Two more accessories to keep track of your own health

LG is taking a big step into one of the few areas of consumer electronics it doesn't currently participate in — fitness wearables. Announced alongside various appliances, phones and televisions at its CES keynote, the Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones are a pair of devices aimed at helping you get and stay healthy.

Both devices connect to your phone over Bluetooth and offer different sets of data. The Lifeband Touch is supposed to be an accessory you use daily to monitor your activity, with specific workout modes that can be enabled for more in-depth tracking when you're on a run or at the gym. During those times you may also want to take advantage of the Heart Rate Earphones, an accessory that both provides you with music and measures your heart rate.

When using both pieces of tech together, you'll pull in detailed information about your activity to an Android app for your storage and analysis. The Lifeband Touch will give you information with just a few swipes on how you're doing, and you'll receive audio alerts on your progress through the earphones as well.

The Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earbuds are being targeted for sale in Spring, and LG's website indicates that you'll be set back about $180 for each.

LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate EarphonesHeart Rate Earphones

LG fitness appLG Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband TouchLG Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband TouchLG Lifeband Touch

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vpblaze says:

Wow $180 for each. That would put it in the same range as the Nike+ band.
I am sorry, but all this wearable technology is rather expensive still. That's a main reason why the Galaxy Gear didn't do near as good as they were hoping. $300+ for a small extension to our phones is not worth it!
I am sure with time the price will drop. Take plasma TV for example. When those came out almost a decade ago they cost an arm and a leg. Now they are dirt cheap in comparison.
I was just hoping for a little bit more manageable price for items like these. Was I expecting to much?

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Hopefully these high prices are just feelers that the companies are putting out to find a real market price. Since wearables are unprecedented, it'll take a little while before the equilibrium price emerges

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dcreed says:

Many hundred-dollar "smart" watch with a 10¢ band.


jwyche007 says:

Those headphones better be amazing to justify that pricing. What the fuck LG?

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Assuming that the heart rate monitor sensors and the Bluetooth add quite a bit of cost.

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salvikid01 says:

They could of easily added the heart rate monitor to the band.

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You likely get better monitoring in the ear than on a loose wristband.

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kembry says:

The headphones/pulse monitoring looks interesting to me. I wonder if the pulse would share data with Endomondo or other popular exercise apps.

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patruns says:

I would be happy with the band if they would just put the heart rate monitor in it. For me, that is the only thing that is missing.

Rae Love says:

I love the idea, I can't wait for them to be more affordable.

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