Lumia 10202013 is, among other things, the year of camera-centric smartphones. On the Android side, we've already witnessed the launch of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, and Sony is rumored to be joining the cameraphone party later in the year with the Xperia i1 "Honami."

But today all eyes are on Nokia in New York City, with its announcement of the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 1020. Rumors — and a number of reliable leaks — suggest it'll pack a massive 41-megapixel PureView sensor with advanced optics.

Our friends over at Windows Phone Central are live from NYC today with full coverage of all Nokia's announcements, so check the link below for all the details as they emerge. 

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Sweet. Because that's all that was missing from Windows Phone was a 41MP camera experience. There are so many holes in this OS that a 1GB couldn't fix it.

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I'm sure it's a great camera but I don't utilize my camera enough to justify getting a Nokia WP or any WP for that matter...$299 for metro...I don't think so.

I've owned a WP device since late 2011 - I've actually owned a Samsung Focus, an HTC Titan 2, a Lumia 900, a Lumia 820, a Lumia 920, an HTC 8X, and currently, a Samsung Ativ S. And I've always considered them "backup - something different" phones, but never considered them daily drivers. I've always had an Android device for that. The reason is simple - Windows Phone is missing TONS of features you expect in a main OS like :

No rotation lock
Can't change volumes for different actions (can't change alarm volume, for example)
No notification center
Poor podcast support
Horrible bugs ("other" storage issues, Bluetooth problems, etc)

I can't IMAGINE, even with an awesome camera, anyone thinking Windows Phone can compete at the $299 price point. At $99 or, better yet, free on contract, this thing would've had people standing in line for it. At $299, plus taxes, plus $36 upgrade fee, plus $80 for the camera grip - it's way out of its league.

It's almost as dumb as a $1,500 Chromebook.

You are on a mission. This is the 3rd post with similar language from you in a matter of minutes. Get over the price. It isn't for you, but it is for someone else. The features you complain about on the OS are huge, horrible bugs?

You could try and be less reactionary and more constructive. I have 4 current phones with different OS's and guess what. They all offer a different experience and have their respective positive and negative features. Be calm, zen...

I'm replying on Mobile Nations sites to threads that are specific to this topic. So what? I'm not talking about the 1020 on non relevent threads.

Yes, the features that are missing are huge, and are horrible. No rotation lock. WTF? That's an expectation I have from 5 years ago on smartphones, how is it still not on WP8?

And I have an iPad 4, an Ativ S, and a GS4. I've owned about 35-40 devices in the past few years, between tablets and phones. So yeah, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to WP8's problems.

Can't anyone figure out a way to install Android on this thing? Maybe by changing the chip?

Why Nokia, why would you tease us and force us to ignore you by installing WP into beautiful hardware? WHY?

Also, at 32 GB internal storage and no SD card slot, how many pictures can you take before you hit the limit?

Windows phone doesn't even have custom text/email ringtones yet. One of the many many reasons I replaced my 920 in just 1 month of using.

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What about a 20 or 30 megapixel camera?..... Screw it, let's do 41..... Do you even work here?

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I would rather have an amazing phone with a decent camera than a decent phone with an amazing camera.

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Nokia's signature smartphone cameras are a big addition to its lumia line. The only snug is the app situation. Microsoft did well to partner with nokia but it needs to work hard on getting quality apps on its platform to benefit from this partnership. The camera is awesome but we need more than that to commit.