Raise your hand if you heard this before. Company X announces multiple Android Devices, said Android Devices will ship in 2nd half 2009. Yeap. We're going down the all too familiar road, this time the company is LG and they're promising THREE Android Devices this year. One of which should release by June with two following later in the year. As always, we'll keep an eye on this for you guys. 2009 looks to be a huge year for Android!

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MWC Loose Ends: LG Plans Android Phone by June, Two More by End of the Year


It feels like my lucky day if it's true. I've had great success with LG. Plus LG & Verizon seem to do a lot of business together. Knock on wood.

[...] LG recently announced that they’re going to be releasing 3 Android Devices in 2009 and one of them, we’re already familiar with: the LG KS360. More or less, the LG KS360 is simply just a text-messaging feature phone at best. Sure it has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, microSD slot, and 2 megapixel camera but it’s lacking 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS. We thought the bare minimum for Android was higher than that. [...]