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HTC will give some customers an early preview of its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates, a spokesperson for the manufacturer has told us. This will start with the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE in Europe (sorry, Tmo Sensation 4G owners), and leaves open the possibility that it'll be extended to other popular handsets in the future.

"HTC knows how excited many of its customers are about the latest technology and HTC products. They want to help support that excitement and say "thanks" by providing early access to the latest software for some of HTC’s loyal fans and developers, beginning with a preview of the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) software upgrade for the HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE in Europe."

Further details will be announced through HTC's official Twitter and Facebook accounts, though it's expected that members of HTC's "Elevate" beta program be first in line for the preview.

HTC recently announced that it'll roll out the finished Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the original Sensation, as well as the XE, XL and 4G variants by the end of March, so even if you're not among the lucky few to get the preview version, you shouldn't have too long to wait.

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Excited?? You wouldn't know it by all the negative Nancys on here! I'm excited! I can't wait for official ICS on the Rezound in the states...

MthII says:

Why did I buy an evo 3d, damn

inuchan says:

I second that

roflitsowens says:

Does this include the Z710e? It's not a specific Tmo phone?

jackdroid says:

It's depressing to me that HTC feels like they are doing something special to thank people by giving them an OS that launched in November. It's obviously good that it's finally coming, but we shouldn't feel grateful MONTHS after the fact.

Agreed. And why screw the US by making us wait?

cssplat says:

I just don't understand why the EVO3D isn't in the first round of updates. You would think they would start with their flagship phones for each major carrier and work their way down from there, but they are only rolling it out for the Sensation line of phones? They should at least give an explanation why their flagship Android phone on Sprint isn't in the first round of updates. Making you wait is not a nice way to thank those who buy your top-of-the-line products. The only think I can think of is they're having trouble making ICS work with 3D stuff. Anyone else have any thoughts?

web0rama says:

wimax too...i'm guessing those are the 2 biggest sticking points for the 3VO at this point.

twister99403 says:

how long do you suppose a dev from xda strips that from the sensation and has it running on my/your evo 3d? JOELZ is paying close attention :)