AOL and Verizon bringing a new Internet portal to Verizon customers' phones and tablets this summer

America OnLine has announced that a new partnership with Verizon Wireless will allow them to bring the complete portal to Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smart phones and tablets. They say they will be the "exclusive provider of the VZW Home mobile web portal." We're not exactly sure what that means, but they go on to say:

Beginning this summer, existing and new Verizon Wireless customers will have the AOL portal bookmarked on their smart phones and tablets’ web browsers. The multi-device experience will feature the recently refreshed AOL homepage -- with breaking news, weather and maps -- as well as live streaming events and popular videos. Personalization features will allow users to customize news sources, categories and other tools to their needs.

So it appears that a bookmark will be added to the device's default browser, leading users to an AOL page that provides curated news and events for Verizon subscribers. We're pretty sure you'll just be able to delete the bookmark should you feel the need, so we can't rail on them too hard. Look for your new portal to the Internet this summer.

At least it's not Bing.

Source: Business Wire


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Partnership to bring exclusive AOL portal to Verizon smart phone customers


It is getting a bit absurd. No new phones, AND forced AOL content. Big Red is just becoming a bigger joke every day.

Verizon wireless is going backwards now? If time warner didn't own aol, i think it would of been swallowed up by some tech company by now for patents or something.

Will it make that annoying dial up sound when you log into it I wonder

Another sad Verizon conclusion like people can't decide for themselves what they want on there own smartphones. This is pretty comical.

I hate AOL like nothing else. I hated them from the time they were a dial up Internet provider. I think their software messes up everything it touches, I thought I would never hear that name again. If VZ forces that on my phone I swear that will be enough reason to leave VZ. I would hate to leave VZ because I like their network, but AOL coming back, please NO.

Have to disagree with you Jerry.. there is going to be plenty of railing. Bookmarks are synced through Chrome on many devices and if Verizon somehow reaches through space and time and adds one to my phone (don't think they can because of root, running PA, etc, but who knows these days), then I'm going to see that bookmark on my browser at home, my tablet, etc... all of which have nothing to do with Verizon. You're right, we probably can delete it... but every time you think about such a travesty, the resentment can only grow. :)


If Verizon doesn't ask for permission and they just push it to my phone, and that causes it to end up on my computer and tablet, then that's a form of malware. They're gonna have some serious legal issues if they knowingly and willfully push malware to their subscribers, and I for one will happily join the class action suit that is sure to follow.

Suing over a bookmark? Lol this would only be funnier if the US legal system weren't so absurd as to entertain that kind of idiotic whining. Verizon already pushes perma-bookmarks into the builtin browser on their phones, and guess what, you can't delete those either. TO THE COURTHOUSE!!!!!!

Silly human, that's not even remotely a form of malware. So what this AOL bookmark syncs across all your devices. Will it damage or disable your tablet/smartphone? I doubt it. Will it be time consuming to get rid of it? Hardly. Is it so difficult to take half a second holding your thumb on the bookmark icon and select delete?

10,000 points taken away from Gryffindor.

If it does as suggested, and we're not sure it will, it most certainty is malware. If it is put on my device without my knowledge or consent and then proliferates to other devices without any action by me, then it is malware plain and simple. Just because it doesn't steal my banking info or hack the IRS doesn't mean its not. And i don't care if its easy to remove its still an invasion and not legal.

Gotta love that Verizon will just add bookmarks most people probably won't use. I would also say at least 90% of people wont even know until it happens and have a WTF moment. The greed our american carriers have knows no bounds.

I'm sure Verizon customers have been begging for this for ages, and they'll be eternally grateful to Verizon for giving to them.


Well it is about time. I've been trying to figure out how to create my own bookmark for something I actually want for ages.

AOL Really???? There was a reason I left AOL like 20 years ago.... Get me my Deloran, it's time to hit the time machine.

"We're pretty sure you'll just be able to delete the bookmark should you feel the need"

Did you ever use AOL Jerry? Once that garbage got on your computer there was almost no way to completely remove it short of reformatting your hard drive.
I don't want that anywhere near me or my phone.

i remember getting those free AOL cds and using them as frisbees. was fun to watch them shatter on the street.

Oh. Heck. No. "The multi-device experience will feature the recently refreshed AOL homepage -- with breaking news, weather and maps -- as well as live streaming events and popular videos." I have all that, and I don't need AOL for it.

The ONLY reason I even engage with AOL is that my mother and my father-in-law use it as their e-mail.

Blockbuster already tried to use Verizon to stay relevant.

HAHAHA AOL was awesome like 20yrs ago to pick up chicks in the "AOL chatrooms". Oh man, that was the best times and banged several of them from it. All in NJ.. LMAO.. AOL still exists? Have fun VZW suckers!!!!!

Never knew I could truly despise a company until I experienced the "joys" of trying to cancel an AOL trial account back in the day. I agree that big red isn't doing itself any favors by partnering with that low life of a company. Can't AOL just know..seize to exist? The world will be a better place.

Does AOL have any customers younger than 70? The only people I know that use AOL are my mother-in-law and her husband. :)

Oh boy just what I always wanted! More bloatware from Verizon! And we get the mother of all bloatware this time...AOL! Seriously Verizon is making it SO much easier for me day by day to leave and go back to AT&T where I can get unlocked GSM phones (Nexus)to my heart's content.

This is a perfect partnership. Obsolete d-bag company tries to regain relevance with modern d-bag company.
Seriously, who gives a frack?

Man this is just couldn't be any more dumb or dumber move by any carrier. This could actually be worse than the weather channel naming winter storms. I'm so glad my contract is up with VZ at the end of this month and won't have bend over every month or put up with their stupid shenanigans.

Whoa.. I wouldn't go that far. I don't think anything is as dumb (or controversial and hated) as the winter storm naming.

Oh cool it will fit in nicely between the MySpace and NYtimes bookmarks. I would potter no preloaded bookmarks at all. I hope that AOL doesn't think this will make them relevant, and I hope Verizon doesn't think we wanted this.

Damn had to look at the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st. WTF is Verizon thinking and how much is AOL paying to do this?

Well I am not a fan, however, I think a lot of the comments here are overreacting to something that will have little to no affect on the average user, let alone us, the power users. Seriously guys, they are changing the built in browsers book mark.... That's it. Its not "Installing horrible AOL software" or "malware" its just a book mark to a web page. I don't even use the build in browser, and when/if I do, I have the home page changed to Google any way.

So should I set all of my Verizon devices on fire in my driveway? Since, you know...this is apparently the beginning of the apocalypse.

For everybody that thinks AOL is dead: AOL is a huge media company. They own Engadget, Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, and Mapquest. They also merged with Time Warner.

Wow finally a portal that has my AIM contacts, mapquest, and all the mail I left behind. Can they please bring this portal to my Motorola RAZR!!! It needs it bad!!!
I'll be jamming between "Hello Motto" and "You got mail"

After giving the article a better read. Looks like it's only a default browser bookmark. Nobody uses that. They might as well not give you a default browser and save like 10 Mb for customers.

You know Verizon is just doing this for the money, because $19 billion in 3 months just isn't enough

Those AOL discs were awesome as drink coasters. This is not helping me stay with Verizon, vs going with prepaid after my contract ends.