This Mobile Nations Survey comes to you via our accessories team. We're always putting new smartphone accessories to the test, and are often getting into debates over which are the best.

One topic where the team is 100% in agreement though is car mount docks. We think that car mounts are the absolute best way to take your smartphone with you on the road.

We're curious to know if you agree, if you own a car mount or not, if you like them or not and why. Thanks for sharing!

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Mobile Nations Survey: Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?


I'd love to get another car mount. The one i had which was part of a bundle of accessories lasted the best part of a week before it broke. Seemed pretty convenient though.

I have the iBolt and it's a great mount. However, I also have a iGo charger as well that I've been using for a number of years. All I need to do is switch the tip out. Problem is, the tips won't work with the iBolt cradle.

So either I switch to a basic car charger or I have to find a small adaptor cable that I can leave with the iBolt and plug my iGo charger tip into.

Oh well.

I have modded my old Samsung Fascinate car mount to fit my GS3 so that I have a one hand insert-able, usb out, charging mount. I would pay Samsung for a pretty one if they would make one, otherwise I like my bit of rotary tool/epoxy work.

I've been obsessed with car mounts since the OG Droid. Since then, I've found that the quality and reliability of these docks have suffered a lot due to either a perceived lack of a market or quantity over quality mentality. Prime example is the Verizon GNex car dock. Or any car docks made for that phone.

Mountek's solution is one of my favorites but there's so many improvements to be made still. I'm curious to see what this turns out to be.

I use a vehicle mount daily, but I also had to change it up a bit. I have the Moto MAXX, and bought the manufacturer's mount solely because it offered charging while docked. BUT, I hated the actual suction cup portion of the cradle. Thankfully, it used the ball joint, so I ordered a garmin suction mount that was low-profile, and changed it out so I could install it is a confined section of the dash. Works wonders now, and use it daily. Previously, I had a basic mount for the Droid X, but it did not charge, so I found it useless

I have the Samsung branded car mount that fits the Galaxy SIII, and the Note. But outside of gps, and I don't have a need for one on a daily basis.

proclip makes custom installations for car mounts; RamMount also makes some pretty amazing ones. What I want is a permanently installed mount that supports Qi wireless charging and is adjustable. That would be amazingly convenient with my N4. I've used Bracketron a lot and I just ordered and Ottie for when I travel; it's annoying to always have to plug in the phone though.

I use the Motorola Razr M Car Mount. It works great. It detects the phone and automatically puts in in Car Mode.

For 1 1/2 yrs, I've been using a small vent mounted universal car mount with small spring loaded clamps that stays mounted do to being low profile and it works great. I don't like the suction cups types, although it was part of the package, I don't use it.

Short answer: No
Reason: I have a touch screen in my car that already links to my phone with Bluetooth - Built in GPS - and the ability to playback movies if I so desire (Not to mention MP3 library collection, XM Radio, Radio CD)

I guess the Tetrax XWAY isn't considered a car mount, but it serves that purpose for me. I use it when I use my phone for GPS or music. The advantage is it is device neutral, so anything you can mount the steel disc on can be used. Handy when I use a Droid and the wife uses an iPhone. We both use the XWAY instead of 2 different car mounts. No suction cup mess either. When I upgrade phones next month, all I have to do is move my steel disc over to the new phone, not order yet another car mount. I routed a USB power cable through the same vent I have the XWAY on, so that takes care of power needs.

I use a magnetic mount, I go through phones like water so getting a mount for a specific phone is wasteful. My mount just comes with little metal stickers you stick to the back, to a case or under the battery door and it just sticks right to the magnet on the mount. It's awesome, the N4 has magnets build in for Qi alignment so it stuck to the mount without any mod; although the glass back let it slide right off so a case may be required (but I sold it anyhow so don't care anymore). Also attaching/taking it off is no hassle like some other mounts. Just wish it could charge my phone (like through Qi or something).

you could probably put some kind of rubber type stuff on the mount, which would help keep it from sliding, and likely keep it from getting scratched as well.

all of the car mounts available sucked, and I had some scrap aluminum laying around along with some bed liner, so I made my own mount that is much more discrete and was far cheaper than anything currently on the market.

They say you get what you pay for and I did this time with this car mount. The suction cup just dried and died and it was like a leaf in the wind with the shakes. So, lesson learned... invest energy and research into a better one. I would like to see a white one. Odd but so am I.

Look at the Droid X factory mount. It is perfect except the aux out.
One hand
USB cable is fixed and does not have to be plugged into the phone every time.
Fits naked or with cases
fairly small

I use a SlipGrip holder for my T-Bolt with Seidio case and it is attached to a Pro-Clip mount. I wouldn't have it any other way and I've been using car mounts in some shape of form for at least 10 years.

Survey fail. It didn't include the best, which are RAM mounts, or MOTORCYCLE mounts of any type where water resistance is important.

I'm thinking of just converting the belt clip that came with my OtterBox Defender into an improvised car dock. It would fit the case perfectly, and it's not doing anything else.

Any suggestions for a mount for a VZW galaxy nexus? I have an extended battery and a slim incipio case on it, too, but would really like something that would hold it up horizontally for music and GPS while I'm in the car. I really don't want a suction cup, though. I do have a Garmin weighted bag mount but even that seems to slide around a bit. I've looked a little at the vent mounts but they all seem kinda crappy, too.

Any other suggestions?

I did the touchstone mod on my gs3 and it works great as a car mount. I was a little concerned that it would fall off easily, but it seems pretty secure. The touchstone was one of the things I missed the most when I switched to android but now I have the best of both worlds.

I used to use a car mount all the time, but my new car is a Ford with the voice-controlled SYNC system. I've found that the only time I need to have my phone in the car mount is if I'm using it for GPS navigation.

The rest of the time, I'm usually listening to podcasts via my phone. The phone itself is hidden away in the center console, and I can control playback (via Bluetooth) using the controls built into the car's steering wheel.

I hope this is the way of the future -- cars should be better about integrating with, and controlling, mobile phones, so you don't have to mess with the phone itself while you're driving.

I'm using the Palm Touchstone along with the the Pixie SG3 hack. It's perfect and charges the phone while still being trivial to place and remove.