LG Optimus 2X

A cool new extended commercial for the LG Optimus 2X displays the power that the first dual core phone can bring. It shows off the speed, multitasking, HDMI mirroring, 1080p recording and more. Check it out after the break! [YouTube]

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I want one

radgatt says:

me too!

Jarvis73 says:

Game Changer!!!!!!! Nuff Said!

Justadye4 says:

What is hdmi mirroring? What's the benefit?

j0j044 says:

Instead of just being able to project pictures or videos through HDMI, it gives you the capability to project everything you seen on your phone. Apps, Browser, and Homescreens included.

Justadye4 says:

I thought this already possible with the EVO and the DX


GQ50 says:

Who's getting this phone(Sprint, AT&T, T Mobile...) and is it 4G as well?

metropcs :)

Anyone else notice it has touchwiz 3.0

j0j044 says:

The more video I see of it the more I notice that they rip off 3/4 of their "Custom" Optimus UI from TouchWiz and 1/4 from HTC Sense.

pDoG says:

Its not touchwiz but it looks just like it. I wonder if this is even gonna come to the us. Or maybe it'll be unlocked.

ybcthanerd says:

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this phone is sick dual core processer/full HD/ HDMI mirroring C;mon t-mobile

hmmm says:

So, Android 2.2 or even 2.3 for that matter knows how to put a dual core processor to good use as far as multitasking goes?

damn please be on sprint lol

trevx says:

" Jet Speedy" ... seriously? "Jet Speedy"
immediately fire the genus that came up with again... "Jet Speedy"

lol yea at 2mins 38secs, i was just about to comment on that. could give him a raise for making us notice such a stupid line

The 2000x zoom on that shot of the butterfly was a bit much though. plus the speed of the apps was unrealistic. Apple learned that awhile ago in their commercials.

AC please fix the spam filter

Drcz_92 says:

Sprint sprint Sprint sprint sprint

droidgurl11 says:

Awesome, come on Vz, please have the insight to have picked this bad boy

pounder001 says:


patch8908 says:

Omg please come to vz

Kic360 says:

Well so far AT&T and Verizon both have dual-core phones courteous of Motorola. Who's going to bring dual-core to Sprint and T-Mobile?

popcity#AC says:

Might be T-Mobile...

Lilin28 says:

Oh I hope Sprint gets this. I want!!!!

Bills_Evo4G says:

As much as I love my Evo 4G. If the LG Optimus 2X is truly as fast and if Android truly supports dual core processing and the battery life is not too bad, then this can be a game changer.

Sprint, please get this phone. I would end up paying full retail because I just got my Evo on 12-15. One could hope Sprint does get this or that HTC comes out with the Evo 2 and it will be the same but with dual core.

pDoG says:

I think I would consider the thunderbolt as the evo 2. It seems the only thing you could do for the evo 2 is add dual core, and more memory. All of these new phones make my g2 look like poop. Haha.

ObsidianGT says:

iPh... what?

mswashu says:

Me likey! Me want! What say you Sprint?

pegb856 says:

One word. "Sweet!"

droidgeek says:

Now that's what I'm talking about!

French says:

Why is it so hard to get information on what radios are in these darn phones being announced all over the place?

tropper says:

Dang this phone is gonna be another badazz Tmo phone. Lucky you guys! Ima waitin on the Dolt tho so many rumors it hasta be good

mastersonc says:

Lets not forget that this is an LG product. Look at the issues LG has had in the past. LG Env3...Severe power cycling issues and all they could do is set up a battery replacement program. LG Voyager / LG Envy Touch...Severe power cycling issues, touch screen issues, white screen of death...LG Ally - very laggy, power cycles, cant even run Angry Birds smoothly. I certainly wont be picking up any LG products.

deaofly says:

You live and learn, same thing with past Samsung phones, up to now they have the best fastest phones out. You can't always hold onto the past my friend. Wait for reviews

Azurescens says:

Wow, that commercial was stupid. The phone looks badass though. Except for the lack of a physical keyboard.

puja_g says:

Thought the Motorola Olympus was the first dual core phone?