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Despite failing to set the world alight with 2011's ChaCha and Salsa, HTC and Facebook will collaborate once again to bring another Facebook phone to market next year, according to reports from Bloomberg. ​Details on the purported device are scant at the moment, but the report, which cites the usual "people with knowledge of the matter," indicates a mid-2013 release, after the launch was apparently pushed back from the end of 2012.

The site doesn't mention Android specifically, but we'd be surprised if Google's OS wasn't involved in some way or other, given the history of collaborations between Facebook and HTC. Bloomberg​ says the phone will run a "modified" operating system, which suggests to us that we may see a forked version of Android, similar to what Amazon's done with the Kindle Fire. For the less technically inclined, that means a version of the OS built upon the open-source code, and most likely excluding any Google apps.

Android followers will remember that last year's HTC ChaCha (aka AT&T HTC Status) and its Europe-only sibling, the Salsa, weren't met with much success. So it's possible we'll see the two companies adopt a different strategy this time around. With Facebook getting more involved in the app space, it'd make sense for the Facebook phone to be heavily invested in this, rather than something like Google Play.

In any case, it seems the rumored device is still the best part of a year away from completion, so it's possible we'll see more changes throughout the course of development.

Source: Bloomberg


Reader comments

HTC to build another Facebook phone in 2013, says Bloomberg


wow this is stupid...

htc will burn and die and apple will make sure htc sucks it tight yo Mr white bitch opps just got into breaking bad

HTC have problems keeling there customers happy. There failing to upgrade there andriod upgrades after promissing then canceling. I think they need to work on there customer base who already buy there phones then they leave jumping ship to other companys.


A few years ago I wondered why HTC was not more successful. Then over a year ago they appeared to lose focus and were making inferior products so I started to see why they were not more successful. Then they started to lose ground to Samsung.

Customers started to want less bloated software like Sense. They didnt listen.
Then HTC started to add gimmicks like Beats... now we see how sucessful that was.
Then HTC promised to focus on quality products... what happened to that?
Now they are talking about making the SAME product that failed when they tried it last time?

So let me try to see the reasoning behind this. HTC wants to develop and sell a handset that is focussed on Facebook, which based on the stock of that company is also moving in the wrong direction. Oh, and lets not forget that the Facebook application itself SUCKS!

This is fantastic strategy LOL

WTF HTC... You are going to end up like RIM.

If anyone has HTC stock I would sell NOW!! This company is quickly going in the wrong direction!

The ONE/EVO series has been very well built, save for multitasking. Other than that, you're right on.

Why? Am I the only person that sees Facebook going downhill? I for one hate having every website and app wanting to log in to Facebook. I already give all my info to Google, I don't want Facebook to know everything about me too.

I totally agree. I think they are a day late and a dollar short on this one. maybe if they did come out with it last year or the year before it would be huge. now not so much. I don't honestly see it selling as well as they think it will. i mean sure some people might be interested in it. but by mid 2013? LMAO! Don't even bother wasting your time.

Facebook and rim should pair up.
Rim has a pretty good push system set up and let's face it that's what Facebook wants with a phone designed around its software.

Seriously? It was a stupid idea last year; why do they think it's going to be better next time? Nobody needs or wants a crappy phone (or even a good one for that matter) with an FB button. Facebook probably will have gone the way of MySpace by then anyway!

Facebook integration is the most you can get from a phone with facebook capabilities, so why would anyone want to a facebook phone just so they could share useless posts, I mean that can already be done from 3rd party app. Besides not everyone wants to be online on facebook 24/7