LG Isai FL

Japanese mobile operator KDDI has partnered with LG to launch a new Android smartphone, the Isai FL. This mobile device is special due to the 5.5-inch display being of 2K (QuadHD) quality with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, what we're expecting to see in the LG G3 when it eventually launches this year. If you're eagerly awaiting the G3, this could be a small insight to tease you further.

If the resolution didn't catch your eye and you want more technical specifications, how about the 538ppi? LG recently announced that the new panel tech has been certified and will be included in its flagship smartphone, the G3. Looking at what the KDDI smartphone sports in terms of components, we can draw up an idea as to how the G3 will perform when available.

LG Isai FL

Other specifications include a 13-megapixel camera, 3000mAh battery, 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon 2.5GHz CPU. The Isai FL will be available in three colours. We'll hopefully have more details on the G3 soon.

Source: KDDI, via: Engadget


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LG launches the new Isai FL in Japan, showcasing its QuadHD display tech


We will have one last Nexus phone before the Silver program goes into effect if the rumors are correct, I dont believe the Silver program has been confirmed yet.

That comparison with 1080p just show how gimmick is a 2k display on a 5 inch phone.... Because we all look to our smartphones with a magnifying glass

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Seeing tech fans complain about innovation just for the sake of it makes me understand why great innovators through history had such a hard time getting anywhere.

There is a difference between innovation and gimmicks.... IMO innovation on a mobile device will be for instance new technology for batteries that enhance the user experience.... You don't need a magnifying glass to see that your battery will last longer

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I don't know if we get to individually determine what is innovation and what isn't. The definition is pretty objective and not subjective. It may not be an important innovation to you, but innovative it still is.

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Innovation - A new Idea, device or method (Webster)

Seriously, increasing a spec that has increased year-in-year-out for the entire history of smartphones *isn't* innovation by definition. No need to be pedantic about this. As the picture above shown by LG clearly demonstrates, this increase is for specmanship alone. Will have little to no impact on day-to-day use.

I'm sorry you find my thoughts so dull. I strive to keep life interesting for you....

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But... great innovators throughout history were, in fact, innovators. They innovated with new ideas or improvements that changed industries and our lives. That's why we consider them great. That's a rather far cry from increasing a spec that was already at the limits of our visual abilities PAST said limits. You're basically countering your own argument within it.

I feel my point is being missed. For a tech junky community, there seems to be a lot of tech conservative language on this site. It would make more sense for us to marvel at this screen instead of criticizing the practicality. Is this a tech-file site, or a consumer reports site? I guess that is the real question I am asking. Maybe the answer is it isn't as much tech-file as it used to be.

It's a site for Android users to find out about technology that will impact us. I don't think it's at all unreasonable to discuss the fact that companies are raising specs that will NOT benefit us while simultaneously potentially driving up costs (or at least not reducing costs, or shifting those costs to other components that would have tangible benefits), reducing battery life (or offsetting where it would have improved with other changes), or decreasing performance (or, again, offsetting it).

This isn't a site that's here to merely report on technology and walk away. It's here to work WITH the users to report on how this technology impacts US. What you've described could be achieved by little more than reprinting the press release. I don't want that.

With that logic, all journalism is reposting of a press release. I like to be presented with facts so I can form my own opinion on the value of those facts. I guess you can have your news your way, and I'll take mine my way.

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But this is a blog, with editorializing. It's not a newspaper. The same standards don't apply.

But having said that, what you're asking for initially, which is pretty much a sense of awe and marvel and a technophile attitude, is basically the opposite end of the same spectrum you're against.

And isn't it the job of a good journalist to give us the full story, anyway, which includes the caveats? If someone merely reports a major medical breakthrough, but ignores pointing out that the breakthrough provides only a 1% increase in survival rates while ALSO increasing the odds of experiencing this long list of side effects by 50%, are they failing to marvel at the new technology? Are they being a consumer reports news agency instead of just reporting the news? Or are they doing their due diligence to provide us with the full story, including the parts we may not be aware of via the press release?

Uhhh... I'm not seeing where you keep claiming my contradiction. It's a phone display, not a black helicopter or something housed in area 51. I think it's cool that they released a 2k screen. It's a free world and they can produce what they want. You think it is all pointless and they are trying to get over on the consumer. We both have a right to think what we want. It's nothing more than that. Cheers.

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But our argument wasn't about whether or not it was a cool thing, nor was it about whether or not I think they're trying to screw over the consumer. It was about whether it was reasonable for an Android community to address those concerns. You think they should stick to just being technophiles who excitedly report the news without opinions, other than excitement, while I think actively discussing all sides of the story, including its potential downsides, is exactly appropriate to a blog and comment threads.

EDIT: There was some confusion in me thinking you were complaining about the site, itself, making these statements. I see now you were complaining about the COMMUNITY bringing them up. In which case I agree even less with you. What are comment threads for other than people talking over a topic and addressing everything about it, including its downsides? A comment thread full of nothing but, "yay, this is cool!" is useless.

The constant bitching about 2k & 4k screens is annoying. If these displays produce more vivid detail & lead to reducing battery consumption then that is a huge plus :-)

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I see it this way: the faster our phones get 4K, the faster our TV's will get 4K. I do wish TV's were first.
And by "first" I mean affordable and content ready, not just on a shelf displaying prerecorded tailored material.

I agree. I love my Note 3 to death but can still see the pixelation if I hold it close enough to my face. That being said, it is one of the most beautiful screens I have ever seen when viewed from a normal distance. I would welcome a 2K or 4K screen if it meant better image/text/video quality and the total absence of pixelation no matter how close I held my phone from my eyes (with no expense to battery life of course..lol..). Basically, it would mean, at least to me, that resolutions have achieved a state of perfection. My current screen is great but certainly far from perfect.

How would upping the resolution past what our eyes can see, and requiring 4 or 8 times the processing power lead to more vivid detail and reducing battery consumption?

for those of you complaining and saying 2K is a gimmick.. i think it's 50% truth and 50% lies... why? well Steve Jobs (RIP) said the human eye can't see more then a certain DPI (i'm saying he said it not wrote a thesis paper on it). Well if that were true then 1080 resolution screens with 453dpi wouldn't do anything for the human eye compared to a phone with 353dpi ... but i dunno about you.. but the higher the resolution or DPI make things much more crisp.. even on a 5 inch phone... there is definitely a difference in colours, brightness, vivid images and definitely text!! yes u might need a magnifying glass to see the REAL differences in pixel concentration but you CANNOT tell me the new phones have MUCH better quality images and text then the previous models which still have a higher DPI then a human eye can see...

but maybe i am just wrong and there really is no difference and i am being fooled by the tech world or i just don't know enough about DPI and resolution..

but i do know is that it looks better every time the DPI increases... my note 3 is definitely better then my Z30 and my Z10 definitely better then my Z30... and when these QHD screens become readily available in phones.. well i guess we will find out then if it is just a gimmick or if it does actually improve quality...

Jobs said that the human eye can't distinguish pixels at above 300ppi IF the phone is held at reading distance ie. ~ 10 inches from the eyes. I agree with your point though. For me, I usually hold my phone half that distance from my face. On a 1080p screen, it looks great but with the incoming 4K video viewing and recording abilities, the sooner we get 4K screens on phones, the better.

Let's face it, whats the point in having the ability to record video in 4K if you can't view it in full resolution unless you spend a tonne of money on a 4K TV?

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If innovation is a new idea, device or method, then there is no innovation left for phones until we have Tony starks holo phone lol.

If you don't like the new specs of a new phone, maybe shut up and go invent something.

Forget resolution spec. Did anyone notice its still 2 gig of ram and single speaker?

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The G3 will likely be my next phone. I'd be happy with 1080p for the obvious reasons that the eye really can't tell the difference and it would consume less battery but I do believe the high res screen will likely provide some improvement, maybe in image depth or contrast ratio so I'm fine with it either way as I'll at least have some bragging rights with the higher res screen.... :)

I hope the side bezels are smaller on the G3 then this phone. The look bigger then the G2 and frankly I'd like to see a true screen to edge phone...

Can't believe nobody noticed the total size if the phone. On the right a 5.2 inch screen in a phone around the sane size as the G2, right next to it is a 5.5 inch screen and the phone is barley noticeable larger. So in my mind it showes that the G3 can go to 5.5 without being a huge phone like a Samsung Note!

Your right it's not much bigger considering it has a bigger screen but I personally would rather the g3 have the same 5.2" screen of the g2 In a even smaller body than the g2. With these phones getting bigger even with slim bezels the width is still quite big to be comfortably usable in 1 hand. Even just a 2 or 3 mm can make a difference in comfortability.
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2k is great for sure but I personally would rather have the same 1080p resolution on a 5"-5.5" display with better screen efficiency and overall a device that has better life. Im guessing with this 2k screen and the more efficient 801 cpu they will say you will get same battery life as with last year's 1080p phones but as I said I would much rather have the benefit of better battery life than a marginal improvement in screen which to see any real benefit you most likely need to use a magnifying glass. Where 2k will make sense is on screens above 6" I guess but I have a nexus 7 which has 1080p screen and I'm not thinking it looks terrible even though it has 120 less ppi than my phone.

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Meh..., I was hoping for a 3200mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, and I doubt it'll get the Snapdragon 805?

Oh well, if it has a removable battery like it's supposed to, an SD card slot, and a healing back cover like the G Flex then it'll be a pretty kick-butt phone. Although, I'd rather have a 5.2 screen at 1080p with a 3200 removable battery, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 805. I guess we still haven't gotten the perfect phone. :P