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Chinese manufacturer ZTE made a nice impression in New Orleans this year, bringing with them a host of high-end smartphones and tablets proving that they’re playing in the Android market for keeps. ZTE introduced these devices in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, but this marks the first American appearances of its high-end PF112, seen above.

And high-end is an understatement indeed. The PF112 is packing a gorgeous 4.5-inch display with 1028 x 720 resolution that adds up to a vivid, colorful experience. We’ve got a nice 8MP camera around back, and HSPA+ radios under the hood. ZTE still won’t dish on what processor it’s using, but based on how fluid Ice Cream Sandwich looked on the device, and the specs of its lower-end Era, we’d be willing to bet it’s a quad-core model.

One step down from the PF112 is the Era, that is second-in-command in ZTE’s flagship line. It’s packing a quad-core AP30 in-house processor, as well as the same 8 MP camera and HSPA+ radios as its older sibling. Where ZTE skimped a bit here is the display: at 4.3-inches, the Era is packing qHD resolution with TFT technology. Like the PF112, the Era is running Ice Cream Sandwich with little if any customization from ZTE.

As you’ll see in the photos and videos after the break, ZTE definitely put some thought into its Android offferings. Spec-for-spec, the flagship devices match some of the best phones on the market today. We don’t know if that’s enough for ZTE to make a splash here in the United States, though, especially considering the lack of LTE on its flagship line. We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for a release date, and we’ll be sure to pass along the information as it comes in.


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Hands-on with ZTE's flagship Android 4.0 smartphones


Looks like a really nice phone, I noted they said they saw little or possibly no change from stock, it would be really nice if they are releasing AOSP phones, with all of the manufacturer skins offering AOSP phones would actually be a welcome, at least we'd have other options for pure AOSP than the once a yet Nexus, if and when it comes to your carrier, it's just too bad about the lte.

First, I care nothing of this phone. I just want to know, what is that mushroom wallpaper? is it a live wallpaper... can i have it? thats all

It's not a live wall paper it just moves... O.o that's a rhetorical question. And the phone looks a lot like a gs3, very rounded, just no actual button on it. I like the look of this ICS compared to my HTC one s with sense on it.

>"but based on how fluid Ice Cream Sandwich looked on the device, and the specs of its lower-end Era, we’d be willing to bet it’s a quad-core model."

There is no way a user can "feel" if it has a dual or quad core CPU based on the "fluidity" of the interface. I doubt there is enough threading in normal UI scrolling/selection/etc to make any difference.

You know what's sad?
You have to look to these semi-obscure brands... ZTE, Huawei... for a a pure ICS alternative to the Nexus.

How to make a splash here in the United States:
Launch your phone the same time you launch globally
Good tech internals and screen (done)
No capacitive buttons
Or at least go with ICS friendly 3 button arrangement
Good battery life (?)
Quad/Pentaband 3G radio which supports all GSM carriers (?)
Price it off contract at or lower than your competition ($399 Galaxy Nexus) (?)

Pretty simple if you ask me. If they really want to make a splash there is what you need to do.