HTC Speedy

We're still waiting for word from Sprint about the HTC Speedy (or Knight, or whatever it ends up being named), we've peeked at the software, and some cases, a holster and an OEM battery have appeared over at's webstore, along with some decent pictures.  I'm sure HTC has a better idea when the Speedy will be released than we do, but don't get too excited.  We're still waiting on the HTC Merge, and we've had accessories for that one for about a month now. [HTCpedia]

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tim242 says:

Speedy? Wasn't it reported that the name will be Evo Shift 4G? C'mon Jerry! : )

No, we still have no idea. HTC has called it the Knight, the Shift, Shift 4G, and Speedy. The leaked software calls it the Speedy, so that's what I roll with this week :p

hmmm says:

I bet the Merge will be released around the same time as this since they basically seem to be the same phone. Both will probably release the first day of CES.

Notrega says:

I like that case... anything like it for the Droid X?

tim242 says:

I thought the name Evo Shift 4G was comfirmed when htc filed to trademark that name.

crxssi says:

If that is supposed to be a slider, I don't see how that case will work...

3.14159 says:

Probably similar to the Sprint Incognito - two pieces. One snaps on the front, the other on the back.

SdotJ says:

So is it a slider or not.....

tim242 says:

Yes, it is definitely a slider. The user manual leaked last month.

ecaggiani says:

I'm very saddened that it's a slider. Sprint just seems to keep releasing sliders, and all I want is EXACTLY this phone WITHOUT a slideout keyboard.

I love my Evo, but my wife's Hero is getting long in the tooth, and she would like a smaller Evo...which this looks to be...but without a keyboard.

We have yet to see a sideways picture of the Speedy Shifty Knight. THAT'S what I want to thick is this beast?

Go Android! says:

How about the Optimus S for your wife? Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean anything. It's a speedy little phone!

babybear293 says:

i also have a Hero & My BF has an Evo
and i thought about the Optimus... BUT THE CAMERA SUCKS!
i would not down grade my camera pixels for that mess...

dtreo says:

I am overjoyed that it's a slider.
I am less than overjoyed that it may be the Z-hinge finger trap floppy junk design of the Desire instead of a solid Touch Pro2 slider form.

hmmm says:

I really don't think it will have the z hinge mostly because of how similar this looks to the Merge. The Desire and G2 both have track pads. This does not. This looks more like a Merge to me. Of course I could be wrong.

babybear293 says:

i'm just happy it's an HTC!!