Lookout, one of the well-known names in mobile security, is improving its offering today with what it calls "Theft Alerts." On top of the comprehensive suite of security features it already offers, Theft Alerts makes it even easier to be alerted and track when a phone is stolen. In the unfortunate event that someone takes your phone, you'll immediately be sent an email when the thief attempts to turn off the phone, remove the SIM, turn on airplane mode or remove a device administrator, including a picture from the phone's front-facing camera and the GPS coordinates of where it was last seen.

You'll then have the ability to remotely lock and wipe the device the next time that it's turned on, making sure that even though the thief has your phone, they won't have any of your personal information. The new Theft Alerts features will be available to Lookout Premium users, but to get everyone introduced to the features Free-level users will be able to use Theft Alerts until September 30th.

Lookout Theft AlertsLookout Theft AlertsLookout Theft Alerts


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Lookout Theft Alerts give you even more information when your phone is stolen


Will this stuff be integrated with the lookout versions that come with some handsets pre-installed?

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You don't need a SIM CARD for the app to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi. As soon as the phone gets an internet connection, "BOOM"! No more phone.

I got the Lookout update today, but no indication in the app that the Theft Alert setting are available to me, yet. I guess there is more to come, for Lookout to enable the feature on individual phones.

Thanks T-Mobile, for Lookout Premium being included in my JUMP device add-on. Tons of useful features

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I keep telling people to check out Android Lost. Even more features than this, and it's free.


That said, don't leave your phone laying around for someone to steal, because there's a good chance that you'll never get it back. Someone who has any idea what they're doing can steal your phone and it'll never connect to the internet again, until after they've wiped it and cleared the security.

I tried Android Lost. It's nice but I've temporarily uninstalled it because I still haven't worked out on how to use it.

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