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A quick heads up that, as promised, the Google Play edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One have begun shipping directly from Google. 

In case you've been living under a rock the past couple weeks, these are the (mostly) "stock Android" versions of the phones. Same hardware, with the software as God and Google (HOLOYOLO) intended, for better or for worse. They're SIM-unlocked, with full LTE support here in the U.S., and with just a superficial control over the bootloader, so they're developer-friendly.

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Google Play edition phones now shipping


I would say I ain't mad @ cha,but I!!!

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Got my tracking also. Will arrive tomorrow. I'm excited. SGS4 GE!

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I got my tracking as well. The better news is that when i purchased I chose the free shipping (2-3 day, I think), and my tracking is showing I will receive it tomorrow. Yippee!!!

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Good luck guys with your phones. I've been running a Google Edition ROM on my S4 for about 2 weeks and its great! Fast and clean.

Where do you guys live? I live in NC, I also chose the 2-3 day shipping. My tracking info is saying that they received the label and are waiting for the package to arrive at the facility to ship.

I live in Miami FL and I did 2-5 days shipping and mines say it will be here tomorrow!

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Hmmm damn, I still haven't received any actual shipping info :/ hopefully they just didn't update it yet.

For those interested...

My CC was charged on Sunday and I also got the "order shipped" kind of email from Google Play today.

My tracking # shows the phone shipping originally from Louisville, KY, United States with an estimated delivery to California of "Friday, 07/12/2013, By End of Day".

Sounds like Google warehouses and fulfills order from Amazon's huge warehouse in Louisville. It would make sense since Amazon has such a huge operation in Louisville due to UPS's Worldport at Louisville's airport.

Holo is what the ui look is from 3.x onwards in stock android and yolo is just a saying like lol so its just people expressing their love of stock android

I have flashed leaked odexed and deodexed versions of the Google Play ROM for my HTC One m7. I flashed the Android Revolution version of the Google Play ROM as well. I have to say I don't see the point.

I have discovered that, like many folks, I don't like Sense, but Cyanogen is already more than stable enough to function as a daily driver for the m7. It's plenty stripped down and clean. It still manages to offer baked-in customization that the Google Play ROM can't match. Heck, in the Google Play ROM you can't even map in a menu button for all those apps that won't update to Jelly Bean protocol. True there are workarounds you can flash separately, but it's already baked into Cyanogen. Flash a stripped down version of GAPPS and you're cooking with gas.

I don't have any experience with the S4, but I suspect the tale is the same.

Phone shipped yesterday, and it is now out for delivery. Gotta love a Kentucky warehouse.