Blue HTC One

Hot on the heels of today's blue HTC One and One Mini announcement, independent UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that it's snapped up exclusive rights to the "vivid blue" color variant. The blue HTC One will be available from late September, the company says, with the blue One Mini following in mid-October.

Rival retailer Phones4u already has exclusive rights to the "glamor red" HTC One in the UK.

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Blue HTC One, One Mini exclusive to Carphone Warehouse in the UK


dumb. these companies are run by a bunch of god damn fools. "instead of selling ALL the phones lets sell a few to one company!" perfect idea!! you get a raise!!!

Beautiful blue hue.

Exclusivity is an old practice. Nothing new here. As for the Moto X and it's colors... Moto X is a midrange device and cannot be compared to the One and it's exquisite industrial design.

Can it still be considered exclusive? Exclusive means no one else, only them. Not, only them in that country.

Regardless, I understand now.

The article specifically says that Carphone Warehouse has the exclusive in the UK.

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It does state in the UK it does not say I won't be available else where in the world just tied to cfwh in the UK

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