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wpavlik2 says:

Fun show, but what happened after the Windows Phone commercial? :)
The real question is will the Motorola XFon be the Next Nexus?

mwara244 says:

Rumors stat it will be Called the Motorola Nexus, but in name only and won't be a part of the Nexus Brand, weird I know. It will be customizable & run stock android.

Chondog says:

April 6th? Was this last month's clip?

nrfitchett4 says:

Video is set to private?

Philter05 says:

What the deuce?! Why is it private?

wezra says:

Come on guys... fix the glitch! "This video is private"... do you need a secret code word to enter the sanctuary?


barondebxl says:

Jeez the boobs on her....