In an unscientific test performed by unscientific people in a less-than-sterile scientific environment, a glass-bodied phone is surprisingly found to shatter more than a plastic one. Shocking.

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Obvious test is obvious: Glass iPhone shatters worse than plastic Galaxy S II




thank god these people are not researching this for the government or I might have to pack up and leave the US >.<

Not that I like the iPhone or anything, but it's hard to watch them mess up brand new $700 devices for the sake of this "test." Reminds me of when that guy bought a brand new PS3 then took a hammer to it in front of one of the retail lines during the PS3 launch.

People did the same thing when the iPad came out. They stood in line all night, bought one, then smashed it with a bat in the parking lot in front of all of the other people waiting in line.

I HATEHATEHATE those "Smash My Whatever" videos. I remember the moron with the PS3 who took donations and the shattered it on the sidewalk in front of people waiting in line. Same with these phone drop videos. Der! If you drop fragile glass and plastic gadgets onto concrete surfaces, odds are they'll eventually break. It must be nice to have too much money in this ruined economy to be able to buy expensive things and just break them just cuz.

An iPhone with shattered glass probably still holds +80% of its value.
Now if they were smashing it to bits I'd agree and not want to watch it.

Obvious maybe, but still information worth knowing. My wife drops her phone A LOT. Never really thought about it being a horrible idea for her to get an iPhone. Now I will "obviously" steer her away from one.

Yes this is a good point. I steered my wife to the Revolution a few months ago (for LTE) and she just informed me a couple of days ago that she's dropped her phone a lot. I didn't know this, but if she would have had the iPhone I would definitely have known by now.

You should be buying a case. The iPhone 4S is very well built, but it is obviously fragile when dropped onto its back with no case. I don't think this video gives you any new information that you wouldn't know by just looking at the device.

A simple silicone case will not protect the iPhone. That's all my wife has on her Revolution and she has no scratches or anything on her phone even though apparently she's dropped it a lot. Now the case she has is one of the stiffer and thicker Verizon silicone cases, but that still wouldn't help the iPhone.

The thing is you can get an otterbox for an iphone and it will still be thinner than the lte phones with a silicone case on it.

For the people (including the poster)...who said this is a glass vs plastic test: The FRONT screen on both devices is GLASS. The iPhone glass shattered, the Galaxy S II glass did not. I'm thinking there's just enough of a bezel around the galaxy S II device that prevented the glass from actually making contact with the ground.

Or it could be that it has Gorilla glass that keeps it from shattering since it is shatter ressistant (note that doesn't mean shatter-proof).

Phil...I like you, I follow you on Google Plus...but I think you must've posted this without actually watching the whole video. Because it's not just comparing what happens when you drop it on the back, they do a direct front drop for both phones *which are glass* and only the iPhone shattered. This kind of negates your snide remarks about the earth also being round, because there is actual value and information in the video you linked to.

I applaud you for taking the high road and remaining professional when bringing this up to him. I liked Phil in the beginning when I was transferring over here from crackberry as well - I think in person he is probably a really nice guy, and from what I've seem of them, he seems to have a nice family. However, all of his normal articles (not referring to this one, which is supposed to be in jest), have a slightly condescending undertone to them that, when combined with his snide kackle-laugh at the end of the sentences he says, make for an article and/or video review that is no longer enjoyable to read or watch. Reading an article written by Jerry or Chris, and then reading one by Phil, the difference in tone is huge. With the former two, you feel like they're just your everyday buddies. Anyway, like I said before, I'm sure he is a great guy in person, I just hope he can make a couple tiny changes to bring those characteristics into his articles and videos; I think they would improve a lot. :-)

Are you trying to claim that the SGSII has a plastic front, because that's definitely not the case. Gorilla glass ftw!

I don't know why everyone here thinks this is so obvious. I hear so much "cheap and plasticky" out of iFans that I thought there was some sort of new physics going on where plastic wasn't more sturdy than glass in this application. What the hell is the point of all this "build quality" if a simple waist high drop will render your device useless. Give me a "cheap and plasticky" phone that I can make a mistake with anyway.

And what the hell is "plasticky" anyway? Its either some damn plastic or it isn't minus the rubberized soft touch stuff. They say it like they tried to use some other material but it still feels like plastic. It IS plastic.

Don't forget that the Screen of the Galaxy S2 is also made of Glass.
Screen of the Iphone 4S broke the screen of the Galaxy S2 did not.
Whats even more ridiculous is that the Iphones back shattered at waist hight.
If I think about all the drops my Galaxy S(1) has suvived the Iphone 4 would have been shattered within a month.

I have several (like 5) android centric news sites in my 'rss feed' and have been looking to cut them down to just one (as they all essentially report the same stories), and this news story has single handedly sealed that AndroidCentral is the one to keep.
all the other sites reported this like it was a major victory for android, google, open source, the northern hemisphere and the world, when all it is is an 'obvious test is obvious'.

if there is one thing I hate, it is celebrity fanboy sensationalist news stories, I read android (along with mac, windows, ect. ect.) news because of my love of technology, definitely not to endlessly read peoples opinions on why one phone platform is better than another, all I want is the facts and I am fully able to form my own opinion.

keep up the good work *thumbs up*

signed a very long time reader.

I see it as a victory over false fanboy advertising. If you keep telling me that something has such great build quality then I expect it to stand up under normal circumstances. For me one of those circumstances would be dropping the phone. I remember my wife dropping an old motorola flip phone around 10 years ago from probably knee high onto carpet and it split in half. We didn't touch another Moto phone for 10 years because thats what stuck in our mind about Moto build quality. Similar experience with a Lenovo consumer grade laptop I had a couple of year ago. The hinge broke and split the case open. You can't tell me they have good build quality.

So "superior build quality" and "obviously the glass will shatter if you drop it" are two statements that don't make sense to me when talking about the same device. If it were something that would not be subject to falling then maybe I could see that. But phones fall.

I love AndroidCentral also but I keep Droid-Life on there because they always have something nice like an App,Theme, or Poll of the week, something that gives me something refreshing for my phone. SLight tip for anyone reading this

What a dumb video. The iPhone 4S will obviously fare worse when dropped because the back is glass (not gorilla glass like the front, mind you) and its completely unprotected.

Not sure how you can at all be surprised that the SGSII did better considering the gorilla glass front and all plastic back/sides.

So why did the back of the iPhone after 2 dropsfare better than the front of the iPhone after one drop?

This past Thursday I caught my foot on the charger cable and slammed my Samsung Vibrant onto a wooden floor. I was relieved to see that it was fine. Hooray for Gorilla Glass.

But that evening, ten hours later, I took put my phone in my pocket. When I took it out a few minutes later, I saw that the screen under the top screen was cracked.

Odd, no?

Well no guys. What's not obvious is how a design choice like a plastic back can help absorb and re-direct impact force.

People think it's a "bad" thing that the GS2 back pops off and battery flies out when dropped. People think it's a "good" thing that the iphone is made of a "sturdy" material and is glued together to be more "solid".

Having done drop tests myself, "sturdy" "solid" phones literally explode internally on extreme drops (I've worked with companies on drops up to about three stories). "Plastic-y" phones, which fly to pieces, usually survive an extra drop or two more.

So yes, it is nice to check in and show people that a flexible material (like the GS2's back plate which can almost be folded in half), can even help disperse shock to the front of the phone.

The GS2's resilience in this test might not be because of Gorilla Glass, it might be despite its use of Gorilla Glass, as chemically treated glass (depending on process) can often be more brittle than regular glass (but more scratch resistance).

What's sad is the 3GS shatters just as badly. Someone I knew dropped their 3GS and it completely shattered and that was the only reason they ended up upgrading to the 4.

Someone I know,whose brothers, uncles, step mother in-law, once dropped a 3GS phone and nothing happened to it. That is the only reason that still have the phone.

There are many variables involved with dropping phones. 2 people can drop a phone from the same height and depending on how they land will depend on if they break or not.

Is the iphone 4 / 4s, that has glass on the the front and back with no plastic more fragile then a phone with a plastic back and plastic trim around the screen? Yes and if you needed this video to prove that, perhaps you should return your smartphones and get some not-so smart phones.

I found this post humorous and clearly the video was fan-boy driven.

When was the last time anyone made a decision between phones with two different OSs based solely on build? Sure, if you are already sold on Android, you may take that into account, but I highly doubt anyone who was considering an iPhone suddenly bailed because of this video.

You must not read too many comments around the internet. iFans constantly talk about build quality ESPECIALLY with respect to the SGSII BECAUSE its plastic as if thats a bad thing.

I know a few people who are on the fence between these two phones. No everyone is a fanatic. This makes a difference to them. It's not the sole reason, but it's a factor in their decision making process. (One of my friends has had an Apple for 2 years now and is seriously considering the GSII, and the toughness IS a factor to her)

Obvious test may be obvious, but not-so obvious marketing stunt is effective!

Some may look at this and see a video that stupidly wastes almost $1000 in electronics. I look at it and see a commercial for Squaretrade made for less that $1000 that has been featured on many large phone and technology blogs across the internet and has sparked discussion in comments on how easy it is to break a phone.

iPhone's screens have been breaking like this since the first day they went on sale, nothing new there. By the way I don't know a single person that owns a iPhone without a cover on it. Now I'm a iPhone hater, and proud of it LOL but did anybody else notice how much better the iPhone screen did look in the sun compared to the Samsung before they dropped them?

I have a iP4 for work and an EVO 4g for personal.

I wear polarized sunglasses whenever outdoors and when using the navigation or map features on both phones in horizontal mode the iPhone loses BIG TIME. The EVO I can turn 360 without it ever blacking out from the polarization.

That is my idea of a good screen, one that you can use just about anywhere.

I also don't know anyone with an iPhone without a case. It's funny, because it makes the phone the opposite of sleek and sexy. Bulky and usually dumb looking. I would think the weight of the SGSII helps also. Less mass to disperse on impact. Good comment SomeAudioGuy. I will say, I bought a TPU case for it. But since it slips on and off easy, I don't think I'll use it all the time.

It needs to be made clear that iPhone does NOT have Gorilla Glass, no matter what Apple claims. They are lying as usual. It's a different type of glass that is neither scratch not shatter proof, and is obviously cheaper.

Samsung and HTC phones on the other hand have real Gorilla Glass which obviously fares much better in tests.

"The iPhone is absolutely gorgeous but you should always buy a case for it!"

ummm... that's like dating a supermodel who wears full ski gear to the beach and goes to bed in a full suit of body armor.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather date a girl that has near-supermodel looks, a PhD, runs around naked from time to time, doesn't cry like a baby when she breaks a nail, and has almost no limits when I take off her clothes and want to play around.

I drop my phone more than I care to admit. The worst was in a stone parking lot. The bezel has small chips in it but the screen is no worse and the battery cover is fine. The phone itself also functions the same.

The resale value may be toast but I still have a good phone.

Can someone please Call Mountain View and explain to them why the rest of the world is using Gorilla Glass? Apple Glass is apparently flawed...... LoL!

I really don't see the need for sarcasm with this article. I've heard a lot of people doubt the durability of Samsung phones because they have plastic bodies... well this test shows it handles drops a lot better than the other very popular phone

I've never understood the point of buying an all glass phone, telling everyone how much more stylish it is because it's all glass, then having to keep a case on it all the time in fear that it will break if you drop it. I've had iPhone owners tell me they buy it for style, then in the next sentence tell me only an idiot wouldn't put a case on their phone. Seems to me like only an idiot would buy for style then have to conceal it. Like marrying Megan Fox and then dressing her in a burlap bag.

To the people in this video - if you ever, for whatever reason would like to conduct this test again, don't. Spend the money and do some good, instead of answering a question that nobody asked, even if only because everybody knew the answer already.

Hmm.... the iPhone is easy to use, has a great OS, build quality, and does not need any nerd or tech-head to troubleshoot it when it has yet another problem of the week like Android. The 4s is the best selling phone ever.. of any phone.

But hey, here's a bunch of nerdy "kids" with nothing better to do damage phones. I'd better return my iPhone! NOT!

LOL, except:

1) Bunch of "Nerdy" kids is actually a warranty corporation called SquareTrade, who have an interest in figuring things like this out.

2) If you install the same apps on Android as (presumably) your phone, you will not need any more advanced knowledge than any other platform. It's the same thing. If you don't know what the application is, why are you installing advanced software that could possibly cause issues?

3) "build quality" was just disproved. See above?

4) Your phone has similar problems, technical or otherwise. I've personally witnessed and heard from actual owners (non jailbroken; they don't want to void their warranty):
a) Every so often, apps just stall downloading and won't resume unless you restart (at least two people who would admit it).
b) A (fanboy!) friend's 4 blackscreened during a call - to me no less.
c) Facebook crashed on him on a separate occasion.
d) Your alarm failed. TWICE. (news article, not personal 'cause I didn't ask)
e) You pay 30% extra for in-application purchases. $100 chair? $130 for the privilege of buying it in platform! Everyone else's rates are significantly less.

SquareTrade never said anything about rushing to buy anything. It was just a demonstration, which you failed to grasp.

People must have money to waste to do crap like this. These kids need to get a life. Do something more productive. Idiots!!!!!!!!!

People must have money to waste to do crap like this. These kids need to get a life. Do something more productive. Idiots!!!!!!!!!

I've dropped my Droid X from about 5 feet onto concrete. All I got was a small dent in the corner. I don't have a case for it.
A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally put it through the washing machine. After drying it out it works fine.
Those incidents were uncharacteristically careless of me, but I'm happy because either one of those incidents could have destroyed a phone.

Yes we know glass shatters more than plastic, that's one of the big reasons the iPHone 4's design SUCKS!