It's Android-on-Android action today in LaptopMag's March Smartphone Madness tournament, with the HTC Hero taking on the Motorola Droid (all full of itself now that the Android 2.1 update is finally rolling out).

Which one's going to move on to face the Verizon BlackBerry Tour? Well, that's up to you, now isn't it. Thanks to the 83 people who sent this in.

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moosc says:

Droid getting a azz kicking. Let's go Droid

dustycraine says:

No kidding. What's the Hero got that DROID doesn't? A chin? A trackball? trackBalls on it's chin? C'mon Droid... You can do it!

The Sprint Hero doesn't have the chin... however, that was pretty funny. I am thinking most users voting on these things are geek heads who like to tinker. That being the case, the Sprint Hero is the rom flasher's wet dream come true. The Droid has it's perks... but Sense and modding seem to be the hitz with all the kids nowadays.

chicojd says:

Hero? Really? On the lame ass SPRINT PCS network?! Are you friggin kidding me? Droid ... Faster, Bigger, PHYSICAL QWERTY, Android 2.x... Hero... Android 1.x

Nuff said!

edwinc8811 says:

wow, i knew something was fishy when the pre beat the nexus one and the blackberry tour beat the iphone. as much as i hate the iphone, it should have won easily.

now the hero is beating the droid??? come on...

Niche devices with strong followings will become a Cinderella story in these types of online polls.

bduschel says:

What is funny is how the Droid was matched up with the Curve 2? Thats comparing a Laptop to an Atari

Lance says:

This kind of reminds me of the Ron Paul landslide victories on the Fox polls, but the actual results were quite different.

Look at how many of each device sold and then you'll see your true victors. Voting is easy. Putting your money down on your vote makes it a little less haphazard.

Anonymous says:

So who put android on the map? DROIIIIID!!! Hero has nothing on the Droid (but it is better than anything Crackberry!)

Mark S says:

Droid is pulling away now.

dondadah88 says:

this poll makes no sense what so ever.
pre vs nexus one. and the pre beats the nexus one????

how is the iphone suppose to lose to anything??? unless it's an android there is no comparision..... band that android out now is the droid or nexus one....

the cliq vs the moment is pretty fair.

the hero vs the droid there is no questions ask the droid out the box is much better.

if i had to do the poll it would be
nexus one vs hd2

iphone vs the droid

hero vs pre

cliq vs moment
everything else can be eliminated

Jeryl31 says:

i think a better matchup would be the HTC Legend vs the Droid, only if the Legend had released earlier :(