Experience on the iphone is freaking amazing. I love my windows phone 7 and it lacks a lot of features that Android has but i believe it's better because it's USER EXPERIENCE is so much better than Android TO ME.

The best OS out there TO ME are Windows Phone 7, IOS, android, Webos.....Overall, if you combine Software and Hardware and Choice, I'd go with android but I enjoy the fact that I might lack multi-tasking, videochat, 4g and subpar 100,000 applications on my hd7 vs android, but my experience is so much better

or if i got an iphone, I lose openness, customization, overclocking and variety of phoens android offer but my experience is better because at least now i have more optimized apps.

At the end of the day, it's just a phone that ppl take way to seriously to call someone stupid

I replaced my BB Tour with my Droid2 in November and I am so glad that I did. The android experience to me is amazing. It does everything that my BB did just as well and so much more. The only drawback to the android is the learning curve is very very steep where as the BB is ready to go out of the box. Now as far as the iPhone goes, I have a iPod touch 4G. I love it as a mp3 player and browsing with wifi is comparable to the android, if not a touch better. The screen rez is amazing and the HD video is impressive. That being said, after using my touch, I wouldn't want it as a phone. It just does not have the flexability and adaptability that android has and that I would need as my everyday, all the time device. I (again I) need the things (widgets for tasks, calenders, weather, messages and etc) that android provides and iOS doesn't.

I have been an Android fan since about January of last year when I read up on all things Nexus One. Being on Verizon, it was speculated that the phone was coming so I not only researched the phone, but the Android OS as well. After the no-go for the N1 on Verizon and reading about the Droid Incredible (BTW, best phone I've ever owned!!) being the suitable replacement, I jumped on May 4th, 2010. And coming from a Motorola Krave ZN4 dumbphone, it was a no brainer. I have read way too many stories about the arrogance of Steve Jobs and Apple to want to buy any of their products. I am sure they are very good, especially since I know a ton of people that own them, but I have been convinced that Android is for me. And will be for life! Thank you HTC for the Sense UI and a phone that just does everything I ask of it and more!

Number 1 reason why I MAY switch to the Verizon iPhone - Battery life, I've had several Verizon Droids and none compare to the iPhone's battery life. 2- Software updates, I have had the Fascinate running 2.1 since it came out and I'm tired of waiting for Froyo. I had the same problem with my Droid Eris waiting for 2.1 and then it was discontinued never to see 2.2 updated. 3- Hardware, lots of buggy issues with my screen getting sluggish and freezing up and problems with my texting not working correctly and music player issues. 4- iPhone accessories are in abundance, when ever I go to Best Buy or just about any store I see the wall of iPhone accessories but never much if any products for my Fascinate. 5-They just keep pumping out Android phones faster then I can keep up with, while making the one I purchased a couple of months prior obsolete. If I decide to switch there are things I will miss, but my battery not dying 5 hours off the charger might make me not look back.

what? no "heck no i'm waiting to see what new webOS devices are coming"?? ;)

lol sorry, wrong site. i voted heck no though, because i've never had any iterest in an iphone. even with the force closes and battery life i'm still more than happy with my evo, and will probably keep it for the next year or so.

i think. i'll know more feb 9th.