Sprint Epic 4G commercial

So help us, we're not even going to try to avoid the whole "epic" thing when it comes to the Sprint Epic 4G. It just is.

After the break, check out one of the latest commercials (and be sure to check out our hands-on) for the latest from the Samsung Galaxy S class, coming Aug. 31. Thanks, "it."

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An epic commercial for an epic phone


Impressive! Epic DOES EPIC marketing!

Oh yeah, even though I'm a Droid X user, this commercial still made me proud. Android surely is gonna wipeout iOS in no time. Just wait and you'll see. ;)

There was another ad like this at a movie theatre that I went to the other day, but I think it was for the Vibrant... It had some really awesome Medieval fight scene

Also, isn't it weird that they didn't say Epic 4G, just Samsung Galaxy S, I smell a little name confusion coming on...

Hey, that's great....
But where's the Samsung Fascinate? (Verizion version of the Galaxy lineup).

Does this rumor of an October release date actually have merit? Unfreaking believable.

I am sure Verizon struck a deal with Motorola giving it some exclusive rights to windows as to when other phones would be able to launch. Right now Verizon is all about Motorola.

Seeing the ship shapped like a X I would have thought this was for droid X. Why rip off Motorola Droid commercials get your own ideas.

@ amojeba Agreed. When is the Fascinate coming? My contract expires in 2 days. It will be the X or the Fascinate. I'm trying to hold out for the Facinate. Cmon big red. Were waiting.......

honestly i saw that commercial last night and thought it was Halo,,,so i just stop watching it, but now that i see it here i like it 8)

omg its fighting on an asteroid they copied it off of Star Wars! And he's driving a space ship that looks like a sting ray! Steve Irwin would be scared!

Get over it guys its a commercial. i liked it. hopefully all android phones will have a similar concept. android vs iphone. they all have to have some common ground since its all the same OS.

Now that i think about it, halo: reach is coming out soon. maybe a hack at windows 7 too?

Seidio has a case for pre-order...not sure if i want to case it or just invisishield it....I don't like scratches on my toys....

Star Wars LOL! The next commercial should be on Naboo with the Droid army approaching and Steve Jobs runing around like Jar Jar Binks.

My upgrade is going to be in December for Verizon. I have been tracking the phones, and my wife has the Droid X. So far I am looking at either the X or the Fascinate. Unless something else big comes out, the Samsung is where I am leaning. WHo knows, maybe the Droid Pro will release something better than a World D2. Still hoping for that gaming phone from Samsung and Sony to be released so I can check that out.

I really really hope that this is not going to be an Epic Fail! LOL

Nice cinematic commercial an this along with the Verizon/Motorola commercials is setting an adventurous and futuristic theme to Android and the high end smart phones it has enabled, as of late.