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As promised, Motorola has brought its Motorola Alert app to two more of its phones. The app made its debut on the inexpensive Moto E, and it's migrated to more of Motorola's phones — specifically the Moto X and Moto G, which are starting to receive their Android 4.4.3 updates. (The app would mostly work on the Moto G and Moto X before the update, but now everything's all official-like.)

The Alert app is part emergency locator, part alarm, and part big brother. You'll designate an emergency contact — or a group of contacts. Should something bad happen (and should you be able to get to your phone), they'll be told that the Alert app has been activated, and given coordinates of your location, all over SMS. There's also a sort of panic but that sends a pretty decent siren screaming into that good night. And there's also a "Follow Me" option that will periodically send out your location, or alert contacts when you're arrived at a predesignated location. Say, home or work.

We've already taken a pretty good look at the Motorola Alert app. You can get your download on at the link above.


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Motorola Alert now works on more phones


Not sure why these apps are not available for the HD or M - I know the phones are considered old - however my mother picked hers up a little less than a year ago from VZW - this would be nice for your "Chronologically Advanced" seniors...

You bought the carrier'd up version of the device. no surprises. You knew going in the moto x would be the best device.

The Moto X was not available for her then - also the Razr HD has been updated to KitKat - so the app can work - your statement does not answer a question or even make a valid point..

I hope you are wrong. I felt it had to be sarcasm. I will say though that some of the comments people make really make me wonder what grade level they are reading at. Comprehension sees to be pretty poor sometimes.

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And with this comment, I'm done with the f'n internet for the day. Jebus people are stupid

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When Samsung updates an app or propagates it to more of their devices, do you ask why it's not available on an HTC or Nexus phone? Motorola apps are on Motorola devices only (pending roots and Roms)

Stop with the facts dammit!

I am waiting on the s-voice upgrade for my Sony Walkman
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FWIW, I've tried it on other phones. GS5, HTC One M8. It works, but not perfectly. I'd still love to see Moto open it up to more.

Phil, did you side load it, and do you have a copy of the apk? I'd like to look into the code for an app idea that I have.

Come on, Phil. Sentence #1 is pretty bad. I know what it's like to write something up quickly but didn't you have someone read it over first?
Hopefully my Droid Maxx gets this soon after 4.4.3.

Whoops. I did re-write that lede a couple times. Fixed.

Good thing the next sentence contained the words "specifically the Moto X and Moto G" then. :p

Rereading the article, I guess I can tell it takes the KitKat 4.4.3 update to work in the X and the G. I did not pick up on that at all in my first read.

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Exactly. Not sure if that's actually required for a technical reason, or if they just decided to make it available alongside the update for timing purposes. (Probably the latter, because obviously the Moto E didn't launch with 4.4.3.)

It's anything on my phone that I don't want and cannot get rid of. just as with at least half of the Google Apps, and four att apps.

So not this then. Motorola alert is installable via the Play Store, if and when you want to install it. So it's clearly not bloatware.

well i cannot uninstall any other moto apps, and i cannot install this one. i cannot even find it on the play store without following a link. which tells me it will be bundled in with the 4.4.3 update and WILL BECOME MORE BLOATWARE!

On a side note, anyone else notice how the alert icon looks like the Fenix icon with the front part unfolded?

No it isn't, your reading comprehension skills just need some work.
It was available on one device. Now it's available on three.
Three is MORE than one.

Not referring to your reply, just in general. God dammit are people F'n stupid today!
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can anyone send me the build.prop for the unlocked (t-mobile) moto x? I have an at&t version bootloader unlocked and I really dont want to wait for the update. nexus15 at gmail dot com

And yet it still doesn't work on the Droid Max which is nearly identical to the Moto X software wise

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