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    There perhaps are two ways to think about the Internet — before and after Facebook. By now you know the story. (Hell, they made a movie about it.) Some Harvard students create a site to rank girls. It expands into a larger network of collegians, and Facebook in its early form required a college .edu email address to join. In 2006, it opened up to anyone age 13 and older.

    Fast forward a few years and many billions of dollars, and Facebook is now a publicly traded company. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, along with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (who's younger by all of eight days). Facebook is how we keep in touch. How we stalk our former high school classmates. How potential employers check out potential hires. How news organizations and public entities get the word out. How we play games. How we share photos and video. How we forget how to have real relationships with actual people. It's how we log into other websites, using our Facebook credentials.

    Like it or not, Facebook, in the span of a decade, became one of the most important online properties we've ever know.

    Will it continue to be so in another 10 years? We'll have to see. But for now, there's no escaping it.


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    Being 'First' may be a bad thing for HTC

    The HTC First is the second big-name phone in just weeks for a company struggling to sell a single message​ First, there was the HTC One. Now, second, if you will -- secondarily, perhaps -- there is the HTC First. In our little blogging world here, cries of "First!" are all too common among...
    Qualcomm banner

    Facebook partners with Qualcomm for Home optimization

    Facebook Home will see better performance and battery life with Qualcomm processors Facebook has announced an official partnership with chip maker Qualcomm, the result of which will optimize Facebook Home apps on devices that come with Qualcomm processors. Facebook's first official phone, the...
    Mark Zuckerberg

    Of course you'll put up with ads in your Facebook Home

    It was a simple, direct question asked more than once today at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley. There are ads on Facebook. Will there be ads in Facebook Home, the new Android home screen replacement (along with its snazzy if underwhelming new phone) that'll be available starting next...
    HTC First

    This week's sidebar poll: Will you try out Facebook Home?

    Now that the cat is out of the bag and we know all about Facebook Home, it's time to find out just who will give it a try A whole lot of people use Facebook. Zuck spent a couple minutes today to make sure we all knew that, and just how much time is spent doing it -- about 25-percent of...
    HTC First.

    Hands-on with the 'HTC First'

    A couple quick thoughts on the "HTC First," aka the first Facebook phone. First off, the hardware most definitely isn't the most important part of this phone. If you're the kind of nerd who lives for specs -- the speeds and feeds crowd -- head elsewhere. In fact, there was very little talk at...
    HTC First

    HTC First video walkthrough

    We're live at Facebook HQ, where the company's just announced Facebook Home and the aptly-named HTC First -- the first handset to run Facebook's new software suite. Before we dig into our full hands-on preview, there's just time to  take a look at the hardware and software in our video walkthrough...
    HTC First

    HTC First an EE exclusive in the UK

    Facebook Home-powered phone will be exclusive to the UK's first 4G network British mobile network EE has announced that it'll exclusively carry the new HTC First in the UK. The first handset to run the new Facebook Home suite out of the box, the HTC First also packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU...
    Android Central

    Facebook Home coming to Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean only

    Gingerbread users out of luck in getting Facebook Home on their devices Facebook Home -- the new app suite announced today by Mark Zuckerberg at the 'Facebook's New Home on Android' event -- has been confirmed in an after-event Q&A session to be compatible only with devices running Ice Cream...
    Facebook home partners

    Facebook Home Program partners - HTC, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and others

    Carriers, manufacturers and a chipmaker partner with Facebook At today's press conference at its California HQ, Facebook announced that many of the mobile world's big names are already on-board with its Facebook Home Program, aimed to bring the social network's new "Home" suite of apps to phone...
    Android Central

    Facebook Home event replay now available

    The live stream for the Facebook Home event has wrapped up, but the replay is available for those of you that want to really know the ins and outs, but missed the show the first time around. The short version is, Facebook is making a launcher that has a bunch of in-depth customizations for...
    Android Central

    Facebook Home video shows Chat Heads and Cover Feed in action

    Alongside the big Facebook Home announcement today was a short and sweet video which ran through what these new Android apps were all about. Sure, the video is mostly about invoking all the feels for social networking, but we do get to see Chat Heads, Cover Feed and notifications in action. It...
    HTC First

    HTC First the first Snapdragon 400-powered phone

    Hidden away in today's HTC First and Facebook Home announcements was the news that the Facebook-centric HTC First is powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 400 processor -- a mid-range chip announced back in February. The Facebook Home-running handset is the first to incorporate this new chip. The...
    Facebook event

    HTC and AT&T announce the HTC First with Facebook Home, coming April 12

    The new Facebook phone is official, and it'll launch this month We're live at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, Calif. where HTC and AT&T have taken the wraps off the HTC First, the first handset to come with the new Facebook Home experience out of the box. A minimalist design with curved corners...
    Android Central

    Facebook Home coming to Android tablets in coming months

    During today's Facebook event, it was mentioned that though tablets wouldn't be supported at Home's launch, they would be available in the coming months.  For those unfamiliar, Facebook Home is a collection of Android apps that integrate deeply into the OS, though it's not an operating system of...
    Android Central

    Facebook announces Home - a group of social Android apps

    Relax, they aren't forking Android Today Facebook announced a whole suite of new social apps for Android that will help with staying up to date with status updates, messaging, and everything else Facebook has to offer. Don't worry, Home isn't a new operating system, or their own phone....
    Facebook phone

    We're live at 'Facebook's New Home on Android'

    New app, new hardware (yes, really) and a new approach to social on Android! Join us for the liveblog! Greetings from beautiful Silicon Valley, California! We're at Facebook HQ this morning for the big "Facebook Phone" event, where we fully expect to see a new app, custom launcher and -- crazy...

    'HTC First' Facebook phone UI pictured in leaked shots

    A minimalist mix of vanilla Android and Facebook influences A day after we got our first look at the external hardware of the 'HTC First,' more leaked images claim to show the device's UI. Expectedly, today's images, released by 9to5Google in collaboration with @evleaks, put the new 'Facebook...
    HTC First

    'HTC First' could be the rumored 'Facebook phone'

    It has a screen and buttons This Thursday we'll be live from Facebook HQ to meet the social network's "new home on Android," but today we're seeing what might be the "first" hardware to run the rumored Facebook-centric home screen. The often-accurate @evleaks Twitter account has just published...
    HTC ChaCha

    'Facebook Home' APK teardown still doesn't answer the important question: Why hardware?

    Does HTC Sense and a new Facebook-centric launcher warrant its own hardware? We'll find out Thursday With the unveiling of Facebook’s “new home on Android” just a couple of days away, the folks at Android Police have gotten hold of a system dump for the fabled HTC-built Facephone, to which they’...

    From the Editor's Desk: We're going to Facebook - but first, a few questions

    So we'll be at Facebook HQ on Thursday morning to find out about its "New home in Mobile." I've seen countless headlines (mostly rewrites of what probably are controlled leaks) full of possible answers about what we'll see on Thursday morning. We'll be there, of course, to check it out. Liveblogs...


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