Swype for Android

Sure, you might have used the Swype keyboard for Android or Windows Mobile smartphones. But have you really used Swype? We sat down with Mike and Aaron for a few minutes and had them put the popular -- and innovative -- keyboard through its paces, including how it could be used on your television. Check it out after the break.


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Interview with Swype keyboard for Android smartphones at CTIA


Used it as long as they let me on my Sprint Hero. Was deeply saddened when I couldn't get it back. What's it gonna cost to get it and when?

I now hate my iPod Touch's keyboard. Took me 2 days using Swype on my Droid Eris and I just confirmed I'm selling my iPod. This keyboard is awesome.

When I first saw Swype in that Samsung commercial, I immediately dismissed it off as lame and unnecessary. Then I downloaded the beta onto my Droid. Fell in love. Remind me never to doubt innovation again.


For those who look at Swype and say it is lame or unnecessary... try it and I guarantee you will never look back. It took me 10 minutes to realize that the beta version of Swype on my Droid changed the device completely. I don't think I have opened the hard keyboard since I started using it. It is genius.

I am now actually looking forward to the day that I can use a tablet computer for real work and text creation.... but only if it comes with a good Swype keyboard like they show in this video...

This keyboard is a fun little gimmick for about a week. After that, you realize that the native keyboard is much quicker. The one thing Swype's got that I like is that it is smarter than the native keyboard. It stores the names of all your contacts so that when you type in their name, it already has them in the dictionary.

Nothing is going to type it faster than text to speech. If you don't get an error in a sentence, you can speak the whole thing faster than any keyboard. Jiggling your finger around is fun, but it can be insane as well.

wish there was a way to have swype only work on standard mode and regular screen keyboard on landscape mode. if you use swype keyboard as a regular keyboard it sucks so bad but sometimes you just need to use a non-swype keyboard to be able to type what you want.

I have used Swype for months, and I love it. It is way quicker than pecking at the keyboard. I primarily use it in portrait mode. I do find that the standard keyboard in landscape mode is just as fast on my Droid.

I have tried it. I like it but even after a lot of practice I still find the standard keyboard faster and less error prone.

I love it - far more than the regular keyboard. The only trick is not all words (particularly names and titles and such) are recognized so you have to know when to type and when to swype. It would be nice if there was a way to add words/names to its dictionary so it would recognize them when swyped.

This could really give the virtual keyboard devices a real edge over the physical keyboards - or at least pull it even for some.

I've never used Swype, but from what I've read you automatically add new words (or usernames, etc.) just by typing them out and pressing the space bar. After that you can swype the word and it will recognize it.

Didn't want to read all the comments but... I own that tablet, as well as a Droid Eris. I'd love that for my tablet, is it possible to get it?