You may now safely use GPS on your Rogers Magic and Dream. HTC has issued a fix for the problem that left 911 calls unreliable due to a bug in the GPS. The fix at the time was to turn off GPS, which is kinda a popular feature these days, if you hadn't heard.

HTC turned around the patch just a week since Rogers went public (though some say the issue has been known much longer). This is a mandatory update. Rogers isn't kidding about it. If you don't update your phone, Rogers will turn off your Internet access on Sunday, Jan. 24, until you do update. Here's the full statement:

“A mandatory software update is now available for Rogers HTC Dream and Magic customers to ensure 911 calls can be completed on these devices. These customers need to go immediately to or on a PC to download the update. Users of Windows 7 or Macintosh will need to call 1-888-Rogers1 for update instructions. Customers will need to backup any personal items before the update process.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, Rogers says “You will be compensated automatically for this inconvenience with a credit of one month of data fees." Also, included in the update for the Magic is a new version of the Sense UI that includes multitouch. [via MobileSyrup]


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HTC patches 911 glitch in Rogers' Magic and Dream Android phones


I know this has been a huge flop on their behalf, but I must say I am impressed by how Rogers is handling it. Like seriously a free month of data just because of these issues is pretty cool. I have had problems with phones before and the best fix I have gotten is being sent a refurbished phone, but I don't get a break on my bill at all...


The problem is that Rogers will not accept the fact that custom ROMs all have this e911 thing fixed. They will turn off the internet if you don't update to their build. The Office of the President says 'no exceptions.'

Agreed. The sense upgrade is welcome, and a free month of data is fair. They are handling a bad situation about as well as possible. I'm not a Rogers fanboy, but I'm impressed.

I just talked to two rogers representatives, and they did not offer any such "deal" or compensation.

They basically said, "well it's not our software, it's HTC, and we're suffering as well"

"you'll have to download all of your apps/shit again, sorry"

*!@#( you rogers, the very least you could do is include the latest android OS in the rom. I've had this phone for two months and this is the second ROM i'd have to run so far. I'm not going to upgrade and if they say I have to and they disconnect my data I'm going to call in and berate the customer service rep until they cry.

Yep, I just discovered the same thing. The instructions from rogers are wrong in 2 places.
1. It say's your phone will be ready to use after the "30 minute" process. This is incorrect, as you need internet access in order to sign into your phone. And of course you can't sign into your phone until they re enable your internet. Pretty heavy handed way of dealing with users, forcing them to update their phone "or else we'll take your internet away". You'd think they would have tested out their procedures before launching into this. If the instructions were correct you could plan on not maknig phone calls for 24 hours but you launch into this procedure thinking OK, this is only going to take 30 minutes. I hope some project manager minion at Rogers gets fired for overlooking such a major piece of information. And why does it take 24 hours to cycle you back on again. Couldn't they ahve updated that batch process, to say hourly until most users have updated their ROM. I agree, this is better than sending the phone away, but what a poorly managed process! Pricks!

ROGERS AND HTC ARE F#$%^D I did the upgrade on my HTC Dream, and waited until my 3g was turned back on, and now I CANT EVEN CALL OUT !


I only recently heard of the upgrade by email. I must live in a mushroom patch. So when I tried to download, like the message said, my internet was cut off. So how do I download?

Now I have to re-enter, by hand all my contact date. Save to SIMM card function? NO This will be the third time I've had to re-enter data. I haven't even had the phone a year.

There is third party software in Android Market to download all your data. But I have no internet service.

Waited half an hour to talk to Customer Service. Was cut off because I have terrible phone service in my own living room. Least amount of dropped calls eh? If you can connect.

Well now I'm wasting my entire evening when I should be studying for a test first thing tomorrow.

Thanks Rogers
I won't even get into the fact that a data phone doesn't have flash for the internet. That's why I bought it.

To all the morons here blaming Rogers... get a brain.
Here's why:
1. Rogers is forcing the update because the consequences of forcing people to do the update far outweighs the consequences of people dieing because they can't call 911 in an emergency, not to mention the lawsuits.
2. Rogers doesn't MAKE CELLPHONES. They ORDER them. They don't have ANYTHING to do with how and why they work.
3. Given the amount of time they've had to figure out a fix, it's been relatively painless. Yes, there are plenty of problems and bugs and shortcomings, but this is what you get with this kind of monumental problem. And we have HTC to thank for it.
4. To reiterate, we have HTC TO THANK. I love my Magic, but now I don't know if I'll get another HTC because of this issue.

To say the handle the situation well? It really depends on who you talked to. Call technical support, they will read off a manual script with the same content over and over the patch, wait for 24 hours, and everything will be back to normal (if you're satisfy with it, then I guess you're in good company).

For those (like myself) that feels a bit cheated, we feel we paid good money for this phone, whether you are on a contract, or you bought the phone straight up. This is money that we are losing, we cannot help but feel a bit cheated when it comes to our services being disconnected after x amount of dollars are being/were spent.

So this message is for those that wants to get some compensation out of this ordeal...

Call rogers and speak to a customer service representative (not technical support, because they are only trained to spit out manual scripts) Speak with a CSR and either request for some money back (depending who you talked to, some can do that, some CSR don't have the balls to make that call) but here's what I know and what they are trained to do for a problem like this.

The CSR can do a handset swap (as I called yesterday), and what they offer is a BRAND NEW HTC Magic with an updated android version 1.6 with the multi-touch ap. But you really have to work for this phone. That's the only compensation they really can offer (a new HTC phone).

Hopes this helps

Wow let everyone in on a secret about the phone 1. contacts are stored on google so you shouldn't have to re-enter them into the phone. you can also copy off the sim. 2 for the backup programs you can still access the internet all you have to do is connect to wifi. 3. it is rogers fault they had the option to upgrade the phone to 1.6 but decided not too last minute this would have fixed the issue. Judging by the outcome of this I have a feeling 2.0 isn't going to come out. Even though htc makes the software update and everything else are up to rogers to release. I don't know if anyone here has a motorolla q9h but the 6.1 update has been out on at&t for almost 2 years yet is still unavailable from rogers.

Hi, this is Mary with Rogers. Just wanted to clarify a couple of points:

1. Customer safety is our first priority, which is why we require all Rogers HTC Dream and Magic customers to download the bug fix that will allow 911 calls to complete. We appreciate that this has been an inconvenience for our customers and will be automatically crediting each of our Dream and Magic customers with one month of data fees (less roaming).

2. We did push HTC to provide OS upgrades for these devices and have been advised that the Dream could not be updated beyond a 1.5 update due to memory limitations. The Magic, in addition to the current 1.5 update with Sense UI, will receive a 2.1 OS upgrade mid-year.


Maybe I could update my Rogers Dream if I could get through to them. All I'm getting is their busy signal for the last hour. Thanks, Rogers. If I didn't hate Bell so much, I might switch back. BUT if you can reach a Rogers person, at least they speak English.