4 years ago

Samsung Continuum review


A dual-screen 'Ticker' brings a new look to Verizon

Samsung Continuum

We've been talking about the Samsung Continuum for a while now.  We were able to get a hands-on with it before it released, so we've hashed over the hardware, and I don't think there's anything more that can be said about TouchWiz. This is a Galaxy S phone, after all.

But something as potentially innovative as the "Ticker" needed some attention, and we're about to dive head-first into in on Verizon's newest Samsung phone.  Hit the break to see what this Ticker is all about, and what it can do for you, for Android, and for the world.

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4 years ago

Samsung releases 'GPS Restore' app for Vibrant, Captivate -- does it work?


Samsung GPS Restore

It's hardly a secret that the Galaxy S Android smartphones have had some, erm, problems when it comes to GPS location. For some of us, things have worked just fine. But far too many have had problems -- from slow to no GPS functionality. We've installed new ROMs. We've hacked our way to fixes. Now Samsung has released an app to undo anything we might have messed up in the process. GPSRestore does just what it says -- fixes any fixins' you might have fouled up.

Download links are after the break. Does it help? Let us know. [Samsung]

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4 years ago

All T-Mobile G2 hardware security gets defeated



Despite the best efforts of the manufacturer and carrier, the T-Mobile G2 is now completely hardware unlocked.  This goes beyond flashing ROMS and rooting, the phone is now wide open for development, much like the Nexus One, or it's namesake the G1.  The methods aren't for the faint of heart, not even by a longshot, but I'm pretty certain that someone will take the lead and produce a semi-automated method that's fit for the above-average Joe.

In the meantime, it's an awesome read -- if only so you can see what the folks hard at work were up against.  Since I first used one, I have said the T-Mobile G2 is one of the best Android phones made -- there was nothing I didn't like enough to not use it, save the ridiculous lengths someone took to prevent full access to the hardware.  If you've been holding off for the same reason, or have the need to own your phone hardware, hit the source links. [XDA-Wiki via XDA-Developers] Thanks, theglock!

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4 years ago

Motorola Backflip, Cliq get multitouch support


Motorola Backflip gains Multitouch

Must be rooted: One of the coolest things about Android is the development community it fosters.  These developers bring features and software upgrade to devices long after carriers and manufacturers write them off as out dated.  One of the newest upgrades froms from  J_r0dd who worked multitouch support into his latest Roms for the Backflip and Cliq. It's great seeing even these "entry-level" devices get the updated software like their newer cousins. [via ModMyMobile]Thanks Rohit R!

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4 years ago

Sprint's LG Optimus S gets the custom ROM treatment [From the forums]


LG Optimus S

Sprint's latest Android device, the LG Optimus S, now has its own custom ROM from our very own forum moderators KSmithInNy and Beezy.  You might be familiar with their excellent work on the Evo 4G, and anyone who might have grabbed one of these snappy little phones should get to know them soon.

The ROM is a well optimized Froyo build based on the latest official version from LG, and has that dreaded carrier bloatware stripped out.  Not only did you pick up a solid little device for a great price, now you can run the pure Android experience on it.  Be sure to hit the Optimus S forums for everything you need to get rooted and run custom ROMS on your new Optimus S phone. [Android Central Forums] Thanks KSmithInNY and Beezy!

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4 years ago

DROID gets lockscreen gestures via CyanogenMOD ROM --other devices soon to follow


Those of you out there who like to play around with custom ROMs may have already picked this tidbit of news up -- CyanogenMod releases will soon be getting a cool new lock screen gesture feature courtesy of mtwebster, with an OG Droid version being already available for download as an add on.

Gestures of course, will add the ability to "draw" out anything you wish onto your lock screen and upon doing so, be able to launch an application or activity that has been associated to that drawing. (Kind of like Google's own Gesture Search app.) A smiley face for Facebook maybe a T for Twitter; you all get the drift.  Pretty awesome! And likely something that should have been there from the get go on Android but alas, this why many of us love custom ROMs to begin with. [Twitter / CM Forums]

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4 years ago

Sanyo Zio review


Sanyo Zio

The Sanyo Zio is a new entry-level Android phone (we're reviewing the Sprint version) and one of the first devices to have the new Sprint ID system for customization.  I'm a huge proponent of replacing feature-phones with Android devices, and was pretty curious about what Sprint ID could bring to Android, so I was happy to have a chance to review the Zio.  Hit the break to see how it measures up.

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4 years ago

Sprint Hero OTA rolling out, may have issues


Sprint Hero

The 2.32.651.2 OTA for the Sprint Hero is still rolling out, and so are some bug reports.  I'm hearing and seeing a bit too many reports of things like serious lag, to the point of a battery pull, or problems with contacts since accepting the OTA than usual.  According to Sprint, the only thing users should see is an updated Sprint Zone, but there are a couple other bug fixes.  Hopefully these are just isolated incidents, as you would think they have the Hero software down pat by now. 

In any case, be warned before you click accept.  Of course if you've rooted your Hero, you have nothing to worry about, because you shouldn't be accepting OTA updates.  Get the update yet?  Share your experience (and help out a fellow Hero user) in the forums.  [via @dwthrman]

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4 years ago

Review: The Viewsonic 10-inch gTablet


Is Tegra 2 on a sub-$500 tablet too good to be true?

Viewsonic gTablet

The gTablet is Viewsonic's entry into the sub-$500 Android tablet market.  While there won't be any shortage of cheap Android tablets, readers, and toasters (we have to beat the PreCentral guys in the race for the first smart toaster!) come this Friday, a few stick out hardware-wise, and the gTablet is one of them.  Just so happens that I got a few days of one-on-one time with a gTablet, so what better way to play with it than to give it a quick review.

Normally, none of us here would dare review a device we haven't put through the paces, but this one's a bit different, because this is much more useful before Black Friday than it would be after.  Hit the break to see the whirlwind review of the gTabet. Special thanks to Chip!

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4 years ago

Samsung Continuum hands-on


Samsing Continuum

We actually had our first hands-on with the Samsung Continuum long, long before it was ever announced, but now that it's official and available, we're going to give it the official treatment. It's the first phone of its kind, and I have to be honest -- the ticker fascinates me.  We'll see if it can live up to the expectations I have for it over the next week or so.  

In the meantime, have another look at the hardware and an overview of the ticker and its settings, video style, after the break.

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4 years ago

Motorola Droid Pro review


It might look (a lot) like an oversized BlackBerry,
but the Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon is all Android

Motorola Droid Pro

The Motorola Droid Pro brings to fruition a form factor long desired on Android smartphones -- a full front-facing QWERTY keyboard. The easy comparison, of course, with with the BlackBerry, but let it not be forgotten that Motorola had a strong showing with the Q-series of Windows Mobile phones back in the day.

And that brings up a few interesting questions. Is Android -- primarily a touchscreen-optimized OS -- ready for a front-facing keyboard? And how does that affect how you use the touchscreen? Will we even need it? And will the Droid Pro’s slightly smaller touchscreen (at a mid-level resolution) be usable for someone coming from a high-end phone? Is it for stuffy suits? Can it still play games? And what’s all this talk about it being a “world phone.” Good questions, all. We’ll answer them, and more, after the break.

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4 years ago

Sprint HTC Hero to receive maintenance update starting today


Sprint HTC Hero

A bit of good news for all you HTC Hero owners out there.  Sprint just announced a maintenance release that should begin rolling out sometime today.  HTC Hero Maintenance Release 2.32.621.2 brings a few fixes, including:

  • Correct a non-customer impacting issue (device diagnostics)
  • MMS issue with contact number format
  • Updated Sprint Zone application

And there you have it.  No FroYo -- ain't gonna happen, people -- just a little Friday afternoon maintenance update. We haven't got a manual update method just yet, but that should change once it starts rolling out (if it hasn't already).  Give us a shout if you've got the update package and want to share it with other eager Hero owners.

Want to discuss this update with other Hero owners?  Head into our Hero forums and chat it up. [Sprint Forums] Thanks, Simon!

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4 years ago

LG Optimus One review


Redefining entry-level Android phones, one carrier at a time

LG Optimus One

Let's not mince words: The LG Optimus One is not a top-end phone, nor was it designed to be.  If you're expecting some sort of dual-core wünderphone, look elsewhere.

But -- if you're looking for a very pocketable, well built, speedy communications device you've found the right place.  Hit the break and check out how LG is changing the way we think of low end Android phones.

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4 years ago

Sprint Samsung Transform review


A surprisingly decent entry-level Android phone

Sprint Samsung Transform

Take the Epic 4G, slim it down and slow it down a tad, and you've got the mid-level Samsung Transform on Sprint. Hang on, hang on. Keep reading. That's not to say this is a lesser phone that should be dismissed. On the contrary. The Transform is a simpiler -- and less expensive -- Android phone -- than much of what's out there today.

Let's take hold hands and take a look, after the break.

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4 years ago

Bootlace creators bringing Froyo to iPhone 4, iPad


 OpeniBoot bringing Froyo to iPad?

If you found the news about the iPhone 3G running the latest version of Android depressing, you might want to stop reading now.  The team that brought us the OpeniBoot Bootlace for the iPhone 3G is working hard to bring Froyo to the iPhone 4 and iPad.  

OpeniBoot is an Application downloaded through the Cydia app store (Jailbroken devices only) that allows users to load unsigned code, such as Android, onto their iOS devices.  The application currently only works with the iPhone 2g, 3G, and first generation iPod touch, but should work on the iPad soon(tm).

 One more image and a short video after the break. [Via Redmond PieThanks Brad!

More at TiPb: OpeniBoot set to unleash Android on your iPad and iPhone 4
| Install Android on iPhone using Bootlace

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