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Verizon has released a large update for their Messages app that includes support for phone and tablet SMS/MMS sync. The update brings the app to version 2.0.

To sync your tablet and phone together so that you can send and receive text messages to both:

  • Download the updated Verizon Messages app from the Android Market
  • Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Pair the devices by opening the app, hitting the Menu button then Pair Devices

After pairing, you should see the devices syncing messages with each other. This will allow you to send and receive all of your messages from your Android tablet. This feature includes text, picture and video messages. Up to four smartphones can be synced one tablet. There are no additional fees to use this feature.

Other improvements from the update:

  • Ability to save text messages to SD card as a back-up
  • Batch mode - ability to select multiple text messages to delete or save to SD card
  • 3D message bubbles
  • Main screen pop-up notification for new messages
  • New message notification in Android notification bar
  • Foreign language support (Spanish, Simple Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and French)
  • Message counter on tablets
  • Tips and reminders

Please find more screenshots after the break as well as the most up-to-date version of the Verizon Messages app.


VZ messages 2  

VZ Messages 3

VZ Messages 4

There are 14 comments

n0obpr0 says:

When I read "Big update for the VZ...." I thought it was the nexus ='(

gsmalleus says:

This is not the big update from Verizon I am waiting for :(

Adam8756 says:

Very cool. Hope it works on my touchpad. Wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't work on tablets not bought from VZW.

cdf3 says:

Fail! App won't install on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi version.
It cancels out while trying to download from the Market.
They must have a block so that it only works with Tablets purchased from them.

MowDownJoe says:

"This application is not yet supported on the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Nexus (coming soon)."


Danrarbc says:

"There are no additional fees to use this feature."

That's gotta be a first for Verizon.

izzyncade says:

I think the powers that be got a big kick out of posting this...

"big update for the VZ"

well played AC.... well played

Gekko says:

i like MightyText for this (with Chrome Browser on PC). Web App for Tablets and other Browsers coming soon. awesome App, awesome Developer -


and free too!

Hmmm. I wonder if someone put up the apk and we put it on our tablets if it would work. Just a hypothetical of course.

ddsdaltx#AC says:

I installed SyncSMS on my ACER A500 tablet and works great with my Samsung Galaxy II from Sprint. Doesn't support MMS messages but I can text from my tablet and it syncs and sends through my phone.

AF6FB says:

I love the idea of this new version. But, I have a big problem with the implementation.

I installed VZ Messages on both my Bionic and Xoom. I was able to pair the devices easily and send/receive messages without any issues.

What's missing is non-wi-fi sync'ing. The devices will only sync when they are on the same wi-fi network. This, for me, is a deal breaker.

So, once again, I'm uninstalling a Verizon app due to disappointment.


poolguy#AC says:

Works between my Incredible and wifi only Galaxy Tab 8.9. Even works across different access points on the same lan, something I could never get to work with Tablet Talk.

jlschulz says:

It drained my 2720mah battery in my rezound overnight with no activity going on. Unloaded it immediately

I am having an issue pairing my Razr Maxx with my XYBoard 10.1. After updating the Razr Maxx to JB, it is not telling me that the service is not started, please try again. With ICS, it told me something different. Either way, it never worked. Any thoughts?